PROOF POSITIVE IT WORKS, “I JUST DID IT AGAIN!” “Using the methods and techniques I describe in my book, I took a 1st prize in the 23rd Annual International Popular Photography Readers’ Photo contest.” >>

So states Raymond J. Klein photographer and author of his book. CHECK THIS OUT: Just follow the techniques he outlines in his book! THE BOOK IS AVAILABLE AT: The entire contest categories can be seen here: The book, “Visions of Light,” real mission is about WINNING A PRIZE! In 2005 the author won […]

Perennials RFC Notes: The Effervescent I XV Are Sending A Training Video To Declan Kidney!! The Match Report Is A True & Accurate Description Of The Game & Bangor Did Field A Youthful Side: Report + 23 Action Shots!!!!!!!!!!!!

On a sunny spring afternoon at Uprichard Park, the Perennials suffered their first defeat of the season losing by 8 tries to 5 against a youthful Bangor side. CLICK HERE FOR 23 Action Shots There were some concerns prior to the game when it became apparent that the opposition had youth on their side and our […]