World Police & Fire Games Rugby 7ssssssssssssssss In 1100+ Action SHOTS LIVE HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ireland, England, France, New Zealand, Italy, Canada, Amsterdam, Nigeria, America!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Awesome first day to the competition with lots of teams and BIG crowds for one of the most watched competitions at the games – WE got 1100+ ACTION shots from DAY 1 (2 Albums) CLICK HERE to see them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! C U @ The FINALSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS – Photogrpaher Paul Marshall awesome shots!

STARTS TODAY From 10AM!!!!!!!!!!Queens RFC Hosting the World Police & Fire Games SEVENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! On Today, Tomorrow & Finals ON Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In rugby 7s today, see teams like New Zealand Fire, Paris Fire & Italian State Fire from 10am at Queens Sport Upper Malone! Men’s 18+ Division 1 & 2, Men’s 35+, Men’s 45+ and Women’s 18+. Rugby at the WPFG is one of the most popular events and the 7s matches will be truly international. […]

Big Shout for Australia Touch Rugby Fire & Police World Games – Pictured with Payne, Farrell & McAllister – 400+ Action & Team Shots LIVE HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brothers in rugby these guys played a dynamic brand of touch and a case of age & guile over youth as the average age of this team was 30+ – great bunch of guys and the cheerleaders were brilliant – Many thanks to them for coming to Belfast pople really appreciate the games coming here […]

InTouch TV Interview @ WPF Games Belfast Italian Firefighter Touch Rugby Player Giovanni Panzeri Says the Games are Brilliant And The Firefighters Are going Out In Belfast Tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Absolutely brilliant buch of boys over from Italy on tour to the World Police games – ATTN all Girls in Belfast, the Italian Firefighters Are Going Out TONIGHT, Giovanni comments below and 500+ action shotssssssssssssssssssssssssss to follow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [youtube qRagUE5FdM0]