QUALIFYING 1: The Final Series Of Games! 2 will join from Q2! 1 will play AIL next season!

The Final Series Of Games! Its been some season and Q1 will enjoy the company of 2 new clubs from Q2! One Q1 will be in AIL next season, hats off to Coleraine who have achieved an astonishing position given their start to the season, and Academy. The other seasoned Q1 clubs will play to […]

Enniskillen U19s To Play Malone U19s (Last Years Champions) We review Enniskillens last game against Clogher Valley – “The Clash Of The Titans”

A stroming display, by Ian McCleery, Enniskillen U19s 62 v Clogher Valley U19s 3 Exactly nineteen years ago this month, three storms combined into one to form what became known as “The Perfect Storm” off the coast of Gloucester, Massachusetts creating an almost apocalyptic situation in the Atlantic ocean. On Saturday afternoon last, fifteen young […]