SWOL Tequila… fabulous and makes a very special gift for Father’s Day…

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LQR House’s SWOL Tequila

Made in limited batches, SWOL tequila quickly became successful.. it is so full of character. No wonder they’ve gained over 6.5 million views on #MysteryTequila, and sold over 1800 units totaling $139,253.86 revenue since inception.

Available now from https://cwspirits.com/

Their marketing team took the idea to make a tequila, completely designed and formulated the product, produced it in Mexico, imported it to be sold exclusively at CWSpirits, and marketed through the LQR
House affiliate network of social media influencers. See the range here > https://cwspirits.com/collections/swol-anejo-tequila

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