SUPPORT CALL FOR Jennifer Greenlees 70 Stand Up Paddle Challenge Portballintrae to Bangor

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When I heard that my family needed to fundraise for my cousin Allyson who was battling for her life against cancer and wished to undertake treatment in Canada costing $70000. I thought that this could be my oportunity to fundraise and pick a long distance paddle challenge that would truely inspire me. I decided to SUP (stand up paddle) the coast Portballintrae to Bangor, 70 miles the longest distance yet to be paddled in Ireland.

Tragically Allyson Bell passed on March 11th 2014 she was in Canada whilst receiving cancer treatment. I am still fundraising for Allyson and all cash donations go to her family towards their expenses. My Aunt Eleanor (Allyson’s mother) passed December 2012 also fighting cancer, she was notorious for fundraising, so I want all online donations to go to Marie Curie in memory of her.

I really apreciate your support!!!! CLICK HERE TO DONATE or the infographic below


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