The Premiership season Lines Up For The Greatest Crescendo To One Of the Most Emotional Seasons On Record!

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An anti-climax is not possible in this season! The globe has been through the biggest crisis since the 1940s you know its certainly up there! Players have seen their wage packets descimated literally shrunk by atleast 25% overnight! There are no spectators yet in the stadiums!

But fans and players have rallied together and fans are packing online and on viewing sets to watch the teams battle it out with just exactly the same passion and intensity because in rugby THE GAMES GOES AHEAD if at all possible!

Amateur players will tell you of games going ahead years ago during snow storms and they still do! Gales, even flooding! The players want to play! With the standard so high and getting higher the stakes could not be greater! The reputation of the club is on the line! Not to mention all the money!

That is why Artificial Grass is such a hot topic right now! With so much happening in the game and so much at stake suddenly here is this amazing innovation that levels the variables so that we see more skills on show, more tactics and intelligence! The physicality is awesome and people are even placing bets! The grounds ability to install surfaces that only add to the consistency of high level great games is being facilitated by man-made grass products and surfaces.

Saracens have atleast one such surface that they play on and with teams now getting that regular game time on the surface more and more are switching on to the benefits! So will the final be played on traditional organic substances or man made textiles! Maybe the decision is about which one produces less injuries! The next Rugby World Cup is getting closer and closer! With it being in France the players spouses are getting more and more excited by the potential for life defining romantic scenarios so players are thinking I’d like to get there and in one piece!

Having said all of this! Yes competition is important but when all is said and done, people are enjoying the excitement and the buzz of the big games and the final! We will have achieved the impossible and pulled it off! A completed season! Despite the circumstances!

Who will make it the final is anyones guess at this stage its in late October and with Christmas in the air and potential snow flurries again surface could be critical but whoever makes it the game will be spectacular with the best players in the world in the greatest championship with constant new World Rugby players joining each season the character and profesionalism of the players is equaled only by the amazing atmosphere generated by fans wether physically there or watching online who exude themselves the core values of rugby, most important being polite and honourable conduct at all times.

People are undoubtedly proud of the players and this years Premiership final will be no exception! It will be a spectacular finale and a showcase of all the Premiership competitions !

Good luck to all the teams and players and we look forward to a spectacular game!

Best wishes!

InTouch Rugby Premiership Rugby Editor-At-Large !

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