TES Specialists in Water and Waste Management Switchgear MCCs and Systems Integration

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TES Specialists in Water and Waste Management Switchgear MCCs and Systems Integration

In recent years TES has invested heavily in the company’s infrastructure to deal with increased demand in the company’s products and services. TES now operate from purpose built manufacturing facilities in N. Ireland and Stoke-on-Trent, ideally located to service UK, Ireland, Europe, Middle East and worldwide markets.

Lifecycle Engineering

The TES work ethos is wholly inspired by the continuous process of the water lifecycle. Water which takes many forms enters the atmosphere through evaporation and then in condensation it forms clouds. Finally, through precipitation the water falls back down to earth into the ocean, lakes and land. This natural cycle then repeats itself over and over again.

TES adopt a similar approach to project delivery by providing infinite support to our clients throughout the entire lifecycle of the project. We call this lifecycle engineering.

Listening To Your Requirements

As specialists in the power, control and automation, and water treatment industries, TES fully understand the importance of listening to our clients requirements. Individual needs demand innovative, bespoke packages.


TES place great emphasis on fostering effective partnership to ensure trust and understanding form the basis of our working relationship. Partnerships mean performance, TES deliver every time.

Specialists Areas

Water and Wastewater Treatment

TES specialise in water purification and wastewater treatment. We have been responsible for the design and build of water and wastewater treatment facilities worldwide. Read More


As specialists in the building services industry, TES extends its expertise to the design, installation, manufacture and commissioning of an extensive range of HV & LV Switchgear.
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MCCs & Systems Integration

With an impressive reputation in niche sectors such as water and wastewater, factory automation, quarrying and commercial industries TES have defined the market in systems integration.
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