Tag, Mini & Sevens Teams & Visitors encouraged to attend the For Fintan Rugby Festival 14th June @ Belfast Harlequins to raise funding targets to purchase specialist treatment for Fintan

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All teams are invited to enter a unique day as Mini, Tag or Sevens teams to help raise funds for Fintan Hillyard specialist cancer treatment. This is a one day only event and therefore it represents the best opportunity to hit the fundraising target to purchase the necessary treatment for Fintan. Please consider it and if you can enter a team you will be helping a lot! Visitors and those wishing to support are very very welcome to attend on the day.

The appeal started only a week ago and already £17,000 pounds have been raised and teams have announced their intention to attend the MINI rugby, Sevens & Tag Rugby tournaments being held on the day.

Fintan Hillyard is a rugby player who last year had to leave the field after scoring a try for Belfast Harlequins RFC. He was unfortunately soon diagnosed with cancer and found out recently that the hospital where he is being treated have run out of treatment options. There is however specialist although expensive treatment available in Germany and the entire Belfast Harlequins Sports Club have got together to help raise that money.

We are honoured to be in a position to help publicise this and look forward to covering the day with InTouch SHOTS and Vidz in what promises to be a good fun day of rugby in the format of Minis, Sevens & Tag

An inspirational story Fintan’s and his family and friends are in everyone’s hearts at this time, and everyone will do everything they can to help raise the funds needed for his treatment.

To get involved email festivalofrugby14@gmail.com
To donate CLICK HERE
To join the group fbook CLICK HERE
For the Twitter page CLICK HERE

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