InTouch TV Danske Bank Ulster Schools’ Bowl Championssssssssss Foyle College Players Mark Wilson Patrick Leeson comment post game

Absolutely phenomenal performance from the whole team and some really notable players making a massif contribution, Mark Wilson & Patrick Leeson comment post game as the CHAMPIONSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS of the Ulster Schools’ Bowl Chsampions of ULSTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CHECK IT OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [youtube 35YuipD_Esw]

Local girls play for U16 Ireland Hockey ~ Erin Getty, Claire Donald, Rhianna Campbell, Zoe Wilson!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9 girls from Ulster (including 4 from the Ballymena/Antrim area) were part of an U16 Ireland Hockey team which won the Celtic Cup played this weekend in Wrexham, Wales. The girls played two international games against Scotland and Wales after flying out on Friday from the city airport. The first match on Saturday against Scotland […]