COUNTDOWN TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JUNE 6th!!!! Party on the Pitch Bangor! THE NIGHT THE PARTY THE BANGOR BOYZ & GIRLZ will rock! @ The Bjorn Identity Abba Tribute Ireland, Oasis UK, Skinny Living!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CLICK HERE FOR MORE……… Tickets are on sale through or you can pop into Bloomfields on Wed-Fri evenings and pick them up in person! Because its Bangor RFC this will be a brilliant night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bring on the PARTY BOOM BOOM BOOM!

Ulster Tag Rugby TVVVVV – A Tribute To The Best Of Fun, The Game Of Tag Rugby & And Playing It Brilliantly – Clips From All the Ulster sides @ All Irelands

Saturday at the All Irelands was amazing. From the 11am kick off right through to 7.30pm with two winners presentations both involving Ulster tag teams winning throughout the various competitions. (2500+ action / team / social shots click HERE) Teams had travelled for the first time and in the first half of the day we […]