The key molecule that can help improve your energy levels… try Tru Niagen® now!

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The key molecule that can help improve your energy levels… try Tru Niagen now!

Did you know that each day adults spend, on average, two hours and 56 minutes feeling drained and low in energy? In fact, the average Brit spends more than seven-and-a-half years of their lifetime feeling tired and fatigued. Luckily, the key to reducing tiredness and fatigue lies within you – in your cells!

It all starts with a key molecule called NAD+ which can improve your energy levels…

• We use it every day for functions such as converting food into energy, and supporting our cells against physiological stress. As you can see, it is an incredibly vital resource.

• NAD+ levels are often in a state of flux, and some of our personal behaviors such as overeating and alcohol consumption may affect NAD+ levels.

• Additionally, NAD+ levels are also impacted by ageing, a completely natural stressor on the body.

That’s where Tru Niagen® comes in. This breakthrough supplement, backed by world-renowned scientists and Nobel Prize winners, helps the body generate this vital molecule. Whatever your age, it supports everything from your energy-yielding metabolism to normal psychological functions.

Each Tru Niagen® capsule contains 300mg of Niagen – and will help the body start generating NAD+ shortly after the first capsule is taken. Exclusively available to shop from Amazon UK (RRP £39.95, 30 capsules).

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