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Sweating… underarm sweating… feeling insecure about this, overcoming this and using the tools at your disposal to change the dynamic mentally! Enter Social Citizen || 😀😀

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Sweating… underarm sweating… feeling insecure about this, overcoming this and using the tools (sweat-proof t-shirts) at your disposal to change the dynamic mentally! Enter Social Citizen || 😀😀

Waking up in the morning and thinking… will i feel terrible today and not be able to relax all day because of my underarm sweating!? Avoiding social situations. Feeling uptight and insecure and frankly afraid of being laughed at and making others feel uncomfortable is such a horrible place to be mentally.

Making decisions based on “can I avoid taking my jacket off?”… “I hope I don’t have to lift my arms up?” “I wish I had a solution, somehow … if only there was such a thing as an anti-sweat shirt?”

People asking themselves “why does he feel uncomfortable near me?”. The entire subject can induce a panic type feeling and in fact can lead to deeper issues (though also very treatable) such as panic attacks. Like a small seed growing into a large tree the unresolved hyperhidrosis issue/tension/unahappiness just leads on to deeper insecurities and issues. All from sweating, and not having sweat proof shirts.

That such a small tiny issue can lead to life long unhappiness is testament to how such small easily dealt with issues can be massive for those who do not have the solutions!

Enter a Canadian start up specialising in sweat resistant clothing, with a mission to help those with this problem adapt and change and fix the problem of unhelpful underarm sweating. Sweating is normal of course but when its a problem having access to products such as those sold by Social Citizen dramatically changes life for people. 100% cotton T-shirts that are specifically designed with technology to remove the problem of underarm sweat stains. The technology applies such simple principles in a way that works 100%. Using 3 layers Social Citizen t-shirts absorb sweat as soon as it hits the tee… then an outer layer provides a waterproof barrier so the sweat cannot get to the outside layer. Its that outside layer that people see.

Suddenly the anxiety of wearing a t-shirt is gone… the more you wear these t-shirts the more confident you become and suddenly simple activities like being with others and lifting your arm to touch an object at height like taking an apple off a tree becomes easy.

Hello freedom of movement and feeling comfortable and carefree in your clothes again! Social Citizen products are affordable, stylish and long lasting. They offer great customer service and have such a great feeling product and have amassed a growing social following offering really great discounts to.

Thank you so much for stopping by today and we hope you enjoy trying out Social Citizen products and like ourselves rediscovering renewed optimism, confidence and frankly make problem underarm sweating a distant memory. Making the problem a distant memory and reaching a place of confidence in your clothes to provide that freedom and ability to relax in social settings. So liberating and so social.

Offering very stylish products that have a technological edge is a great way to combat everyday common problems and allow people to feel much more confident within themeselves!

Please call by again soon … very very best wishes, the InTouch Rugby Fashion & Health Correspondent… on assignment!

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