The Coolest New Gadgets in 2019

The Coolest New Gadgets in 2019 There has been a bunch of new tech to hit the market this year. These are the products that have created the most hype […]

The Coolest New Gadgets in 2019

There has been a bunch of new tech to hit the market this year. These are the products that have created the most hype and are worth saving for. With all of the crazy new advancements, we seem to be reading about on the daily, flying cars, holographic technology, and robots aren’t far behind. To keep you occupied until then, here are the coolest gadgets this year. While considering these new toys, try your hand at casino gaming at to keep your fingers busy and off the “order now” button.

Waverly Ambassador Translator

If you’re suffering from the curse of monolingualism like most of the world then never fear, the solution is here. If you’re looking to travel without the restriction or difficulties that come with language barrios, then get ready to converse with all types of people on your travels. Waverly Labs has been able to release an audio device that translates various languages on the spot. There are various ways that you can use this device, however, the most convenient setup is to attach one to your ear and hand the other to someone that you’re having trouble communicating with. The tech may still be in its Indiegogo stage, however, it’s still worth getting your hands on this early version.

Davidson LiveWire Motorcycle

It’s finally here, the announcement that had people abuzz last year was Harley-Davidson’s preview of its all-electric motorcycle. As of this month, August, this product will officially be on the market and up for grabs. The product unlocks a whole new demographic of motorcycle riders. For any of you bike enthusiasts that are more partial to a quiet machine perfect for city street riding while being environmentally friendly and automatic. This is the start of a new generation of bikes that are ready to get baby boomers excited about bikes like the rest of us.

LG Signature OLED TV R9

LG is coming out with a new, disappearing 65-inch screen that neatly rolls away into a compact box. This 4K HDR Smart TV promises an experience like never before. Imagine movie nights with this bad boy – game changer. With all the Smart features you get access to Google Assistant and Alexa for all your viewing needs. Then, when you’re done watching you can declutter your space and free up your living room.

Nreal Light Mixed Reality Glasses

These can be used to take what you’re seeing and overlay it with virtual content. This is an actual product and not merely a concept if you can believe it. We may have stepped into the future with this gadget. This is certainly a step in the right direction when considering the idea of virtual reality technology. Without the bulky headset, you could go for a walk while testing out this product. The Developer Kit is scheduled to be released in September.

Mophie Juice Pack Access

Now, this is a practical gadget for all iPhone users. Apple iPhones can now charge their phones on the go with this brand-new portable charging case. This new design doesn’t cover up the Lightning port, meaning that it’s free to plug your headphones in while it’s charging. With the promise of up to 31 hours of battery life, this product will sell itself.