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Providing Computer, Laptop and Network Repair and Support in County Armagh for 15 years.

Our only goal is to deliver a truly customer focused experience to all local homes and small business users, be you in Armagh City itself or deeper into the countryside.

Time and time again, we hear our customers complain of previous technicians or support providers either giving poor advice, losing data, taking too long to repair a fault or perhaps even too hard to get their services in the first place!

But the number one problem that we hear most is cost… For too long, home owners and small businesses have been charged so much for even the simplest of issues, that they would sooner consider purchasing a new laptop or desktop rather than trying to get their existing equipment or issue repaired or corrected.

Receiving this feedback and acknowledging this problem in our industry, TechyBack decided to adopt a pricing structure that made our service more affordable and accessible, no matter if your a business with 50 staff or a teenager doing a paper-round.

For convenience, most of our clients make use of our Collect & Return Service, meaning that you don’t even have to unplug your equipment as one of our staff will come to you, collect it and return it as soon as the job is complete and this is provided for a little more than the cost of a Taxi run!

Our costs are met by the volume of repair we commit to, not the one or two jobs a week that other technicians take on.

Lastly, we guarantee all our work because we know what we are doing and of course, if its uneconomic to repair a particular issue and you don’t wish us to continue, then we don’t charge a penny!*

*Except for the Collect & Return Service if used!

Hardware… Software… Anywhere!

Enquires and appointments:

Mobile: 07852 107 691
Fax: 028 3752 5262

18 Woodford Heights
Co. Armagh
Northern Ireland
BT60 2DY

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