InTouch TV: Liam Eastwood Ulster Rugby U18 Clubs Coach Comments A Provincewide Tracking System – 20 People Are Spotting Players Across Ulster Just for The Club U18s

Provincewide coverage, a talent system the envy of the world and players that every province in the world wants. Liam Eastwood, Ulster Rugby Clubs U18 Manager comments (This interview was filmed @ the Nutty Krust Launch) just before the Ulster U18 club training commenced and Liam comments on the grassroots work and numbers that are […]

Lurgans Liam MCGuigan Competes On Bondi Beach Sydney On The Tour Of A Lifetime With the LIONS WINNING TOUR of 2013 – CHECK IT OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For the past month four British and Irish Rugby fans have been in Australia battling it out against local rugby fans in the ‘Mane Event’ series, competing in random challenges ranging from sheep shearing to sun cream rubbing! As the decider match between the Lions and the Wallabies draws closer, so too did the Mane […]