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Summer Outdoors, Fitness, Holidays, fun & Training / Rugby etc +Essentials! 9

Hotheads Helps You Navigate the Sometimes Confusing World of Hairbrushes


Toronto, Canada– April 2017 – Craving luscious, shiny Kim Kardashian hair, but all you seem to eek out is something akin to Cousin It? Don’t blame your shampoo or styling products. Simply put: you could be using the wrong hairbrush. The experts at Hotheads, the premier hairbrush line developed by stylists with over 50 years of experience of addressing a variety of haircare needs, share their tips on picking the perfect brush for your specific hair needs.

If your hair is fine, fragile, chemically treated, straight or curly, a Paddle brush is your ideal brush. Hotheads’ Grooming Paddle Plus can be used on wet or dry hair for detangling, and is great for blow dry styling, and grooming at night. It helps improve the overall health of your scalp and hair as the raised pad gently massages when you brush before bedtime. The brush combines 3 types of bristles giving shine and polish to the hair. If you have curly hair or unruly straight hair, and rarely brush your hair before shampooing, remember this tip: brushing your hair before you shampoo removes any tangles making it easier for the shampoo to distribute through the hair more evenly and efficiently. Can be uses on all lengths of hair. SRP: $19.62.

A Round brush is the perfect tool for fine, normal to thick and chemically treated hair. Hotheads’ Speed Brush Round Styler helps create volume, curls or a smooth, sleek finish. Will not tangle in the hair due to the design of the barrel/head of the brush. Also helps improve the performance of any hair dryer. Tip: Use the Small size for bangs, short bobs or to use for curling; Medium for shoulder length or longer; or Large for long or very thick hair. SRP: $24.29-$41.29 depending on the size.

The Enforcer/Mr. Smoothy (Round, styling brush) is a must for those with frizzy, unruly or chemically treated hair. Use it for creating a smooth, sleek finish. The design of the bristles organize the strands of hair evenly and smoothly giving you more control when styling and faster results with less time. Less heat is needed to create your desired look, while letting you smooth strands with less damage for delicate hair. Recommended for smoothing the hair just Drop the hair on the brush and Drag. Can be used on all hair lengths. SRP: $29.89.

Hotheads’ Hairbrushes are available at select retailers and salons nationwide or by visiting,

About Hotheads

Hotheads is a division of Canadian-based True Cool Technology Enterprises, a technology driven brand, whose innovative haircare products are a combination of hybrid designs for speed, performance and superior hair quality. The complete collection includes the Paddle Plus Collection, the Enforcer, the Speed Brush Collection to date.

Ambit – be informed, intellectual and creative.

Ambit, the network of intellects is the place where intellects and creative people come together to create and share values for each other and nurture creativity and intellection of the community overall, as the social media of intellects we connect the likeminded intellectual being, the app is designed with the following science:
Nurturing intellection: human intellection is measured by the horizontal axis (knowledge of diverse subjects) and vertical axis (in depth knowledge of a subject) and to nurture intellection we are providing the user with his interest related news, blogs and articles to widen the horizontal axis of his intellect and for vertical axis we are giving the research tool in which we have the articles from the basic Wikipedia to books and academia articles,
Nurturing Creativity: We believe that creativity works very well when we have organization, knowledge, engagement, environment, ability and feedback, we have implemented all these factors of creativity deep into our app design, for example organization of daily feed, knowledge filter tool so that all your energy is use for absorption, not for searching, also very easy article maker and poster, instant sticky notes for your creative ideas which increases the ability to act creatively,
Solving problems:
1) Providing organization in the information abundant world, with news and blogs in one place.
2) Simplify your life by working as 6 in one app: news app, blog app, notes app, article writing app, research app, and social media of likeminded intellects.
3) shorten the idea to execution cycle as idea inspired by an article need to be capture instantly, then it has to be researched upon for idea expansion and realization, then this expanded idea needs to be share within a beautiful article for feedback.

In future our daily jobs will be taken by bots and humans will have job related to intellectual and creativity, due to which we are working for the vision as to make the society more intellectual and creative we want to make the society more intellectual and creative.
Twitter: ambittweet
Facebook: ambitapp
Instagram: ambitapp
Website: htpp://


Brits still have the travel bug despite holidays costing much more this year…travellers to the USA hit hardest

Although a weakened pound has made foreign travel more expensive this year, Brits still have the travel bug, according to research by specialist travel money provider, Caxton FX.

• 72% of sun seeking Brits are planning to travel abroad this year.
This is despite the fact that, since Brexit, the pound has fallen sharply against the Euro and US dollar. The cost of a holiday to the US, for example, is up to 15% more expensive than last year.
• The average holidaymaker now spends over 11 hours researching their travel plans…
Amazingly, a further one in six (16%) spend a whopping 30 hours thinking, planning, researching and booking their holiday directly.
• …whilst at work!
55% of workers plan their holidays whilst at the office, researching accommodation, flights, activities and destinations when the boss isn’t looking.
• Yet only 14% of workers check out their travel insurance cover and 15% research exchange rates.
Over 9 million Brits have fallen ill or been injured whilst on holiday and needed medical treatment with a further 9 million having had something stolen, making comprehensive travel insurance cover essential.

Caxton Plus combines an exclusive range of travel benefits including annual worldwide family travel insurance, 24/7 medical and travel assistance and a free emergency card replacement should your Caxton prepaid currency card be lost or stolen while away. It provides holidaymakers with complete peace of mind in one product.
Rupert Lee Browne, Chief Executive Officer of Caxton, said: “It’s not surprising that people spend so much time thinking about and researching their holiday as it’s great fun, but it is worrying that many don’t check their travel insurance.
“If you are booking your travel and accommodation directly, you don’t have the same protection that you would have going through a travel agent and so having quality travel insurance becomes more important. Our Caxton Plus service has been designed for the modern traveller to give complete peace of mind should things go wrong.”

Matt Healy – MasterChef Professionals 2016 Finalist – Launches New Website

Since his phenomenal journey on MasterChef The Professionals 2016, Matt Healy has been working away with online publisher The Media Team to create a new foodie website

The new site is described as a “Foodie Paradise” with user friendly navigation and mouth-watering photography and videos. Packed full of recipes, Cranble Hacks and wonderful meal ideas for special events, the team has spent the last few months building up a fantastic resource ready for the launch. Boasting their very own dedicated Cranble Kitchen and outside location at their St Albans HQ, with plans to explore many other locations soon. With an existing packed database of recipes and videos at launch, Cranble will continue to release new content daily in order to inspire the chef in all of us. Every day the Cranble team will be adding new recipes, photos and ideas to get us cooking!

Matt commented, “Cranble is the beginning of an exciting new chapter in my life and I cannot wait for people to see Cranble and get cooking. I’ve spent half my life in the kitchen and want to share my passion and knowledge with others. Last year I had to keep the MasterChef results secret and it’s been similar with Cranble. For months we’ve kept the project under wraps until we’d built up enough recipes and content to launch.”

Every month new recipes, Cranble Hacks and ideas for seasonal events will be added online. You can interact across the Cranble social channels Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter



Oh Buoy!
The world’s first floating hot tub – The HotTug Has Splash Landed

Tuesday 4th July – This morning, commuters were treated to a strange sight, as the world’s first floating hot tub, The HotTug splash landed into it’s new London base in Old Street today.

Londoners rejoice as the wait is finally over, the world’s first floating hot tub has arrived in central London’s waters! Causing waves amongst Londoners since crowdfunding began, the HotTug is on the water and almost ready for rides.

After their huge initial success on Crowdfunder (, HotTug UK reached its first target in one week. The campaign continues to stay afloat so lucky customers can secure their places as one of the first to ride The HotTug, until 11th July.

The HotTug is a 3.8m x 2m wood fired floating hot tub, can be heated up to an invigorating 38C of fresh water which ‘HotTuggers’ can operate by themselves. The boat is powered by an electric engine and will be stationed in Old Street this summer at the ‘HotTug House’. The experience, which lasts for 90 minutes is truly unique and is set to be one of the most fun and unusual activities in London.

On board the maiden voyage were Tommo Stuart Thomson (31 from London) and Jack Clegg (33 from Preston), cofounders of HotTug Uk who aim to bring the HotTug to sites across the UK & Ireland. “We aim to be the most unique and fun experience you can do on water. The maiden voyage was a success and we are nearly ready to open our doors for business” Said Tommo.

This unique and truly different experience has proved to be one of the hottest and most talked about tickets in town. Radio 1 DJ’s Scott Mills, Greg James and Chris Stark confirmed their intention live on air to set sail on The HotTug and with a crowdfunding campaign target reached, there is 1 week left for customers to secure their place as one of the first to ride The HotTug by supporting the boys crowdfunding campaign ( which runs until 8.45am on July 11th.

Website and high resolution images:
Crowdfunding Website:
Email contact:
Twitter handle: @HotTugUk

FUEL10K launches Low Sugar Granolas in Tesco

Fast growing protein breakfast brand FUEL10K has launched two new low sugar granolas – and they have been snapped up by Tesco.
The new Low Sugar Granola will be available in two flavours – Chocolate (3.8g sugar per 100g) and Apple & Cinnamon (4.8g sugar per 100g). RRP £2.99 per 400g.
Featuring new packaging, with a distinctive white background rather than the brand’s trademark black, the new Granolas are now available in more than 500 Tesco stores.
Scott Chassels, Managing Director of FUEL10K, said: “We’re on a mission to make breakfast more exciting. Consumers are increasingly looking for convenient and nutritionally sound breakfasts and we are delighted to add two great tasting low sugar low sugar Granolas to our range.”
“The mix of natural sugars and Oligofructose, which is derived from root vegetables, along with added cocoa or pieces of apple and cinnamon combine to create a healthier and tasty breakfast.”
In addition to Tesco, FUEL10K is stocked in Waitrose, Ocado, ASDA, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s and the Co-Op. Alongside the new low sugar Granolas are Quark with Fruit, Breakfast Drinks, Porridge Pots, Wheat Biscuits and Multigrain Flakes.

Nutrition and Ingredients
FUEL10K Low Sugar Granola – Chocolate is the lowest sugar granola in the UK in mainstream grocery.

Typical Values per 100g FUEL10K Low Sugar Granola – Chocolate FUEL10K Low Sugar Granola – Apple & Cinnamon
Energy kJ 1708 1662
Energy kcal 408 397
Fat g 12.8 10.4
of which saturates g 2.1 1.3
Carbohydrate g 52.1 55.3
of which sugars g 3.8
Fibre g 20.8 21.3
Protein g 10.8 9.8
Salt g 0.12 0.03
Whole Grain Oat flakes (62%), Whole Grain Spelt flakes (10%), Oligofructose Syrup, Sunflower Oil, Dark Chocolate Pieces (2%) (Sugar, Cocoa Mass, Cocoa Butter, Emulsifier: Lecithins (Sunflower)), Cocoa Powder, Fruit Juice Concentrate (White Grape, Apple, Pear), Salt, Antioxifdant (Tocopherol-RIch Extract). Whole Grain Oat flakes (47%), Whole Grain Spelt flakes (8%), Oligofructose Syrup, Rice Extrudate (Rice Flour), Wheat flour, Sunfllower Oil, Dried Apple Pieces (3%), Cinnamon, , Fruit Juice Concentrate (White Grape, Apple, Pear), Salt, Antioxifdant (Tocopherl-RIch Extract).

Core consumer target
FUEL10K is not a sports nutrition brand rather a brand aimed at a “more modern” and “younger than average” cereal shopper. Recent Kantar Worldpanel data confirms that 44% of FUEL10K shoppers are either pre-family or young family consumers compared to the total category average of only 26%. These shoppers are the main offenders of skipping breakfast and, in appealing to them, the brand is growing the category through incremental sales.

What’s with the 10K?
Author Malcolm Gladwell once wrote that if you want to become brilliant at anything, you need to practise for 10,000 hours. So whether it’s cycling up hills, a Tough Mudder challenge or dancing the cha-cha-cha, you need to make every hour count. For the team at FUEL10K, it has become our philosophy.


The STABILO Cappis are a perfect essential for a family summer holiday. For children that love drawing and colouring, the STABILO Cappis are a set of great quality fibre tipped pens, with the caps all joined together by a loop, so it is almost impossible to lose the lids! They are specially and unusually tubed shaped pens, made so that they are comfortable to hold, easy to pick up and don’t roll away. Plus, they can be left open for 24hrs without drying out!

Wallet of 24: £13.78

Wallet of 18: £10.33


These cosmetic bags by Ulster Weavers are perfect for taking on holiday with you, they are beautifully quirky in a number of different gorgeous designs. The oil cloth exterior means that the make-up bag is waterproof, resilient and totally cleanable. Available at:


From postcard-perfect beach huts in Whitstable to the rolling hills of Scotland, according to Travel Weekly (Davies, June 2017), staycations are up by a quarter this summer.

With inflation rising and more Brits feeling the pinch, we are staying local in search of cheaper deals, MandM Direct’s offering of ‘big brands at low prices’ is the ultimate holiday maker’s choice this season

Offering a range of ‘British Summer Time’ ready attire, from wellies to sandals, T shirts to rain jackets, MandM Direct’s list of branded products will dress the whole family with up to 75% off.

Highlights include flip flops from Board Angels at just £1.99 and swim shorts from Brave Soul, remarkably under £7.00.

An unfavourable exchange rate and unpredictable political landscape has

pulled Britons towards UK destinations such as Wales, Edinburgh, Devon and Cornwall. Holiday makers can predict inclement weather and a stiff upper lip, however, with savings secured at MandM Direct nothing will rain on the British parades.

This summer, don’t leave the dog in the kennels and fly away to destinations afar, instead embrace Britain; wave at the topless men on the high street, smile at the dad in socks and sandals, fire up the BBQ and sunbathe in the overcast sky.

But do it in affordable style from

Kärcher’s latest pressure washer, the OC3 Portable Cleaner:

· Packs the punch for a quick wash anywhere, anytime

· Battery powered with its own water tank is light and perfect for on-the-go

· Specially designed nozzle perfect for cleaning everything from wellies to tents

· Stores up to 4 liters of water, easily refilled when out and about


Andermatt is great for a luxury or leisure summer holiday, with the hiking and biking trails criss-crossing the stunning scenery. There is a 18 hole golf course designed to championship standards and plenty of other active outdoor pursuits possible in the valley.

The Swiss village is home to a redevelopment that is designed to turn Andermatt into a leading ski resort and all year round travel destination, due to its proximity to Zurich.


Prepare your Lawn for Summer Living

As we start to embrace the warmer days and lighter evenings, thoughts turn to our outside space and now there is a brand-new and even more affordable way to achieve a flawless garden.

If spending hours getting your lawn ready for summertime lounging sounds like a daunting prospect, then why not consider getting a helping hand from some of the latest technology on the market for under £500?
Robomow is one of the leading robotic lawnmowers on the market and its brand-new RX range includes the smallest and most affordable models out there. Designed to mow your lawn for you at regular intervals, regardless of your commitments or time constraints, the RX brings the benefits of robotic lawncare to lawns up to 200m2.

With a special solid stainless steel blade to sail through the first mow of the season and cut effortlessly right to your lawns edge, the compact and innovative RX is all you need to produce a lush lawn without the legwork.

The RX is part of a wider family of eight Robomow models which can accommodate lawns up to 5000m2. Sharp steel blades enable the widest, most efficient cut in the category whilst the powerful mulching system means there is no grass box to empty, giving you even more time to sit back and enjoy your lawn.

The Robomow is available from selected dealers nationwide; please visit for further information. The RX12u will be available from £499 with eight models increasing up to the flagship RS635 Pro SX with an £2999 RRP.


ZENBands, created by a doctor, are stylish ,soft headbands with inserted, lightweight speakers that easily plug into your phone, that also act as an eye masks. They are designed for relaxation, napping, stress relief and work as a stylish hair accessory too. They come in all sorts of different colors and designs, and are all priced under 25$! They are the best gifts for the holidays, because there’s no better time to fight holiday stress and give someone a tool to recreate that elusive holiday zen feeling. 😉

Dryburgh Abbey is a magnificent Scottish country house Hotel & restaurant by the Tweed in the Scottish Borders.

They offer luxury accommodation, ideal for short breaks, Scottish wedding venues and business conferences. Nestled in an exclusive wooded estate, next to the historic Abbey, Dryburgh Abbey Hotel is a very special 3 Star Country House Hotel. Only an hour from both Edinburgh and Newcastle, Dryburgh Abbey is the perfect setting for your Scottish borders holiday, wedding venue or corporate event. This is the perfect place to get away this summer without leaving the British Isles.

Dryburgh Abbey offers the perfect place to explore the local history, scenery and sporting opportunities. Unwind in the pool and sauna, relax in cosy fireside lounges and luxurious bedrooms, and enjoy some fabulous seasonal cuisine, freshly prepared in their Bistro or Restaurant.

The Dryburgh Abbey Country House Hotel looks forward to welcoming you soon.

Dryburgh Abbey Hotel

St Boswells, Melrose

Scottish Borders



(+44) 01835 822261

Snuggled beautifully between the majestic limestone outcrops of Scout Scar and Whitbarrow Scar, lying in the rolling, pastoral, damson tree-strewn landscape of the Lyth valley, is the luxuriously refurbished 9 bedroom hotel and restaurant.

If you’re looking for a place to eat or drink that’s got that something special, or a place to stay that delivers something extraordinary then the Lyth Valley Hotel is it.

In today’s busy, uniform world the Lyth Valley Hotel delivers a quiet, contemporary oasis of style.

In a world of its own but just 15 minutes from Kendal, 20 minutes from the M6, junction 36 and 15 minutes to the very heart of the English Lake District the Lyth Valley Hotel is perfectly located.

Enjoy a delightful morning coffee on the stunning raised deck, a pint from their own Winster Valley Brewery, a delicious lunch or evening meal in the oak-panelled dining room… or a full-on get-away-from-it-all break in one of the uniquely furnished rooms.

Lyth Valley Hotel




Tel: 015395 68295


The Twice Brewed Inn is set amongst some of the most breath taking scenery in England and stands in the shadows of Steel Rigg, without doubt one of the most dramatic parts of Hadrian’s Wall. The Twice Brewed is close to all the main Roman sites on the wall – Vindolanda, Housteads and The Roman Army Museum. The Inn proves as a welcome stop to tired walkers/cyclists visiting Hadrian’s Wall.

The Inn provides comfortable accommodation all with en-suite facilities. Relax in the bar in front of a roaring fire where you can enjoy real ales, beers from around the world, an international wine selection and a rather more locally themed menu showcasing the very best of local produce.

The Inn provide home cooked food, locally sourced where possible and available all day in both the bar and the restaurant. Their calendar of events sees regular special menus, offers and seasonal produce. There is also a brand new Private Function Room available for hire so whether you’re celebrating a wedding, a Birthday, your retirement, graduation or anything else, The Twice Brewed is where you need to be.

Other facilities on offer include; accommodation, beer garden, coach and car parking, cycle storage and we do of course, welcome dogs.

The Twice Brewed Inn was awarded the maximum 5 stars out of 5 for food hygiene by the FSA.

The Twice Brewed Inn

Bardon Mill, Hexham,


NE47 7AN

Tel: 01434 344534

The Hart’s Head, Giggleswick is the perfect place to relax and refuel after a long walk in the heart of the Dales. At the Hart’s Head, Dean and his team are bringing Cricketer’s Inns own brand of warm hospitality, great food and cracking beer to the Craven District.

The Inn boasts seven rooms which are ideal for recharging your batteries after a long day in the Dales, not to mention the newly refurbished bar and restaurant- there’s a pint with your name on it!

In December 2016 Cricketers Inns took over the Hart’s Head- their other pubs are The Plough at Lupton, Cumbria and The Crown and Kettle, Manchester. They made some changes immediately with the installation of Matt as the head chef (formerly of The Plough)- his roasts are the stuff of dreams- you can see his menu on the website!

In March 2017, the Hart’s Head was closed for a refurbishment of the kitchen, bar and restaurant- allowing for a stunning new modern look. Why not pop in and check it out for yourself?

Harts Head Inn

Belle Hill, Giggleswick, Settle BD24 0BA

Brits consume more than THREE TIMES the amount of ingredients than they think they are on a daily basis

· Brits are consuming a whopping 121 different ingredients every single day, however believe they are only eating 37

· One in four admited that they do not check the labels on pre-packed food and drink

· Nutritionist Rob Hobson urges the nation to become label savvy when hitting the supermarket

· Nearly eight in ten people never stop to consider what ingredients are in food and drink products

· Findings unveil that dinner favourite lasagne has a staggering 51 ingredients

The average Brit consumes a whopping 121 different ingredients every single day – three times MORE than what we think we are in fact eating.

The polls of 2,000 adults, commissioned by Ryvita, revealed that the average Brit believes they are eating and drinking just 37 separate ingredients in food and drink a day. Over breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks, adults will take in on average 84 more ingredients than they thought were on their plate.

When hitting the supermarket, a staggering one in four Brits admit that they do not check the labels on pre-packed food and drink items, with nearly eight in ten (78%) stating they never stop to consider what ingredients are in our food and drink products before consuming them and how many e-numbers and additives are contained in seemingly ‘normal’ foods.

Rob Hobson, Ryvita’s nutritionist commented, “The research found that each day, we consume far more ingredients than we think. Most people think that the food they eat is much more simple and pure than it actually is, I would urge shoppers to look at the labels on their food and drink so they are aware of what ingredients they are consuming.”

Cornflakes were crowned the most popular breakfast choice, containing 13 ingredients such as maize, sugar, salt and multiple additives such as dextrose and artificial flavouring. The humble tin of ‘Cream of Tomato’ soup topped the lunch menu, stacking up with 16 ingredients including acidity regulator, sugar and modified maize starch. Dinnertime favourite, lasagne, has a surprising 51 ingredients – nearly double to what we think we consume in a single meal – consisting of ingredients such as xanthan gum, milk proteins and coconut fat.

Snack fans might think twice when reaching for the biscuit tin, chocolate digestives can have 24 ingredients or more, including soya lecithin, flavourings and E476 (Polyglycerol polyricinoleate.) One in five glug down a glass or more of fruit squash a day, potentially taking in sweeteners like Acesulfame K and artificial colourings, which contain further sweeteners such as Aspartame.

An eye-opening 75% of respondents unveiled they have no idea what the maximum amount of salt they should consume each day is. Even fewer know the maximum amount of sugar they are recommended to intake each day, with 85% of Brits confessing ignorance. Nearly nine in 10 respondents believe that ingredients, salt, sugar and fat content should be labelled more clearly on food packaging to clear up some of the dietary confusion.

Rob Hobson added, “By either making things from scratch or becoming savvier in the supermarket by reading labels, we can understand what we are consuming and help manage our RDA for things such as salt, sugar and saturated fat. For a nutritious lunch, why not make a delicious beetroot hummus that is rich in iron and laden it on top of a fibre packed Ryvita Dark Rye Crispbread, made of three simple ingredients; rye, water and salt.”

Top 5 foods that have 5 or less ingredients:

1. Ryvita Dark Rye Crispbread (3 ingredients)

2. Dannon Plain Yogurt (2 ingredients)

3. Meridian peanut butter (1 ingredient)

4. Ombar Cacao Bar (3 ingredients)

5. Tesco Organic Apple Juice (1 ingredient)

Retreat Here

At Retreat Here, we believe technology should serve us, not enslave us. Our daily gadgets were designed to make our lives easier, yet for most they have become the cause of rising stress levels and anxiety. Ditching your devices is easier said than done, so we’ve listed three unique places in Australia that make unplugging from the daily grind easier.

Sal Salis Ningaloo Reef

Nestled in the dunes of Cape Range National Park, on the coast of Western Australia’s Ningaloo Reef, you’ll find the perfect place to disconnect from modern-day life and reconnect with mother nature. Sal Salis is an eco-friendly remote safari camp with just sixteen eco-luxe wilderness tents. The camp has been built to blend in with its natural surroundings and the stunning location forms the ideal base to explore the area and spot awe-inspiring wildlife.

The spacious and airy tents have been designed with your comfort in mind and with the most beautiful beach just steps away, each tent provides striking views of the crystal clear waters and surrounding landscape. Sal Salis doesn’t offer luxury in the traditional sense of the word, yet its luxury derives from the peaceful location, stunning landscape and the opportunity to immerse yourself in nature.

Due to its remote location there is no mobile phone or Wi-Fi connection (yay!) and every guest should embrace the chance to unplug from the digital world. (Of course, if there are any urgent needs, the camp has a landline).

Waking up to the songs of birds rather than your alarm clock is an everyday experience, and your morning ‘social media check’ is replaced with a refreshing swim in the ocean. Head out on the reef to find huge schools of fish whilst kayaking or snorkeling, go for a guided gorge walk at Mandu Mandu gorge or charter a boat to Muiron Islands.

The heart and soul of Sal Salis is the camp’s main lodge. A comfortable lounge forms the ideal spot to join fellow travellers for a chat, play board games or read a book from the small library. In the evening, gather in the dining area for a delicious dinner before admiring the astounding number of stars in the night sky (a little birdy told us it’s one of the best places to see Milky Way).

Sal Salis provides an exclusive experience to really get away from the outside world and your stay is guaranteed to reset your personal batteries, leaving you refreshed and more mindful of your daily ‘screen-time’.


Gwinganna, meaning ‘lookout’, is located high on a plateau in a peaceful region of the Tallebudgera Valley in Queensland. Surrounded by ocean and valley views, this well-renowned health retreat in Australia promises a tranquil haven to create stillness and a sense of calm in your mind. The serenity of the mountain retreat beckons for some serious soul-searching and allows guests to revitalise and recover from the hectic outside world.

A variety of beautiful accommodation is available for the most discerning traveller and one of Gwinganna’s recent additions are three Meditation Suites. These new suites provide meditation cushions, a yoga mat as well as iPods loaded with calming music and meditation sessions, encouraging mindfulness and a place to continue your private practice.

To further help you leave your daily world behind, there are no TV’s in the suites and villas, and use of any mobile devices is restricted to your room. Guests are also encouraged to leave laptops at home in order to truly disconnect and shift the attention from work and other external factors to yourself.

The health retreat provides an abundance of choice with a huge and diverse range of wellness packages and programs, from a quick two-night getaway for busy professionals to a seven-night retreat. Extended stays are possible and packages can also be combined to make the most of your wellness experience.

Each morning begins with a mindful movement session whilst you watch the sun rise out of the ocean. There are 16 different walks to start your day, providing beautiful views of the hinterland and surrounding valleys or ocean. After a healthy breakfast, choose from Yoga, Pilates, meditation or dance classes, take a dive in the lap pool, indulge in a pampering session at the luxurious spa or attend a wellness seminar and learn from experienced health and wellness professionals.

Regardless of the duration or choice of your retreat and wellness program, Gwinganna is designed to provide you with a safe and serene environment, away from any distractions and stress, so you can tune in with personal needs and do what’s best for you.

Emirates One&Only Wolgan Valley

If you are not ready (yet) to fully immerse yourself in a tech-free environment, the One&Only Wolgan Valley resort is a great starting point to get a taster of unplugged life. This luxury retreat in the Greater Blue Mountains offers Wi-Fi as well as in-room TV but owing to its remote location, there is no cell coverage at all.The resort is set on 7000 acres of wildlife reserve and provides an absolute sanctuary for seclusion and serenity.

Boasting 40 stylish and well-appointed suites, each private haven has been designed with warm, natural colours, and features a private swimming pool, beautiful fireplace and private veranda with breathtaking views of the Wolgan Valley

We truly encourage you to refrain from connecting to the Wi-Fi, and instead experience the remote wilderness location and the resort’s natural surroundings. One&Only Wolgan Valley is nestled between two national parks (the Wollemi National Park and the Gardens of Stone National Park) and therefore the ideal stage to enjoy guided nature walks, horse riding adventures, stargazing and campfires as well as nocturnal wildlife excursions.

For the less adventurous, the Spa provides a stunning and tranquil abode in a natural setting, featuring six double treatment rooms with breathtaking views of the surrounding valleys. Let highly skilled therapists pamper your mind, body and soul with a range of signature experiences and holistic treatments. The 60-minutes Soul to Sole treatment, which focuses on scalp, hands and feet, is a must for anyone in need of releasing tension and stress. Alternatively, book a private Pilates or yoga session, indulge with a manicure or enjoy a lazy afternoon by the swimming pool.

Author: Sabijn Linssen, founder at Retreat Here

Luggage and Travel Needs?

The CarGo Seat combines a car booster seat with a rolling suitcase for children. It is the 2-in-1 kids booster seat that transforms into a travel suitcase… for children on the move.

The CarGo Seat is an occasional-use product, perfect for family holidays, weekends away and car journeys and has 12 litres of storage space – plenty of space for children’s toys, gadgets and clothes.

Suitable for kids 6-10 and follow all normal booster seat safety regulations.

For more information, please visit:

Dazed & Infused Water Pitcher

Description: You know what’s cooler than water? Water with naturally awesome flavor infusion. Add some fresh fruit or herbs to your hydration process with the Vremi Dazed and Infused Pitcher and always have an exciting beverage on hand. And speaking of exciting… our infuser works equally well with vodka or sangria. Mocktails and cocktails in one handy pitcher! This is the perfect item for keeping your guests hydrated at your summer BBQ.

Review Rating: 4.6/5.0 stars, 285 reviews
Price: $16.99 AMZ, $25 website (free shipping)

Available on amazon.



Strong Roots ( is an award-winning brand on a mission to revolutionise frozen food. It has launched in the UK at Waitrose and Whole Foods Market with its innovative, delicious and nutritious range of vegetables and veggie meals.

Working with the best producers in the world to source the finest veg, the brand was launched to help those with busy lifestyles cut corners in the kitchen and enjoy healthy food easily.

All Strong Roots products are fresh, tasty and bursting with goodness. The range includes Oven Baked Sweet Potato Fries, Kale & Quinoa Burgers, Ripened Avocado Halves and Garlic Roasted Sweet Potatoes. All are a great source of fibre, vegan friendly, have no artificial flavours and are perfect whether they are enjoyed on their own or part of a balanced meal.

Strong Roots carefully freezes its vegetables from the moment they are picked to guarantee freshness and ensure nutrients are not lost in transportation. The whole line can be stored in the freezer until it’s ready for baking, delivering in flavour and nutrition whilst being as convenient as possible.

The mouth-watering Oven Baked Sweet Potato Fries are made using the best varieties of this humble root vegetable from the best growers of sweet potato in the world. They have been specially produced with a gluten-free rice flour batter to give a firm and crispy texture with a real delicious sweet potato taste.

The Kale & Quinoa Burgers are a perfect low sugar and low saturated fat alternative for meals. With a crunchy quinoa crust and nutritious mixed vegetables, they bake to a tasty and crisp burger. They can be enjoyed as a starter, a side or served as a burger between a bun.

Garlic Roasted Sweet Potatoes are an irresistible mix of sweet potato, garlic, onions and some tasty herbs that deliver an explosion of flavours. These sweet potato chunks are crisp, perfectly seasoned and will impress the taste buds.

The hassle of having unripe or overripe avocados are over with Strong Roots Ripened Avocado Halves. These Peruvian avocados are perfectly ripened, pitted and freshly frozen, which means there’s always the ideal avocado in the kitchen. Its versatility means it can be added to smoothies to create that creamy consistency, whipped up instantly for guacamole and even blended with pesto for the ultimate pasta sauce.

Strong Roots Oven Baked Sweet Potato Fries (RRP £2.99) and Kale & Quinoa Burgers (RRP £2.99) are available nationwide at Waitrose. While the full range, including the Garlic Roasted Sweet Potato Cubes (RRP £3.99) and Ripened Frozen Avocado Halves (RRP £5.29) is available at Whole Foods Market.


Hosted at WeWork locations across London, Fashion Designer, Henry Holland, will also join the line up

Collaborative workspace WeWork is bringing together some of best six creative minds in a new season of free events designed to inspire the capital and its new wave of creative entrepreneurs.

Championing a differing theme each week, the month-long programme of ‘TED style’ talks will explore food, technology, fashion and media. Iconic designer Henry Holland will be discussing the art of trend-spotting, alongside media mogul Jamal Edwards on forging a career in the digital media industry. Pioneers of the London food scene are coming together to discuss how eating out has become the new rock’n’roll – with a line up including the craft beer success story Camden Town Brewery and street food sensation KERB.

Tickets are free of charge, and guests will be invited to join in the conversation over Mount Gay rum cocktails, snacks and music.

The series is in preparation for the Creator Awards in September – which will see WeWork give away $20 million in prize money to aspiring entrepreneurs around the world.

See here for more information and to RSVP to the free events:

We, The Creators: Media – Youtube killed the TV channel

27th July, WeWork Moorgate

Jamal Edwards, founder of SB.TV, Dave Burt Chief Editor of @London and Co-Founder of Be Social Global – more to be announced

The way we consume music and entertainment is unrecognisable from 10 years ago. Appointment-to-view television has been replaced by the box set binge. The printed page is being overtaken by the dynamic tablet edition. The traditional music channel is now competing with self uploads from handycams. Some of the most influential and innovative members of London’s ever-evolving media scene will discuss what opportunities lie ahead for those who want to make a business out of entertainment.

The Creator Awards is a new global, year-long initiative established by WeWork to recognise and reward the creators of the world – across all industries and all stages of growth. The awards will grant over $20 million to entrepreneurs, small businesses, growing companies, non-profits, artists and more. The financial grants are available to creators in three categories with the intention of offering an opportunity to as many different types of creators as possible. The categories are:

· The Incubate Award: Individuals with an idea or a project that needs funding

· The Launch Award: Businesses or nonprofits that have launched but are still learning

· The Scale Award: Businesses or nonprofits with a record of success, ready for the next level

Sun cream {tick},
Swimsuit {tick},
Anti-theft travel backpack…{TICK!!}

Just when you thought you had everything you need for your summer holiday…along comes RiutBag – the ultimate backpack to protect your summer essentials. Whether you’re planning to walk the Great Wall of China, tick every British festival off your bucket list or simply laze on a beach somewhere this summer, you don’t want to worry about your holiday essentials being stolen.
Innovative design company Riut has the complete anti-theft summer backpack collection.
RiutBags are designed to protect your belongings from theft by having all external zips against your back, as opposed to the outside of the bag. With four bags currently available globally from , there is a RiutBag for every adventure!
Planning a quick city break? Take a trusty R15 – a sleek, simple 15 litre bag, perfect for wandering through busy cities whilst keeping all your essentials (water bottle & sun cream included) completely safe.

Are you a traveller who sees a few minutes spent waiting at the luggage carousel a complete waste of time? The R25 is designed for travellers who want to maximise their carry on space – It’s a spacious 25L international travel bag that is the maximum size for carry-on luggage for most commercial airlines (even tricky Ryanair).

Finally, are you planning to hit ALL of the festivals this year? Lighten your load and keep your belongings close to you with the RiutBag Crush -the newest and smallest release from Riut! This tiny 230g daypack is perfect for short breaks, camping or festivals. Made from tough rip-stop nylon, the RiutBag Crush completely folds in on itself – allowing you to easily add & take away 10 litres of space on the go.

RiutBag Crush –RRP £39 Full size dimensions: 40 cm x 27 cm x 12 cm (15.5 inch x 10.5 inch x 4.5 inch) Crushed dimensions (fits inside D-pocket): 22 cm x 15 cm x 6 cm (8.5 inch x 6 inch x 2.5 inch)

RiutBag R25- RRP £129 55cm x 40cm x 20cm

RiutBag 15 – RRP £99 47 cm x 36 cm x 14 cm (18.5 inch x 14 inch x 6 inch)

All available at

Top 10 UK Surf Campsites

Waking up next to the surf is a life affirming experience. Here is a list of the top ten campsites across the UK where you can hear the sea and check the break from your tent, reviewed by Chairman of the board surf blog

Hillend Campsite – Welsh surfing mecca
Rhossili Bay is a 3 mile stretch of golden sand offering long rides in this California setting of grassy dunes. The campsite is chilled and hidden from the wind by the sand dunes. It’s a quiet 20 minute walk to the Kings Head pub and 30 minutes’ walk back. Llangennith, Wales SA3 1JD.

Celtic Campsite – Pembrokeshire’s surf paradise
This beautiful location is a few minutes’ walk from the beach, it’s the laidback vibe rather than the surf that’s magical. You’ll have to drive 10 minutes to Whitsands Bay if you want to find waves to ride. Pwll Caerog Farm, Berea, ST Davids, Pembrokeshire, SA62 6DG

The View – camping with an ocean view
Bigger and quieter than the neighbouring beaches of Newquay, Watergate Bay picks up just as much swell and has less crowded waves. The campsite is good for surfers with kids due to the leisure facilities. Short walk to the beach. Bostaran, Tregurrian, Newquay TR8 4AE

Perran Sands – get fit walking to the beach
This is a family campsite with a bracing trek to the golden sandy beach. It picks up most swells and depending on the conditions can be both a fun wave for beginners or a challenging beach break for the pros. Perranporth, Cornwall, TR6 0AQ

Higher Harlyn Park Campsite – Perfect for beginners
Harlyn Surf School, is 10 minute walk from the campsite. The sandy Harlyn Bay is perfect for learning how to surf, stand up paddle boarding (SUP) lessons, kayak tours and coastering for the brave. St Merryn, Padstow, Cornwall, PL28 8SG

Pease Bay Leisure Park – Scotland the wave
A decent campsite and with a good swell pushing through, Pease Bay’s point break is worth the journey. There’s a variety of beach breaks to choose from across Northumberland. Cockburnspath, Berwickshire, TD13 5YP

Treyarnon Youth hostel association – YHA Surf
A stone’s through from the beach and perfect for a family holiday, there’s glamping, decent rooms, camping and a decent restaurant. If the beach is blown out then Harlyn Bay is the nearby surf-trap. YHA Treyarnon, Padstow, Cornwall, PL28 8JR

Surfer’s Paradise – Croyde’s number one campsite
North Devon’s capital city for surfers from across the globe. Friendly vibe amongst surfers from around the world passing through the UK. There is plenty of lessons and equipment hire in the village and the wave can turn world class Croyde Bay, North Devon, EX33 1NP.

Ruda Holiday Park – Croyde’s second capital
Also within walking distance of Croyde Bay’s surf, this is geared to the older crowd with glamping safari tents perfect for lazy camper with kids and the added bonus of a private toilet. Croyde Bay, North Devon, EX33 1NP

Hooks House Farm – Northern barrels
Robin Hood’s Bay is a little coastal village with a campsite that has world class view of the coast. You can see how its breaking from your tent. If the Bay is flat a 10 minute drive to Sandsend is the next beach along that picks up the northerly swells. Robin Hoods Bay, Whitby, North Yorkshire, YO22 4PE

Deakin and Blue – Women’s Fitness Swimwear

Deakin and Blue make beautiful swimwear for the every day woman that is not only flattering and supportive, but also incident free (!) if you’re running around after children / paddleboarding / playing beach volleyball or, dare I say it, actually swimming.

So, first a little about us:

Deakin and Blue is a British-born fitness swimwear brand on a mission to inspire and empower the every day woman to swim in style. Whether you’re diving into the deep end or just dipping a toe in the pool, we design and create beautiful technical swimwear for real women’s bodies.

And how we’re different:

We’re obsessed with female body shape and it informs everything we do. Our USP is that as well as shopping by dress size (8, 10, 12 etc) our customers are also invited to select their ‘Muse Measurement’: a Hepburn (for AA-B cup), a Monroe (for C-E cup) and a Hendricks (for F-HH cup). You’d never run in a pair of running trainers size medium, so we don’t think that should be good enough for your swim, either.

And why we’re doing it:

Choosing swimwear should not be a choice between fashion and function, or femininity and athleticism. I founded Deakin and Blue after a fruitless search for stylish and practical swimwear, designed for swimming. Research shows that the prospect of putting on a costume deters a lot of women from going for a swim. I want to change that – so whatever your shape or size, you can feel like the best version of yourself on the walk from the changing room to the pool.

 Air Fort

A super fun kids fort that inflates in seconds with the switch of an ordinary household fan! It’s the perfect fort for kids to escape the summer heat indoors! And trust me it will entertain the kids for hours on end!


Instagram: @theairfort

When inflated the Air Fort is large enough to fit several kids and adults. When deflated it stuffs into it’s own carrying bag, which makes it the perfect fort to bring on any summer trip. And hardly takes up any luggage space!

Here’s a fun summer-y themed gift idea from Hawaii Coffee Box (Hawaii’s only coffee-of-the-month club that features a different coffee brand each month). Single boxes and subscriptions available. Great way to re-live your trip to Hawaii after you return home, or a great way to bring Hawaii home if you can’t take a trip. $34.99/month $33/month with 3 month prepaid$32/month with 6 month prepaid.

A Hawaiian Coffee Tour [in a box]
Each month they feature a different coffee farm in Hawaii and send you their best coffee and goodies.


Monet Chalk Color it BookLiving in Europe, we’ve been inspired by the greatest artists of our time. We fell in love with Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam and Monet’s work in Paris. We think your kids need to familiarize themselves with these master artists too! Here is a reusable coloring book filled with Monet’s and Van Gogh’s paintings! Just like our doodle book, there are 8 pages, but our Artist series is filled with iconic paintings for your child to color. And watch your budding artist flourish into the next Monet or Van Gogh in our century! You don’t need to use our Butterstix® even though it comes with our books. Use chalks, or even our Wishy Washy markers.


Artist Coloring Book: Davinci and Degas

Non-Artist series: Dinosaur, & Greek Mythology

Sevensmith LLC Summer Essentials

Beach Towels: Turkish towels are lightweight and compact, so they are perfect for taking to the beach. They dry easily and sand is easy to shake off of them! Take a look at some of our Turkish towels:
Pitchers: Nothing says summer better than a cold pitcher of iced tea. Here are some beautiful stoneware pitchers, perfect for summer because they keep liquid cooler for longer:

Tumbler Cups: Perfect for adding style to an outdoor dinner party, BBQ or picnic, our ceramic tumblers are handmade and simply stunning. They are also perfect for keeping your iced tea and lemonade cold for longer:
Ice Cream Bowls: The best part about summer is cooling down with a sweet treat! Here are some great dessert bowls:

Napkins and Tablecloths: Our linen napkins and tablecloths are perfect for adding a touch of nature to your table. Made of 100% natural linen, they are light and airy, making them perfect for summer.
Polka dot napkins:
Mint green placemats:
Natural gray placemats:
White and gray napkins:
Light gray tablecloth:
Violet table runner:

GODDESSY Organics Pure Rose Water

GODDESSY Organics Pure Rose Water is the perfect spritzer to cool off and hydrate your skin and provide a natural, healthy glow, with distinct anti-aging ingredients as moisturizers.
For Your Mind Body And Spirit

The AC Window Guard

IN the united states, there are millions of window air conditioning units installed. Typically, these units require the window to be opened to the top of the unit which stirs out several inches. The air conditioner unit is typically several inches smaller in width than the window opening, using thin plastic material to bridge the gaps on both sides. This results in several risks to the apartment /home dweller including.

My patented AC window guard is a solution to these risks.

There are many situations in which window air conditioners can be extremely dangerous and many children and adults have been injured due to the lack of protection. This is also combined with the legal aspect of this issue and how many people end up with serious problems and fines due to any accidents or reports that their AC is not properly secured.

There is also the problem of burglary and one of the most common ways for people to access homes is with the use of the AC hole on the walls.. If the AC is not properly guarded, the process of taking the AC is very simple and a lot of burglars have been able to break into homes by using this method.

Our AC window guard is an extremely easy to mount and install solution that uses an 8-screw system that is going to make things easy. This is easily placed without the need for an expert. You just align the guard and install it easily. It will also help by keeping your air conditioner from falling out and smashing on the ground.

Another great aspect of our guard is that it allows you to get the very best results for the lowest cost. We are proud to say that we have the highest quality available for the most affordable prices and this is the reason why we are known as the best in the industry.

Our AC guard comes in black and white and we have 3 different models for you to choose from. The first one is a 20 to 30 inch, the second is a 30 to 40 inch and the third is a 40 to 50 inch model with adjustable settings.

We will make sure that you get the best customer service in the industry as we always aim to please and to ensure that our customers can get the kind of results they want and need. We have always tested our AC window guards in the most extreme situations. This is done to ensure that the guard will always be reliable because your safety is our main concern at all times.

AC WINDOW GUARD LLC. recognizes the importance of this problem worth solving. we have been in touch with several municipal housing authorities and determined a large demand for an adjustable Ac window guard. this is essential for a resident peace of mind in avoiding any accidents that could result in tragedy, liability or personal loss. This is a low cost easy to install product to offer this for all windows with Ac units installed.

Get your AC windows guard today and have peace of mind while providing the safety that your family deserves.


A timely seasonal story on what drivers need to know about car repairs to protect themselves—and their wallets—before setting off on a summer road trip.

The experts at RepairPal, a nationwide network of over 1950 Certified auto repair shops on a mission to help you find quality auto repair at a fair price, know that a good mechanic is hard to find.

The summer months are hard on the engines of cars. The extreme heat of summer causes wear on mechanical components of cars. Weather can also cause problems with tires, brakes and the engine.. If you want your family to be safe on the summer road trips, it is important to do summer car maintenance. Here is a 5-point checklist to help keep families safe this summer:

*** RepairPal’s 5 Things to Know Before Hitting the Road This Summer ***

Cooling Maintenance and Preventing Viscosity Breakdown
Viscosity breakdown is a common problem with engines during the summer months. The heat of an engine begins to cause the oil to breakdown, and it no longer lubricates the engine. As the friction causes wear on parts, eventually your car will breakdown. To avoid viscosity breakdown, it is important that the engine stays cool. The cooling maintenance and checks needed before a road trip includes:

Flushing the radiator
Inspecting All Rubber Radiator Hoses
If the radiator has a leak or any hoses are dry and cracked, have them replaced before traveling.

Keeping Track of Tire Pressure and Tire Treads During Summer Months
Having good tires is one of the most important safety checks that need to be done before summer travels. Check the air pressure of your tire and make sure it is at the recommended pressure rating. The pressure rating is printed on the sidewall of the tire and will be measured in PSI (Pounds Per Square Inch). It is also important the check the tire treads using the coin test, which tells you if it is time for new tires. Here are some of the items needed for tire maintenance on the road:

Tire Gauge
12-Volt Portable Compressor
Problems with tires often start with a small puncture due to a nail, screw or road debris and here’s what to do about it. Always check the tire pressure and keep an eye out for punctures that need to be repaired.

Check, Change, and Pack the Essential Fluids That Cars Need
There are many fluids that need to be checked and changed before a road trip. Change the oil and check the levels of the transmission and brake fluid before you go on a road trip. It is also a good idea to pack extra fluids with the repair kit and tools. Here are the fluids that you want to have with the spare tire in case of an emergency:

Transmission Fluid
Brake Fluid
Power Steering Fluid
The spare tire compartment in most cars will have room for packing extra fluids. The only fluid that will take up room is the coolant that comes in a larger container. In addition to these fluids, keep an extra bottle of water with the other fluids for emergencies.

Checking the Brakes and Changing the Pads Before Travelling Long Distances
The brakes give you stopping power and aid in handling. Before traveling, the brakes of your car need to be inspected. Check the pads, change the fluid and bleed the lines. If the pads do not have much material left, they often begin to make noise due to a metal indicator built into them, which means they need to be changed. Here are the essential brake components that need to be checked before traveling:

First, check the pads and have them changed if needed. A brake inspection is usually free at a RepairPal Certified shop near you. In addition to the brake pads, check all the lines for signs of wear or damage and bleed the brakes. Lastly, the fluid in the master cylinder needs to be checked and more brake fluid added if the level is low.

Checking the AC, Wipers and Air Filter Before a Road Trip
The maintenance for AC, wipers, and air filter are also important tasks to do before leaving on a road trip. Check the AC compressor and have an auto mechanic charge it if necessary. Change the air filters in your car too, which many modern cars have the air filter for the engine, as well as a cabin air filter. While you are checking the AC and changing air filters, check the wiper blades and make sure there is cleaning fluid in the deposit. Check these last few areas of your car before leaving on a road trip:

AC and Belts
Wiper Blades and Fluid
Air Filters
The AC compressor is connected to belts and pulleys on the engine. Turn on the engine and the AC to see if the belts make noise and visually inspect them for damage. It is a good idea to check the wiper blades as well as the wiper fluid. Wipers and wiper fluid aren’t just for rainy days – make sure you can clean off the bug graveyard your windshield turns into on long stretches of highway.

To avoid car trouble and stay safe this summer, make sure you make a checklist. Before you pack the luggage, take care of any repairs before your next road trip. It is also important to protect against the summer heat. Make sure you have shades to prevent burns from hot car seats, steering wheels and other interior components that get hot in direct sun.


Bug bites, scrapes and burns are no fun when you’re trying to enjoy the outdoors. CUROXEN First Aid ointment is the first and only organic, all-natural ointment. It’s proven to be over 5X more effective at killing bacteria than any other product on the market today. Tests show antibiotics in many over-the-counter brands can have a significant allergen risk — and contribute to antibiotic resistance. CUROXEN contains three simple ingredients: organic olive oil, calendula and lavender essential oil. Available on Amazon. has researched and analysed a number of ways in which golf is starting to open its doors to those from a variety of backgrounds, and is promoting inclusivity.

The research explores some of the following elements of golf which needs to change:

Youth & female participation in golf
Golf and status
Etiquette and rules
The true cost of golf
The difference between public and private golf courses (graphic attached)
How can golf be more inclusive?

Firms seek to win over cost-conscious holidaymakers with money-saving solutions and incentives

Rip-off deals and poor exchange rates are kick-starting a battle for Britain’s consumers’ travel money this summer, with payment providers creating cost-saving solutions to target the wallets of cost-conscious holidaymakers.

According to the Prepaid International Forum (PIF), the not-for-profit trade body representing the prepaid financial services sector, holidaymakers are facing a huge disparity in the cost of spending money abroad this summer with a growing range of payment methods and associated deals on offer.

A study* of the best and worst value options (based on exchange rates and fees) on the market showed a 19.5% difference on Euro spending (€96 for every £500 spent) and a 17.5% difference for US Dollars ($92 for every £500 spent).

If this wasn’t motivation enough to shop around, the weak pound is contributing to rocketing costs in some popular destinations. For example, the price of holiday spending in Nice, France for British visitors has increased by 38% in the last year according to the Post Office’s Holiday Costs Barometer report for 2017 reflecting the weakening Pound to Euro.

To ensure they aren’t suffering from poor deals and the after-effects of Brexit-influenced exchange rates, PIF’s experts are recommending that consumers shop around for the best deals and check the costs incurred when spending money abroad.

Alastair Graham, PIF spokesperson, comments, “In previous years consumers have absorbed the extra costs and fees levied on spending abroad, not wanting to spoil their holiday by counting the pennies. However, worsening exchange rates and greater disparities in price between available options, means that this summer, travellers are keen to cash-in on ways to save money.

“Fees on domestic debit and credit cards when used abroad are a common bug bear, as are fluctuations in exchange rates which make it hard to be sure exactly what bill you’ll face on arriving home. Cash is always an option, but increasingly travellers are aware of the security risk this presents.

“To provide an alternative, we are seeing innovation from prepaid providers that aim to appeal to consumers fed up with traditional, expensive solutions”

Helping Reduce Costs for Consumers

Specialist payment providers such as, FairFX, offers the security of spending on a card (and so not carrying large sums of cash abroad) but without the accompanying high fees and extra charges.

A study carried out by FairFX reveals that the average fee to use your debit card and credit card abroad is 2.8% and 3.5% respectively. Switching to prepaid solutions avoids this charge and also means that consumers aren’t at the mercy of the exchange rate on the day you use it. Instead FairFX allows you to preload a card at a fixed exchange rate (allowing you to pick the most favourable time to exchange). This, combined with lower commission rates, can add up to considerable savings.

According to FairFX, such services also reflect how savvy consumers are choosing to exchange money.

FairFX CCO James Hickman says: “When the pound was stronger, consumers didn’t pay as much attention to the impact that exchange rates can have on holiday costs. However, in the last 18 months, and particularly since the Brexit referendum, there has been a significant change in focus. With poorer exchange rates against major currencies including the euro and the US dollar, consumers are getting less for their pound than they were two summers ago.

“Planning ahead is key; one in 10 of us leave travel money until the last minute but this means you limit any control and are forced to accept whatever rate is available on the day. In the same way as you should book your travel insurance when you book your holiday, you should start planning your travel money at the same time – if not before. By monitoring exchange rates, many customers are now buying when the rates are at their strongest and get the biggest bang for your buck. If you don’t have time, the free FairFX travel money tracker will do this for you.”

Added benefits to tempt consumers

Providers are also adding additional benefits to holiday spending services to tempt consumers.

Research carried out by Tuxedo Money Solutions and Escape Travel Card, reveals that having holiday cash stolen is still a major concern for 70% of British holidaymakers. Despite this fact, 54% still opt to carry large sums of cash to avoid banking fees and charges.

Rob Darby of Tuxedo Money Solutions says: “To provide a solution to this problem the Escape Travel Card programme, developed by Tuxedo Money Solutions, offers holidaymakers a safe and convenient way to carry money, while also eliminating the costly card fees on purchases made abroad.

“Holidaymakers can preload the card with up to £5,000 and if the card does happen to get lost or stolen it can be locked immediately with a single SMS text message, keeping valuable travel funds safe and sound until a new card can be delivered.”

Another provider, Mastercard, is even throwing in access to over 1 million, free, global Wi-Fi hotspots to sweeten the deal for holidaymakers. People signing up to its Platinum Prepaid Travel Card are signed up to Boingo Wi-Fi helping to keep them connected while abroad.

A comment from Alexey Smertin, Russia’s anti-racism and discrimination inspector and World Cup 2018 ambassador, following FIFA’s Football for Hope forum in Kazan.

Smertin commented on the success of the Confederations Cup and his role – indicating his determination to continue to work with FIFA and the Local Organising Committee to ensure that the risk of discriminating behaviour is as low as it can be by next June.

“This is a good platform to show how Russia is a welcoming country, warm, inviting for everyone. The Confederations Cup is a rehearsal for everyone, for volunteers, the LOC, our national team, for everybody to showcase the diversity of football and to showcase our warmth.

“I was a leader in creating a public initiative called ‘Russia Loves Football’. It’s very important to create a big team. [FIFA president] Gianni Infantino says all the time ‘I am a team player’. I am a team player also, since my childhood and my time playing. So, I know we need to work [on it] and educate people to make them more open and about discrimination, behaviour and attitude which is quite important.

“You need to go to the stadium to support your team and not be against the team on the other side. This is our message.”

Introducing New Colours from Everlong Paint

Everlong Paint are excited to unveil their highly anticipated new superior chalk paint colours. Adding to their growing collection of coastal, country, heritage and heavenly ranges, these new shades will certainly have you wanting to pick up those paint brushes in a hurry.

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