New Zealand dominance continues at Brisbane Global Tens

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New Zealand dominance continues at Brisbane Global Tens

The wonderful, wonderful rugby played this year at the Brisbane Global Tens was led by New Zealand, other teams tried to match and from their point of view hopefully surpass the rugby played by New Zealand during the games and found that in this years’ tournament they were unable to do so. New Zealand dominated by playing better rugby than the opposition teams and this has been a pattern that has been evolving for some time.
New Zealand had 3 teams at this years’ event (the 2nd year of the tournament). All three New Zealand teams were unbeaten after day one by non New Zealand teams, it was not as hot as last year but it was a still a sizzler at 33 degree heat recorded at times during the tournament!
The tens game is a variation of rugby and similar to 7s it reduces the number of players from fifteen to ten, hence the name “tens”, whilst “sevens” reduces the number of players to seven. However, with subs allowed on a rolling basis a frenetic pace was maintained for much longer and the electric pace of the games was just wonderful for all the spectators at this very well supported tournament.

New Zealand entered teams from New Zealand clubs “Blues”, “Chiefs” and “Crusaders” and so New Zealand had entered from some of their top professional clubs which means that they had fielded some of their top players for this rugby discipline.
The game of “tens” has proved very very popular indeed amongst the rugby playing population and also makes for a super fan experience. Scrums and Lineouts are in “tens” as they are in “sevens” so it really is still incorporating most of the recognisable traits of “fifteens” rugby, however it is a smaller pitch and the number of players at 10 allows more forward oriented players to get involved whereas a forward could be more exposed in a game of “sevens”. Tens is a very physical manifestation of rugby, the margin for success is extremely precise and this is particularly useful for developing all skills, those skills of forwards and backs across the board are honed by tens. It’s a really superb variation of rugby.

The full tournament was a wonderful, wonderful success and in year two, New Zealand dominated again!


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