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The Peli™ Adventurer Phone Case, 23% more impact-absorbent! Moving shock away from your phone! >>


The Peli™ Adventurer Phone Case-The Adventurer is 23% more impact-absorbent and will move any shock away from its precious cargo: your phone. Whether you’re trotting around the globe, or the neighborhood, this sleek and resilient case will keep your phone safe. The Peli™ Adventurer is backed with a Lifetime Guarantee (where applicable by law). See more at :-



Lulyboo, an Orange County-based designer of products for babies and toddlers, specializes in creating products that make traveling for the modern parent simple. Traveling is synonymous with summer, and Lulyboo provides solutions for new traveling parents.

Lulyboo is best known for their baby lounges that create a safe and comfy place for baby to feel at home while traveling. The lounge has a waterproof bottom so it is appropriate for outdoor use and it conveniently turns into a backpack for portability. Another great product for parents traveling with babies is the Lulyboo Itty-Bitty Changing Kit. It is a diaper bag and changing station that converts into a wristlet so it can be taken anywhere. Lulyboo also offers the perfect go-to travel blanket, theEasy Roll-Up Blanket, that has a soft top with water resistant bottom that rolls-up into a carrying case that weighs only about one pound.

Included are sales sheets with detailed product information. Lulyboo products are available at major retailers including Target, Wal-Mart, and Amazon.

These products are essential for new parents taking a summer trip across the country or just to the local playing fields, and we would love to have them featured.

Fight the Bite: Simple Tips to Protect Your Yard from Mosquitos

Summer is finally here. As we host more get togethers outside an essential for all soirees is protection from pests, like mosquitos and ticks, which are predicted to be especially abundant and invasive this year.

Nearly two thirds of Americans are concerned about protecting themselves and their families from mosquitoes, but they also know the methods they’re using don’t work. A recent Harris Poll study found that 65% of Americans use bug spray to combat mosquitos but only half (51%) say it is effective at preventing mosquitoes from biting.

85% of Americans say that mosquitoes limit their or their family’s outdoor activities during the months they’re most active.

The CDC recommends the following tips to control mosquitos outside the home:
Remove standing water where mosquitoes could lay eggs

Empty, scrub, turn over, cover or throw out any items that hold water like tires, buckets, planters, toys, pools, birdbaths, flowerpot saucers or trash containers once a week.

Tightly cover water storage containers (buckets, cisterns and rain barrels) so mosquitoes cannot get inside to lay eggs.

Kill mosquitoes outside your home

Use an outdoor insect spray or a professional service like Mosquito Defense to kill mosquitoes in areas where they rest, including trees, shrubs, mulched areas and all types of ground cover.

Beat the summer sweat with underarm Botox

Excessive perspiration can be a major source of discomfort for everybody, and for those who are looking forward to their beautiful tropical weddings or their long-awaited job interviews, it can be downright problematic. Typical solutions such as extra strength or even prescription deodorant are often partially or totally ineffective, and patients frequently complain about the lack of other treatments, resigning themselves to lives of discomfort and sweaty laundry. One solution exists, however, that is often widely overlooked and commonly misunderstood: Botox.

Botox injections are commonly used to smooth out wrinkles caused by aging and, thus, are often written off as purely aesthetic treatments. A little known fact, however, is that Botox is often used in the treatment of hyperhidrosis, a condition characterized by excessive sweating from the head, palms, feet or underarms. By injecting Botox into a patients affected areas, usually the underarms, the treatment temporarily and locally blocks nerves in the skin from reaching the sweat glands, allowing the patient to enjoy the Summer heat sweat free. Treatments last anywhere from six months to one year with no lasting side effects, and there are a number of aesthetic and medical spa nurses such as Nichole Starr of Skin Deep Med Spa on Newbury Street in Boston, who is available to speak with you and can provide greater information about the extensive safety testing done on the use of botulinum as well as administer the treatment to those who are looking for a safe and easy way to beat the heat.

To kick-off the summer season, Skin Deep Med Spa is launching a “Beat the Summer Sweat with Botox” promotion, where you can purchase 40 units of Botox and get 10 units free – specifically for underarm Botox. (50 units under each arm would be $1,500 total and with 20 units free, clients will save $300 for a total of $1,200 for a sweat-free summer!) Nichole Starr says this procedure lasts at least 6 months and up to a year, is pain-free (but if the client is sensitive, they are prepared with ice and topical numbing cream) and it only takes about 5 minutes! She recommends getting it done at least one week before you want it to be effective.

Our skin is the largest organ that we have and yet so many of us make almost no effort to take care of it, especially when it’s sunny out and those extra UV rays are reaching our skin and causing damage.

It’s important that we care for our skin all year around, but because there is generally less cloud cover in the summer, more UV rays reach the surface and we wear less clothes, reducing our protection against the sun.

See more at :-

The Biem Butter Sprayer

A first-of-its-kind kitchen gadget, The biem Butter Sprayer lets users convert a stick of real butter from solid to liquid spray in seconds. The hand-held device gives users a much more efficient way to use and enjoy real butter in a way not possible before. The biem does so by using its proprietary touch-controlled design, motion-detecting technology and without any chemical propellants. It’s perfect for barbeque season and summer parties!

‘[The book] reads like a thrilling work of fiction’ – Daily Mail

‘As good as any thriller I have ever read’ – Frederick Forsyth

Operation Relentless is the story of a 2007 mission devised by the DEA, and staffed by the best undercover operatives; former gun and drug traffickers turned good, to capture Viktor Bout, known as the Merchant of Death for all the arm’s he has supplied to international conflicts. Damien has written over a dozen non-fiction titles, regularly topping bestseller charts in the UK and abroad. He has a unique talent of teasing out a story and bringing it to the attention of the wider world.

I’ve attached a press release and high-res jacket cover. The book is published by Quercus Books, £20. Please do let me know if you have any questions.


Wave is a free app (iOS, Android) where you can select a contact (a host, a friend, a hostel receptionist, a guide, a student mate) to share your location with, on a private map, so you can see each other, set a meeting point, get directions to go there and chat.

Wave has millions of users in more than 150 countries, just two years after it was launched in 2015. Wave believes in privacy, all maps could be opened just after both parts accept a request.

Their users take advantage of travelling together and having some time for their own, knowing that they can gather at any time or see who is arriving in the group. Wave has been featured at musical festivals, airports (Southampton), ski stations, holidays, city centres and concerts.

They have just launched our new version 3.0. which uses the best real time tech on the market, a new design, new groups feature and the possibility to share your location with somebody that does not have Wave yet, through a link.

Mosevic Eyewear

Sunglasses made from Solid Denim.


‘Trendy’ Birmingham student has IKEA covered

A final year textile student in Birmingham has had his design brought to life thanks to a blossoming partnership between Birmingham City University and IKEA.

The University approached the Swedish furniture giant earlier this year as part of its annual Trends Project, and IKEA donated a POÄNG chair for Textile Design students to create an original cover.

Having impressed University academics and IKEA’s design team, a design by undergraduate Nader Nazari has been used to decorate the iconic POÄNG chair, and is proudly on display in IKEA’s Birmingham Central store

Dawn Lloyd, Unit Manager at IKEA Birmingham Central said:

“Since opening our Order and Collection Point in Birmingham city centre last August, the team here have been keen to build relationships with the local community and truly act as a good neighbour. We are very pleased to forge a partnership with Birmingham City University and its students.

“Nader is the first student we have had the pleasure to work with and we are incredibly humbled by the level of workmanship he has displayed in this project, designing a wonderful textiles solution for one of IKEA’s iconic and much-loved products – the POÄNG chair.

“We wish Nader the very best of luck with his career and look forward to being inspired working with future students.”

Born and raised in Afghanistan before moving to Birmingham in 2008, Nader’s design for the POÄNG chair takes inspiration from his passion for the natural word, coupled with the theme of this year’s Trends Project, ‘GRACE’.

The Trends Project is an annual collaboration between Birmingham City University’s Textile Design students and manufacturers, focused on showcasing the future in design trends at industry shows, and in 2017 explored the serene and luxurious.

The theme of the ‘GRACE’ trend aims to redefine our approach to craft through the sophisticated use of material and colour. ‘GRACE’ embraces the extraordinary heritage of traditional craft and redefines how we think of them.

The partnership with IKEA has been made possible through the University’s Business Engagement team, which provides industry access to work-ready students and graduates

Ruth Edwards, Business Engagement Manager for the Faculty of Arts, Design and Media (ADM) at Birmingham City University, said:

“Challenging our students, staff and partners to come up with brand new concepts which are fresh, engaging and new, generates some truly innovative content. It’s this innovation which drives us and our partners to push the boundaries and is one of the most motivating elements of this showcase.

“Nader’s design for IKEA is also a great example of how industry partnerships can be developed to their full potential, providing the best outcome for the student, partner and university.”

Created by Japanese designer Noboru Nakamura in 1977, the POÄNG is available to buy as both an armchair or a rocking-chair.

Why Not Garden Gather this summer?

As a passionate gardener, I spend as much time in the fresh air as possible, and love to entertain outdoors in Ireland during the summer.

That’s why I’m delighted to support Garden Gathering, a new feel good fundraiser for Parkinson’s UK, urging people across the country to get together with loved ones, bringing a fun, festival vibe to their gardens.

No matter how big or small your garden, I’m encouraging everyone to plan a Garden Gathering on Saturday July 1, or you can just pick your own date, it’s up to you.

Your Garden Gathering event can be as creative as you like, and Parkinson’s UK has created a special fundraising pack full of tips and goodies, including festival wristbands, a teepee donation box, and a festival themed fundraising game, to help you get in the mood for fun.

All money raised from Garden Gathering will help Parkinson’s UK to support the 127,000 people living with Parkinson’s in the UK, as well as funding urgently needed treatments that can slow, stop or even prevent the condition.

To get your fundraising pack, contact, call 0800 138 6593, or visit

Football hooligans wreak havoc on British transport with arrests rising for the fourth year running

 22% of all football-arrests are made by the British Transport Police (BTP)  60% of arrests are due to public disorder  40% of these arrests are made during Premier League matches.  There was an increase of 36 incidents of ‘violent disorder’ last year.  For the 2015-2016 season, West Ham had the most reported incidents of all Premier League clubs at 10%

From 2015-16, crime on the railway increased for the first time in 10 years, by 4%, the equivalent of 2,030 offences. The British Transport Police (BTP) has also seen a consistent rise in footballrelated incidents since 2012. Football ticket sales site,, has considered the issue of hooliganism on British Rails by analysing data from the Home Office and a Freedom of Information request, released by the BTP, about football-related arrests in 2016. The BTP, who police more than 8.6 million passenger journeys a day, have specified that “unfortunately, on football match days, law-abiding members of the public and rail staff are subjected to abusive, obscene and sometimes racially offensive chanting, as well as displays of violent behaviour.” The Home Office report indicates that the overall number of general football-related arrests over the last five football seasons has decreased. However, football-related arrests made by the British Transport Police has risen for the fourth year running. The three most common football-related offences are public disorder (60%), alcohol offences (20%) and violent disorder (16%). Among all football-related arrests during the 2015-16 season, more than 2 in 10 (22%) arrests were made by the British Transport Police. During Premier League matches this figure increases further for public disorder arrests, 33% of which are made by the BTP. According to a 2015-16 Freedom of Information request, released by the BTP, one of the reported offences included “4-500 fans who boarded a special train service. While at platform the doors of the train were forced open and coins thrown at rival fans. Due to the difficulty closing doors, the train lost power, causing one cancellation and delays to 15 trains. [A] train window was later found to have been smashed.” Incidents like the one mentioned demonstrate the destructive nature of football hooliganism on our railways, with one BTP report from 2013 stating a single incident had cost over £3000 in damages. Furthermore, when searching for key words within the reports, many included words such as ‘sexual’, ‘sexist’ and ‘racist’, further highlighting the vitriolic nature of many acts of hooliganism. One report highlighted the issue of sexism, stating that a “female informant reported a group of 10 males [who] were wolf whistling, lifting female’s skirts and grabbing the backsides of female passengers as they walked by.”

Analysis by, which looked at the reported incidents during the 2015-16 football season, found there were 233 incidents where a premier league football team was mentioned as the club the offender supported. It was revealed that West Ham was the worst culprit, with their fans comprising 10% of the total. Second place was tied between Manchester United, Manchester City, Arsenal and Chelsea- each making up 9% of total reported incidents. And at the bottom of the list was Middlesbrough, where fans made up only 1% of total reported incidents on British transport. On this matter, the British Transport Police stated the following, “We adopt a proactive approach to football policing, with officers escorting trains before and after matches and patrolling stations where large numbers of fans are expected.” The BTP added that “fixed penalty notices are not used for football-related offences, making sure that offenders are charged with the most serious offences their conduct warrants.”

Trump revealed as Children’s Word of the Year by OUP for BBC Radio 2’s 500 Words – but ‘silage’ is the top word in Northern Ireland

Donald Trump, elections and Pokémon GO are some of the subjects influencing British children’s creativity and use of language, says a report published today by Oxford University Press (OUP) – and in Northern Ireland the top word youngsters are using is ‘silage’.

Following OUP’s analysis of the short stories for the 2017 BBC Radio 2 Chris Evans’ Breakfast Show’s 500 Words competition, a wealth of fascinating insights into the lives of British children and their imaginative use of English have emerged.

The Children’s Word of the Year is Trump, picked because of its significant increase in use (a total rise of 839 per cent on 2016) by entrants writing in this year’s competition and the sophisticated way in which children used it to convey humour and satire.

In Northern Ireland, the Top 5 words which are used more in the stories of this region than in any other are…


How to wake up ready for the day ahead

One in three people suffer from poor sleep[i] – as many as 21 million individuals – and it’s often identified by feelings of tiredness, low energy and irritability. However, worryingly, it can also lead to impaired judgement, reduced memory, and even a reduction in life expectancyi.

It’s no surprise that sleep deprivation can have a considerable negative impact on quality of life and a good night’s sleep is essential to allow us to feel refreshed and ready to perform at our best every day.

Herbal remedies prove immensely popular with those struggling to sleep and Valerian root extract is a traditional herbal remedy used for centuries due to its sedative effect.

Kalms Night tablets offer a helping hand for those experiencing poor sleep as they contain this soothing ingredient to encourage a refreshing, restful night’s slumber, allowing you to #wakeupready for the day ahead.

Unlike some sleep remedies, Kalms Night won’t leave you feeling drowsy the next day.

Kalms Night tablets are available to purchase online at and supermarkets and pharmacies nationwide.

Kalms Night RRP: £4.89 for 50 tablets, Kalms One-A-Night RRP £5.19 for 21 tablets.

All aboard!

The HotTug brings something hot and steamy to London this summer

A crowdfunding campaign has launched with the aim to raise funds to bring the world’s first floating hot tub to central London. Set to launch this summer, and utilising some of London’s most scenic canal areas, the HotTug will be an experience like no other, for all ages.

The HotTug is a 3.8m x 2m wood fired floating hot tub, heated at an invigorating 38C of fresh water which ‘HotTuggers’ can operate by themselves. The boat is powered by an electric engine and will be stationed in Old Street this summer at the ‘HotTug House’. The experience, which lasts for 90 minutes is truly unique and is set to be one of the most fun and unusual activities in London.

Available to enjoy for a hot date of two or up seven friends or colleagues, the experience will cost £220 per session. Whether it is a relaxing sightseeing tour or a celebratory birthday party, the HotTug aims to bring a new lease of life to all gatherings, work dos and dates.

When founders Tommo and Jack felt they had exhausted London’s ping ping bars and bottomless brunches, they set about finding something that had never been done before.

Tommo, cofounder of HotTug UK said “I first set eyes on The HotTug in 2012 and knew that it was something that Londoners would love. The inner pirate in me is so excited to be launching a new business on a boat and I cannot wait to bring this incredible experience to my home city.”

The boys eventual aim is to bring The HotTug to sites across the UK & Ireland to unearth a completely new viewpoint of a city.

The crowdfunding campaign on Crowdfunder ( offers the opportunity for people to be the first to experience The HotTug at an exclusive discounted price of £140. The campaign launched on June 6th and will run for 5 weeks with the aim to raise £10,000. Londoners have gone wild for the campaign, which is already over 50% funded within the first week.

This unique and truly different experience is guaranteed to be one of the hottest tickets to get hold of in town. So don’t miss the boat on this truly oarsome adventure!





M: (0)447815 113409

Somerset Yurts

Somerset Yurts is a fantastic eco-friendly retreat nestled on a working Dairy Farm in the beautiful Quantock Hills, an area of outstanding natural beauty (AONB).

Providing stunning accommodation in traditional Mongolian Yurts, our site allows couples and families to get back to nature while enjoying a tranquil break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

The Yurts are luxuriously furnished with Egyptian cotton on your double bed, a power point for charging essential items, a dining area and wood burning stove.

For cooking, each Yurt has its own BBQ and gas stove, or you can use our fully equipped kitchen in the communal Dutch Barn where you will also find flushing loos, and hot showers.

The yurts are situated on a south facing field, with uninterrupted and far reaching views across Taunton Vale and to the Blackdown Hills, and Exmoor beyond.

Our farm is popular both with couples looking for a relaxing retreat in the countryside, as well as with families looking to experience the freedom of the open air, and to let the kids run off all that steam in acres of green fields, and play on the ever popular hay bales! Everyone enjoys toasting marshmallows on the campfire in the yurt field while watching the sun go down over Hestercombe Woods.

Somerset Yurts makes an excellent base for you to explore the Quantock Hills, Exmoor, the North Somerset Coast, or just simply sit and relax in your yurt, or on your private yurt deck.


A fully equiped kitchen can be found in the dutch barn – 40 Square meters of space to prepare food, cook, eat, and relax on the sofa and arm chairs. You will also find 4 flushing loo’s and 4 hot power showers in the Dutch Barn, so no queuing to wait your turn, and plenty of hot water for everyone.

Each Yurt has a double bed, and a double futon for comfortable and warm sleeping under the stars. We provide an electrical point for the bedside light, and for you to charge your lantern, and any essential items you may have brought with you (although you may be happy to let your mobile run flat as you enjoy the peace and quiet of the countryside!). There is also a lovely woodburner for you to keep nice and toasty with on cooler or damp evenings, and plenty of firewood nearby for you to top up your log basket with.

Sleeps: Each Yurt sleeps up to four adults, or two adults and three children

Tariff: £70 to £80 per yurt per night (GBP)

Open: All Year

Units: Four 19′ traditional Mongolian Yurts

70 per cent of Brits are concerned about losing cash while abroad

While Brits are expected to take around £250 of cash on holiday this summer , 70 per cent admit that they’re worried about pickpockets and hotel room thefts.

A survey by Escape Travel Card revealed that almost 60 per cent of Brits take converted currency in cash while travelling abroad to avoid bank charges when spending on their card or withdrawing cash. However, a whopping 70 per cent expressed concerns over holiday cash being stolen from their purse or accommodation.

Around a third of Brits have had their belongings stolen while on holiday , yet Sterling’s fall in value means that keeping cash safe is more important than ever.

Escape Travel Card’s Joanne Briggs commented: “Keeping hard-earned money safe when we’re on holiday is vital, especially when we’ve spent months saving. Our research shows that while Brits are conscious of the dangers of carrying cash abroad, they are often not aware of alternative options.

“Prepaid travel cards are a safer, more cost effective way of handling spending money while overseas. Additionally, using a prepaid travel card means travellers can avoid carrying around large sums of cash, making them much less vulnerable to loss or theft.

“The Escape Travel Card is simple to use and free to make purchases abroad. It’s also easy to top up your card with an Escape online account, which also enables users to view their balance and statements, just as you would with a debit card. As the holiday season approaches, it would certainly be a good idea to keep prepaid travel cards on your radar if you’re planning a trip abroad.”

For added peace of mind, the Escape Travel Card is not linked to your bank account information. It’s also ideal for holidaymakers as it has the ability to be temporarily locked and unlocked, so there’s no need to feel uneasy about leaving your bag unattended when going for a dip in the pool.

Based on 211 responses to survey conducted by Escape Travel Card, January 2017
Survey conducted by Escape Travel Card, January 2017

The Savvy Girl’s Guide To Organic Beauty Online Wellness Course
With Wellness Coach, Kelly Bonanno

The Savvy Girl’s Guide to Organic Beauty is a value-packed online course that teaches you how to detox your beauty and personal care routine and look younger without toxic chemicals

Your health—and your children’s health— are your primary concerns. When it comes to organic personal care and beauty products, do you want to learn about products that turn back the clock without dousing you with harmful chemicals but feel overwhelmed and want an easy way to understand what is safe and effective?
Now there is an easy way for you to learn taught by organic beauty & eco friendly living expert, Kelly Bonanno.
The Savvy Girl’s Guide to Organic Beauty online course teaches you exactly how to ease the transition to a non-toxic beauty and personal care routine without the overwhelm.
Imagine waking up in the morning and starting your daily beauty routine without those nagging thoughts about safety and toxicity swirling around in your head. You feel good knowing that your cleanser, your conditioner—even your toothpaste—is enhancing your health and beauty, rather than laying the foundation for illness in the future.
To help you along your organic beauty & wellness journey, grab your FREE checklist: The Savvy Girl’s Guide to Looking Younger In 10 Easy Steps or join Kelly’s FREE 5-day challenge: 5 Days To A Clean, Green Beauty Routine
The truth is: Lot’s of women, think they are well-informed, but they haven’t invested the time to truly learn about the toxic ingredients in the products they use everyday.

If you wish there were cheat sheets to magically lay out exactly what toxins in which beauty & personal care products could harm you and your kids, which products are aging you & another cheat sheet to give you options of what to use instead then this online course is just what you need.
You will tap into the healthiest, hottest version of yourself without harmful methods or toxic chemicals!
This course offers an easy way to get the toxic junk out of your home & AWAY from you and your kids. You will learn:
Anti-aging tips that will help you look & feel younger
How to keep your family safe from harmful toxins
Easy actionable tips that will improve your health
How safe the products you & your kids currently use are
Wellness secrets that mainstream doctors don’t share
How to reduce your body’s toxic burden
Which products & brands are truly safe and effective
Enrollment opens Fall 2017. You will have lifetime access and are free to take the course at your own pace.
Sign up here to get more information and be the first to be notified when enrollment opens. Immediately after signing up you will receive your FREE Organic Beauty Guide: The Savvy Girl’s Guide to Looking Younger In 10 Easy Steps!
In the meantime, if you’d like to learn some simple tips to green your beauty routine, join Kelly’s FREE 5-day challenge: 5 Days To A Clean, Green Beauty Routine During this free challenge, you will learn easy ways to look better, feel great & improve your health by detoxing your beauty & personal care routine without giving up glamour that you can start right away.

The Little Yellow Weekender

A weekend long getaway on a private island complete with luxury cottages, summer fun and games, house parties and The Little Yellow Door’s infamous food and cocktails.

Recently evicted from their home at 68 Notting Hill Gate, the team behind London’s longest standing pop-up, The Little Yellow Door is back, bringing you a weekend like no other, The Little Yellow Weekender, on the UK’s equivalent of the Hamptons, Osea Island, known for its luxurious getaways, that is, until the mischievous flatmates take over.

Currently on the quest to find a new permanent home in the city, the flatmates are taking a trip out of the big smoke and setting up camp on Osea Island, to bring you a wild weekender to remember. With an extensive line-up of events, TLYD brings you their ultimate dinner parties, poolside sundowners, incredible house parties, PIMMs Pong, and a day filled with everyone’s favourite sporting events, complete with sports day classics such as a sack race and egg and spoon races.

On July 14th, guests are invited to hop aboard the party bus and take a trip out of town to an epic house party filled hideaway escape. Whether you’re a group of 2 or 22, check in to your own private cottage on a secluded beach before kicking off the celebrations with dinner at TLYD’s Surf and Turf Shack to refuel for a party like no other, in one of the impressive houses for the flatmates’ Ultimate House Party. The grand estate will host a night packed full with pop-up bars, bonfires and an impressive DJ line up including an eclectic mix of tunes from resident DJs as well as guest DJs hitting the decks until dawn. On Saturday morning, TLYD will bring back their Emoji Only menu, where guests can order EMOJI-ENCY breakfast in bed, followed by a rejuvenating yoga session hosted by The Advaya Initiative, for a full body stretch before taking part in an epic Sports Day Saturday, soaking up the sun by the pool or hoping on a bicycle to explore all the island has to offer.

Slides, rounders, water fights, egg races and volleyball tournaments are only a handful of the activities lined up for Sports Day Saturday, just find your team and let the games commence. Guests can partake in an entire afternoon jam packed with everyone’s favourite childhood activities and a lunchtime garden picnic, before heading poolside for a dip while you sip on sundowners as the sun goes down on Osea Island.

As night falls, guests will descend on The Ultimate BBQ Dinner Party, an upscale version of TLYD’s legendary sell out supper clubs, for an impressive Barbeque Banquet Dinner by The Wandering Chef, in aid of Enzo Barracco’s White Shark Conservation Project, where a percentage of each ticket will contribute towards the cause. Expect an evening filled with entertainment and games throughout before continuing the party into the early house at the Island After-Party. Come Sunday, wander out of your cottage ready to re-fuel with breakfast by the beach and take a final ‘survivors’ snap to remember a weekend to never forget.

Although on a secluded land, guests will want for nothing at the flatmates launch their own concierge service ensuring guests have everything they could possibly need. Order The Little Yellow hamper, filled with essentials from painkillers to midnight munchies or go all out with their luxury hamper with champagne and chocolates. Throughout the weekend they have decked out the pop-up Tuck Shop, where guests can purchase everything from snacks to supplies with the use of TLYD’s own currency for the weekend, the Osea Dollar. So if you’re after an Emoji-Ency breakfast in bed or just fancy a biscuit, the team will be on hand to ensure no one becomes hangry.


£175 PP: 1st Release | SOLD OUT

£200 PP: 2nd Release for Weekend Accommodation Only

£225 PP: 3rd Release

£80 PP: Additional all-inclusive food ticket | Includes: Surf and Turf Shack Friday night, Banquet Dinner Party and Breakfast on both Saturday and Sunday.


Coach Tickets will be available from Central London to Osea Island at 5.30pm on Friday 14th July, returning Sunday. £33 p/head return.

Departure Time: 5.30pm Friday evening

The Little Yellow Door
Event Web:

Micro Scooters / Micro Wagon!

The Micro Wagon from Micro Scooters is the perfect option for your sturdy festival/beach :

The large wheels mean it can be pulled over rough surfaces with ease, so great to use at festivals & for camping.

It’s also completely waterproof, can hold up to 15 stone and folds down easily and compactly.

Ian Woosnam OBE confirmed for Farmfoods British Par 3 Championship 2017

One of the country’s biggest golfing events, the Farmfoods British Par 3 Championship is delighted to confirm that British golfing legend Ian Woosnam OBE will be returning to Nailcote Hall for the 84th edition of the prestigious event.
With more than 50 professional titles to his name worldwide and a famous Masters Tournament Green Jacket in his wardrobe, Ian Woosnam is quite simply one of the most successful European golfers of all time. The Welsh golfer will be joining up with his former Ryder Cup skipper and Farmfoods British Par 3 Championship host Tony Jacklin CBE at the Warwickshire-based course on 8-11 August 2017.
‘Woosie’ will always be remembered for his victory at Augusta National at the 1991 Masters. Starting the last hole of the tournament tied with José María Olazábal and Tom Watson on -11 Woosnam managed a solid par, while the other two players bogeyed and double bogeyed respectively to ensure the Welshman was the one wearing the Green Jacket come the close of play. The victory came at a time when Woosnam surged to the top of the world rankings earlier that season, a position he enjoyed for a total of 50 weeks.
Woosnam said: “I can’t wait to return to the Farmfoods British Par 3 Championship, it’s one of my favourite events, I love making the trip to Nailcote Hall every year.
“It looks like it’ll be another strong field of competitors, but I hope I’ll be able to make my mark on the competition.”
Woosnam’s former Ryder Cup Captain and Championship host Tony Jacklin is pleased to see the Welshman back once again: “Woosie is a true legend of the game, he is in the World Golf Hall of Fame and rightly so, we love having him at the Championship as he is a real character and the crowds love to watch him in action.”
Rick Cressman, owner of Nailcote Hall, added: “Nailcote Hall are delighted to be welcoming back a highly-decorated field of pros, including Ian who is one of the biggest stars of the Farmfoods British Par 3 Championship.”

Since turning professional in 1976, Woosnam has been successful in every decade of his 40-year career and is still at the top of his game today. In his first season on the Senior Tour, Woosnam made history by becoming the only player to win both the European Tour Order of Merit and the European Senior Tour Order of Merit in his career. Another highlight was Woosnam’s captaincy of the 2006 European Ryder Cup team to victory over their American counterparts, winning 18.5-9.5 points at the K Club, Ireland.
The Farmfoods British Par 3 Championship is managed and promoted by leading brand agency Champions (UK) plc. Champions Managing Director Matthew Hayes commented: “We have been managing and delivering the event for a number of years, and Ian Woosnam returning to this year’s event reflects the ongoing strength of the Farmfoods British Par 3 Championship.
“The whole team work extremely hard to make the Championship bigger and better each year to ensure we deliver for our spectators, supporters and sponsors, who are so crucial to the success of the event.”
For spectators looking to make the trip to Nailcote Hall in August they can register for free tickets on the Farmfoods British Par 3 Championship website at:
Just some of the professionals who have taken part in the past include 2016 Masters champion Danny Willett, Ian Woosnam OBE, Paul Lawrie OBE, Sam Torrance OBE, Eddie Pepperell, 1993 Ryder Cup star Peter Baker and Andy Sullivan. Also, previously in attendance were 2005 US Open winner Michael Campbell, Ryder Cup star Edoardo Molinari, Tommy Fleetwood, Gary Wolstenholme MBE, Charley Hull, golfing legend Costantino Rocca, Paul Broadhurst and Lee Slattery.
The event also plays host to two Celeb-Am days graced by some of the nation’s best loved TV and sports personalities. Previous attendees include Manchester United legends Sir Alex Ferguson CBE, Peter Schmeichel MBE and Dwight Yorke, former F1 World Champions Damon Hill OBE and Nigel Mansell CBE, as well as British Grand Prix winner Johnny Herbert.
Strictly Come Dancing judge Len Goodman, England football superstar Peter Shilton OBE, BBC Sport presenter Dan Walker and Coronation Street legend Bill Roache MBE have joined the event, as well as Ashes winning cricketers Matthew Hoggard MBE and Jonny Bairstow.
Boyband stars Keith Duffy and Brian McFadden, comedian Jasper Carrott OBE, TV presenter Max Rushden and former Strictly dancer James Jordan have also played at Nailcote Hall.
The Farmfoods British Par 3 Championship is delighted to welcome back title sponsor Farmfoods and event partners Inspirational Magazine, Total Motion, Finest Catch, Champions Celebrity, VPAR Live Golf Scoring, Eagle Tour, Champions After Dinner Speakers and chosen charity for the event Rainbows Hospice for Children and Young People. Returning media partner, Sky Sports, will also support us with their usual excellent coverage.

Be adventure ready with quantum– The new Diono travel system Inspired by parents and designed with a little bit of everyday magic! #adventureready


· Fiat Professional has once again pitted football against rugby in the Fiat Professional 4×4 Challenge, to determine which sport has the best driving skills.

· Danny Mills (England), Jackie McNamara (Scotland), Lee Byrne (Wales) and Geordan Murphy (Ireland) compete for the sporting bragging rights

London, 08th June 2017: Fiat Professional has given Lee Byrne and Geordan Murphy the chance to redeem rugby’s pride in part two of the Fiat Fullback Challenge – The Fiat Professional 4×4 Challenge. Once again famous fullback’s Danny Mills (England) and Jackie McNamara (Scotland) made up Team Football, while ex-Lions fullbacks Geordan Murphy (Ireland) and Lee Byrne (Wales) represented Team Rugby and put the new Fiat Fullback to the test.

The task for each of the players was to complete a lap of the specially-designed 4×4 course, with their other team member reaching out of the window to touch two flags laid out around the track. Each team would then swap drivers, and touch the remaining two flags; the team who completed the course with the best driving technique, ability, skill and control would be crowned the winner, as judged by a professional driving instructor.

Whilst Team Football certainly appeared to make their way around the course fastest, the superior driving technique and lack of fouls for missing flags by Team Rugby meant they walked away victorious as the Fiat Professional 4×4 Challenge champions.

Commenting on the challenge, the victorious former Welsh and British & Irish Lions Fullback Lee Byrne said: “We were pretty chuffed to beat the football boys in the 4×4 driving challenge. It was a really enjoyable test of driving skills – though they may have been quicker around the course, particularly Danny who drove like a maniac, I’m glad the judges recognised our superior technique.”

Former Celtic and Scotland defender Jackie McNamara commented: “We’re obviously disappointed to have lost out today after our earlier victory in the Fullback Challenge. Whilst the challenge was great fun and very different to a usual day at work, maybe going full throttle round the course wasn’t the best idea!”

With the new Fullback, Fiat Professional has entered the buoyant medium-duty pick up segment which accounts for 650,000 vehicles a year in the EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) region. Engineered to meet the broad needs of business users – both professional and recreational – the new Fiat Professional Fullback offers high levels of flexibility and dependability. The front of the Fullback adopts the upmarket appearance of a sports SUV while distinctive swage lines along the flanks tie the front of the pick-up to the rear, integrating the load bed as part of the vehicle’s overall design. Prices start at £21,095 (excluding VAT, VED, delivery and plates) for the 2.4 Diesel 150HP Double Cab 6 Spd Manual SX (MY16).

The all-new Fiat Fullback is available from all Fiat and Fiat Professional dealerships in the UK. For more information or to find your nearest dealership, visit

Rogue Pak ! Great gift for Dad! Reusable, Self-sealing, and Eco Friendly (recyclable) hydration



AquaStorage. The RoguePak from Aquastorage is a new idea in hydration packs—creating a reusable system that eliminates the arduous hassle of cleaning that limits the usefulness of other packs. Make it simple, effective, easy-to-use, and functional for everyone.

RoguePak reservoirs are strong, lightweight, recyclable, and allow you to carry your drink of choice just about anywhere.

RoguePak reservoirs are available in 50 ounce, 70 ounce, and 100 ounce sizes and Made in USA.

RoguePak Recyclable Hydration System, Self-Sealing, BPA-Free and Phthalate-Free Water Bladder – Fits Most Backpacks and Hydration Pack Sleeves

★ EXTREMELY DURABLE ★ You can fill them with your choice of drink and use them as long as you want. Hydration System Water Storage Bladder, designed to fit most hydration packs, bladder backpacks, hydration bag sleeves, running backpacks and modular reservoir backpacks.
★ LARGE SELF SEALING PORT ★ Designed with a large self-sealing port, making them easy to fill and even add ice. Great for using to filter water and fits inline filters.
★ ECONOMICAL ★ When you decide your hydration system has had enough use, you can afford to replace it with a new one. Compact for convenient use, less plastic equals less waste. Reusable storage pouch with no packaging waste.
★ 100% RECYCLABLE ★ NO need to cut any parts off water storage bag- used reservoirs may be recycled into many types of new products.
★ MADE IN USA ★ All water bladders are made in USA with FDA, USDA and Kosher compliant resin. Reservoirs have a positive impact on the environment. The flexible reservoir requires less space for shipping and smaller shipments require less fuel. By using RoguePak reservoirs, you are helping to make the world a better place.

Please see more at

See how it self seals –

How it works! FOX26 from AquaStorage on Vimeo.

Behind the scenes durability test

Military testing new Ranger Green reservoir.10 of the Most Innovative Small Businesses of 2013″ from CNBC


Ex-England Rugby Star Makes Surprise Appearance at Local Youth Match

An ex-England rugby star made a local youth team’s day by making a special guest appearance at their home ground in Merseyside.

Former rugby union champion and ‘Dancing on Ice’ winner, Kyran Bracken, took a trip back to his first ever team, Firwood Waterloo FC, to surprise players and spectators on the sidelines.

Bracken, who captained the England squad on three separate occasions, teamed up with reliable heating manufacturer Worcester, Bosch Group to make the memorable day possible.

As well as joining the young aspiring players on the pitch for a pep talk and coaching session, the sporting legend had an extra treat for parents, as he helped keep them warm on the sidelines with hot drinks, bacon sandwiches and blankets as they watched their children play.

After the final whistle blew, talented young players were awarded signed rugby balls, as Bracken selected some of the stand-out players from each age group. A final surprise was in store for the team, as he presented a £1,000 cheque to the club, on behalf of the heating and hot water manufacturer.

Kyran Bracken commented: “Firwood Waterloo FC is where it all started for me so it was a real honour to be able to return to my roots and surprise the players and parents. As well as seeing some fantastic rugby, it was great to be able to give something back to the parents and coaches who give up their weekends, come rain or shine, to encourage their children’s love of sport.

“I spotted some potential stars of the future and look forward to seeing the club continue to nurture young talent for many years to come.”

Sue Pennington, consumer brand manager at Worcester, Bosch Group, commented: “It was a fantastic experience teaming up with Kyran Bracken to surprise his youth team and make the day really special for everyone involved. He was a great sport and we’re thrilled he was able to help us show parents and supporters that they can rely on Worcester to keep them warm, and enjoy watching their young players in comfort.”

Worcester is on the look-out for more deserving junior clubs to visit when the season kicks off again in September. To nominate a worthy team to receive a special treat on the sidelines, visit before Sunday 30th July, stating why they deserve a surprise visit from the Worcester team.

Rathbone Investment Management celebrates trailblazing women in sport ahead of Lacrosse World Cup

(From L – R: Kate Richardson-Walsh OBE, England Women’s Hockey Captain; Eleanor Garnier; BBC Political Correspondent and ex-England lacrosse player; Charlotte Edwards CBE, Former Captain of the Women’s England Cricket team; and Gill Burns MBE, former captain of Women’s England Rugby team)

With little over a month until the UK’s largest elite women’s sporting event this year, the FIL Rathbones Women’s Lacrosse World Cup, Rathbone Investment Management hosted three world title winning British sportswomen and Eleanor Garnier, BBC Political Correspondent and ex-England lacrosse player, for a celebration of women in sport.

Rathbone Investment Management was joined by Kate Richardson-Walsh OBE, England Women’s Hockey Captain, Team GB Hockey Captain and Olympic Gold Medallist; Charlotte Edwards CBE, Former Captain of the Women’s England Cricket team; and Gill Burns MBE, former captain of Women’s England Rugby team and winner of the Women’s Rugby World Cup 1994.

The sporting icons met with the captains of the home nation lacrosse teams earlier in the afternoon, to share their experiences and answer questions from the captains who are putting together their final preparations before the World Cup. This was followed by a drinks reception and open Q&A session, where the three ambassadors offered their insight on what it takes to excel in sport as both a player and a leader, their views on the sports industry and how to further increase participation of women in sport. Attending the evening were representatives from Sport England, Women in Sport, Women’s Sport Trust and other key organisations focussed on the issues challenging women in sport.

Laura Coleman, Partnerships Manager, Rathbone Investment Management commenting on the evening said: “It was a real pleasure to host an evening celebrating women in sport and hearing the stories of some of the most inspirational women in UK sport. Participation in sport provides not just health benefits, but also supports the development of crucial qualities, such as team work, resilience and determination. Skills that are not only beneficial in sport, but all areas of life.

“Rathbones has been a sponsor of lacrosse in the UK for over five years. During this time we have seen the sport go from strength to strength and we are proud to have been a part of that journey. The countdown is now on to the FIL Rathbones Lacrosse World Cup which will be a wonderful opportunity to highlight women’s sport. We will be fully behind the home nations taking part and wish all those competing the best of luck.”


A recent poll of 2,000 has unveiled that time poor Brits could be missing out on spontaneous fun with friends and family this summers. Tom Daley is the new face of Argos online campaign to inspire the nation
and demonstrate how easy and quick it is to entertain.

Poll commissioned by Argos reveals the top hassles that are taking the fun out of planning social gatherings
Brits believe it takes a whopping 204 hours (8.5 days) on average to pull together a dinner partywith aplomb
Day-today family life (38 per cent) and work commitments (29 per cent) are at the root of the problem
Nearly six in ten (57 per cent) wish they could get together with loved ones more often – and a third (30 per cent) say they enjoy nothing more
for nearly a third (28 per cent), not having the right items to cater, such as enough tables, chairs, kitchenware and tableware were major barriers
Good weather (41 per cent), having more time (39 per cent) and getting everything you need same day (19%) topped the poll when asked what would make Brits more likely to entertain.

Painted furniture Company


Stylish Storage Solutions from The Painted Furniture Company

From cutting-edge, contemporary kitchens to the most traditional of hallways, storage is a crucial part of any interior design. Whether you’re looking for a beautiful dresser or stylish chest of drawers, The Painted Furniture Company’s stunning collection will have the perfect piece for you.

New Video: Designing the Perfect Rugby Stadium

Rugby legends discuss the rugby stadium of the future with HOK

LONDON—HOK, a leading sports architecture firm, gathered four world-class rugby players to discuss what they would like to see in rugby stadiums of the future. John Rhodes, a director of HOK’s Sports + Recreation + Entertainment practice, met with Jamie Roberts (Wales), Tim Visser (Scotland), James Horwill (Australia) and Danny Care (England) to capture their ideas, both as players and fans.

From the impact of fans on the game itself, to the frustrations of rival changing rooms, the players offered key insights while Rhodes shared innovative design solutions, including fibre-optic turf and glass roof seating, that could soon be commonplace in stadia. HOK has just released the conversation and findings in a new video that includes images of the rugby stadium of tomorrow.

“Any modern, iconic sports ground must provide an exceptional experience for fans,” said Rhodes. “The unique passion of fans is fundamental to the sport and, as architects, we need to design stadiums that maximize this energy. Rugby fans are especially unique. They are sophisticated fans who know and have experienced a variety of venues, which elevates the standards for a rugby stadium.”

Rhodes’ project experience spans venues, F1 circuits, race tracks, high-performance training facilities and conference and exhibition centres including Silverstone, the Dubai World Expo and a confidential arena in the Middle East. He is currently leading the design of the New Palau Blaugrana arena for FC Barcelona.

“The players gave us exceptional insight into what affects elite athletes,” added Rhodes. “As avid fans, they also provided an invaluable perspective. This has improved our understanding of how to design the best stadiums for both rugby fans and players.”

“Having played at most of the iconic rugby grounds around the world, it was great to speak with HOK about what made each special—or especially challenging,” said Jamie Roberts, Wales and British & Irish Lions player, “What motivates you at your home ground is different from what inspires you when you play away. However, I don’t just play rugby. I’m an avid spectator and the considerations for the fan experience are equally important. Some of the ideas we discussed would transform the game-day experience. I look forward to seeing how our conversation impacts where I play or spectate in the future.”

HOK’s Sports + Recreation + Entertainment practice has expertise in the design of stadiums, arenas, ballparks, training facilities and recreation centres. The group plans and designs world-class sports complexes that are the centrepieces of successful, vibrant entertainment districts. Current and recent projects include FC Barcelona’s New Palau Blaugrana in Barcelona, Spain; the Dubai World Expo 2020 bid and concept masterplan; Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia; Avaya Stadium in San Jose, California; Rogers Place and the ICE District in Edmonton, Alberta; the Detroit Events Center in Detroit, Michigan; a proposed NBA and NHL arena in Seattle, Washington; the AT&T Center renovation in San Antonio, Texas; the renovation of Sun Life Stadium in Miami, Florida; and Shell Place in Fort McMurray, Alberta.

HOK is a global design, architecture, engineering and planning firm. Through a network of 23 offices worldwide, HOK provides design excellence and innovation to create places that enrich people’s lives and help clients succeed. DesignIntelligence consistently ranks HOK as a leader in s​​sustainable, high-performance design and technology innovation.

WomenSportsWeek – a great opportunity to get more women ACTIVE 19-25th June!

#WSW2017 – are you looking for an angle / story / case study – The Women’s Sports Network can help

We’ve been planning since January to prepare NGBs, clubs & classes to try to attract more women through this ‘nudge’ programme (See research info here – Women exercising with a friend – on how exercising with a friend is so important). Building up to #WSW2017 where we provide collateral to help clubs classes and each sport to encourage more women & girls –

ACTIV8aFriend is a legacy programme to promote @WomenSportsWeek alive and help clubs/ classes prepare.

TRY Day – WSW2017

We’ve been working with a number of the UK NGB’s who are setting up TRY Days/festivals in WSW2017 (including, Cricket, Badminton, Croquet & Petanque). And have LOADS of case studies, excited women who are running gigs to help nudge women to get more ACTIVE and invovled!

We will be putting out a press release next week – but if you would like an early ‘heads up’ or some real stories of women in the community helping to get friends, neighbours and relatives more ACTIVE please let me know. Email is best but try the phone if you are pressed.

ACTIVE8afriend . . . creating a worldwide legacy for @WomenSportsWeek – an ‘Open to All’, monthly ‘nudge’ to get women/girls more active –

Outdoor Toys, Games and Activities

Summer’s here, so it’s time to make play whilst the sun shines. dotcomgiftshop have reinterpreted classic garden games, toys and activities to bring you a fun collection of hugely enjoyable pursuits for all ages – fun and adventure in the great outdoors for all the family.

Available now from

Try Before You Buy with Brand-New Sports Supplement Sample Bundle

-Nutrition X launches new ‘Ultimate Samples Bundle’ to help athletes find the right supplements for them-

Finding the right nutritional supplements can be a challenge, particularly when most are only available to purchase in large quantities with no opportunity to ‘try before you buy’. To counteract this, sports nutrition specialist Nutrition X has come to the rescue with the launch of a brand new Ultimate Samples Bundle – a small-in-size supplement collection containing a pint-sized selection of their most popular energy and recovery products; enabling athletes and gym-goers to test what works for them before committing to buying the full-sized box versions.

Usually available in boxes of 12 or 24, the Ultimate Samples Bundle contains two samples each of four different supplements, scientifically-developed to boost energy, performance and encourage muscle recovery. Each supplement comes in a handy small size which fits easily into gym bags, pockets and panniers; perfect for on-the-go nutrition pre, post or mid-workout.

Importantly, each of the sample supplements included in the bundle are batch-tested and Informed Sport accredited, enabling athletes to be safe in the knowledge that each has been rigorously tested for a wide variety of substances listed on the World Anti-Doping Agency banned substance list.

Priced at £19.99, supplements included in the Ultimate Samples Bundle are as follows:

Xplode Shot (2 x 60ml)

The perfect ‘pick-me-up’ shot to give you that much needed boost of energy when you need it most. Ideally taken 30 minutes before training or a game, Xplode’s unique formulation of caffeine, taurine, vitamin B6 and beta-alanine works to quickly stimulate energy, mental concentration and alertness, leaving you fully ready to tackle whatever physical challenge lies ahead; with the added bonus of zero fat and sugar.—sample-583-p.asp

Amino Protein Shot (2 x 60ml)

A unique blend of whey protein isolate and hydrolysed collagen protein, this handy post-workout shot is scientifically formulated to provide your body with the amino acids required to aid muscle and joint health. Packing an impressive 20g of protein in each 60ml shot with no fat or sugar, this tasty raspberry flavoured shot is a particular favourite of those partaking in high-impact sports thanks to its beneficial impact on joint health.—sample-581-p.asp

Energel+ (2 x 50g)

The perfect fatigue-fighter when things get tough, this fast-acting carbohydrate gel offers a quick ‘rush’ of carbohydrate to boost energy and stimulate alertness. Easy to take before, during or after training, Energel+ comes in a tasty citrus flavour and contains key electrolytes including sodium, potassium and magnesium, helping to prevent any performance-hindering muscle cramps from setting in; it’s also great for boosting hydration when taken with liquid.–541-p.asp

Pro X Protein Bar (2 x 55g)

The newest addition to Nutrition X’s supplement range is the Pro X Bar – a delicious, protein-packed snack ideal for a quick protein hit or on-the-go nutrition. Packing a whopping 20g of protein and just 1.2g of sugar into each 55g bar, the bars’ relatively high protein content make them great for aiding muscle recovery post-training or workout. Their delicious chocolate brownie flavour also make them a tasty sweet-treat alternative when the cravings come knocking.

Nutrition X’s Ultimate Sample Bundle is available to purchase priced £19.99 here:

To view the full Nutrition X range, or for more information on the supplement products, please visit

Quality Assurance – Does Your Timber Floor Pass?

One of the most important and probably not highly enough valued timber flooring issues is quality assurance. Normally this only comes into play after a timber floor is laid and there is a problem with it. At this stage it’s too late to easily fix and it becomes a costly experience to rectify, in turn this often leads to major issues for all the parties involved.
For many years we have witnessed products land in Australia that are sold without any regulatory control, only to fail in the home or commercial space.
Product failure causes much angst and often results in drawn out court cases or even more likely the company going broke with no recompense for the consumer. This effect snowballs into family issues with budget blow-outs and stress as recognised factors.
Another issue to keep in mind is often, these non-conforming products have additional unsafe qualities, for example they are high in dangerous toxins, formaldehydes or poor manufacturing procedures that create dangerous circumstances.
However, there is a way to avoid this. The ATFA offers a robust compliance program that assesses products, materials and equipment to ensure they comply with standards, industry requirements and consumer expectations. The program ultimately protects everyone involved!
The intent in the future is for the industry and government to climb on board and recognise this system hence giving consumers peace of mind whilst protecting the industry with less product failures to deal with.
Notably this system is designed to complement the Federal Government Building Ministers Forum for non-complying building products. Under the ATFA program, producers will be required to provide independent certification and/or reports that substantiate and support the validity of the producers claimed compliance and where relevant meet the minimum requirements set by the ATFA and the industry.
So, before buying or installing any timber flooring product please ensure it has passed the ATFA quality assurance assessment to ensure the safety or your company, family and future.

All products with the ATFA compliant logo will have passed the compliance program and should be safe to use and install.
For more information, to become a member or if you require any advice please call the ATFA on 1300 361693 or visit

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