Tequila is the cool new spirits trend – and KAH Tequila is No.1

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Tequila is the cool new spirits trend – and KAH Tequila is No.1

You may remember when gin was served in a warm glass, with one melting ice cube; then there was the ‘Ginnaissance’ and suddenly gin became delicious, fashionable, and cool in every sense. That was a decade ago. Now it’s the turn of tequila to take centre stage.

Once again, people have pre-conceived ideas. In this case, it’s a question of swapping nasty memories arising from downing shots of cheap mixtos served at student parties and creating new experiences based on sipping ultra-premium, 100% agave tequila such as KAH Tequila – the brand which is leading the way for home cocktails in this super-cool new drinks trend.

KAH, which is sold in Tesco across the UK, has just been announced as the UK’s No.1 Ultra-Premium Tequila (by value and volume) in grocery, according to research conducted during the past six months*.
The visionary move by Tesco reflected the growing trend towards tequilas as the next high-growth spirits category and KAH was the first super- or ultra-premium tequila to be listed there when it was first stocked by Tesco stores and Tesco.com late last summer (2022). The KAH Blanco brick-shaped bottle is exclusive to Tesco currently.

This category of drinks is an exciting one to explore. The move towards hand-crafted, authentic, Mexican sipping tequilas like KAH has attracted a new wave of tequila lovers.
KAH is also available through other retailers and in venues in eye-catching and iconic skull-shaped bottles. The KAH bottle designs symbolize the meso-American Day of the Dead festival where people honour the lives of friends and relatives who have passed away. The bottle pays tribute to that tradition, whilst the liquid is seen as a fitting celebration of their lives.
KAH Blanco, KAH Reposado and KAH Anejo expressions are available along with skull shaped miniatures. Retail stockists include top lifestyle stores such as Fenwick and Selfridges.
It’s not all about the Margarita cocktail, delicious though that is. Another popular cocktail recipe for KAH Blanco is the KAH Bloody Juanita – a tequila twist on the classic vodka-based Bloody Mary cocktail. Try it at home…

60ml KAH Blanco Tequila
100ml Tomato juice
15ml Fresh lime juice
3 Cherry tomatoes
5 Drops Tabasco or Jalapeno sauce
10 Drops Worcestershire sauce
Salt and cracked black pepper to taste
Blend all the ingredients, pour over ice and garnish with Siracha Sauce and a Tajin rim.

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