Belfast Met Ladies 7s Rugby Academy (IRFU) Provides Qualification & Pathway to Provincial & International 7S Rugby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maybe a different code of rugby but it is a great opportunity for those interested female athletes to development their physical fitness, understanding of the game and be in with a chance to become an Representative player for their Province or even Internationally. The course will be running if we achieve 8 athletes or more.. […]

Belfast Met Light Up Ophir 7SSSSSSSSSSSSSSS With Tournament Winning Performances ALL MORNING!!!!!!! Report + Shots HERE + Next up is InTouch TVV interview with players Ryan Duddy & Michael Whitall

Met were excellent, but the key point is they were excellent against excellent opposition. Every team at the U18s was playing great rugby on Saturday morning and Club rugby is in a good place. Watchimng throughout the tournament each game showcased competitive spirit, the joy of crossing the line and scoring tries all day long […]