The Myprotein Clear Whey x Vimto is back!

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The Myprotein Clear Whey x Vimto is back!

With summer just round the corner, a thick protein shake isn’t always what you want when leaving the gym on a hot sunny day.

Winner of the ”Best Protein Powder/Shake’’ in the European Specialist Sports Nutrition Awards 2022, Myprotein’s industry-leading Clear Whey is now available in Vimto’s signature
flavour. Vimto holds a 24.4% market share, with 1 in 4 households buying Vimto. Last year’s Vimto Clear Whey sales also demonstrate the demand for this product – we sold out 3x faster than forecast!

Clear Whey Isolate – Vimto Original

RRP: £34.99

One of the best traditional protein shake alternatives. Stay refreshed whilst hitting your daily protein target.

* Contains 20g of protein per serving
* No added sugar

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