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Peli™ Goes Boost with its First +1000 Lumens Compact Light
New 3310R and 3310R-RA Rechargeable LED Lights


Peli™ Products, the global leader in the design and manufacture of high-performance protective case solutions and advanced portable lighting systems, has introduced the rechargeable Peli 3310R and 3310R-RA (right angle) LED torches with powerful performance bringing up to +1000 lumens to Peli’s ultra-compact lights range.

Engineered to be the ultimate in professional handheld lighting, the new models feature a lighter, compact, IPX8 submersible polymer construction, and a “Boost Mode” (in addition to high, low and flashing settings) which temporarily amplifies the light output to 1,067 lumens (3310R) and 948 lumens (3310R-RA). Such colossal performance makes them the perfect choice for professionals working in the industrial, construction, mechanics, logistics and rail market, as well as electricians, plumbers, handymen, among others.

“We are proud to prove our customers with the most powerful Peli handheld torch ever” said Scott Jones, Director of Product Management, Lighting. “When it comes to performance, the 3310R and 3310R-RA has set a new benchmark and it offers a wide range of applications for our diverse group of users.”

The 3310R-RA LED torch includes a removable right angle adapter accessory with clip to provide hands free lighting and an articulating head to direct the light where it is needed. Like their safety certified counterparts (3315R and 3315R-RA respectively), the 3310R and 3310R-RA lights feature a full-time battery level indicator and an efficient lithium ion rechargeable battery that can shine clean brilliant light for up to 50 hours. Moreover, they offer Peli’s legendary lifetime guarantee, where applicable by law. For more information visit

A Masterclass From Wet Shaving Products using their natural, hand-crafted grooming products ….. How To Achieve A Perfect Shave, a step by step guide. >>


How to Achieve a Perfect Shave

For best results always shave after a shower, washing your face, or a hot towel soak.

Pre-Shave Oil – Before shaving, rub a small amount of oil on your hands and massage into the beard. Lather up the shaving soap on top.

A great shave requires great prep. In addition to softening your beard by washing your face or taking a shower, you should moisturize your face and prepare it for the razor. By keeping your face moisturized, you keep it flexible and able to accommodate the razor blade without nicks, cuts, and irritation.

Shaving Cream – Soak your new shaving brush in water. Swirl on the tin until a rich, thick lather builds up. Apply to your face. Shave with the grain. Then, for a closer shave, shave across and/or against the grain.

Our shaving soap easily & quickly whips into a luxurious & protective lather. Your razor will easily glide over your skin allowing you to shave against the grain easily & effortlessly.

After-Shave Splash – Apply to the areas you just shaved to tone, tighten, & sanitize your skin. Apply any lotion or aftershave balm afterwards.

Soothing witch hazel & healing allantoin combine to create a refreshing finish to your shave. Our pleasing & manly scents will leave you smelling great all day long.

Scent Profile
Barbershop – Our inspiration was an Italian barbershop. We’ve blended all the signature scents of a barbershop into this intriguing fragrance. Pairs perfectly with the matching shaving soap & aftershave.

Measuring 14mm thick, the El Grande just feels great in your hand. The 85mm long handle is lathe turned and a deep knurl pattern is carved into the metal keeping it from slipping when wet. The model 89 head is molded from high quality Zamac. The same as higher priced German & English brands. The head & handle are then polished by hand on a buffing wheel. Plated with copper. Then nickel. Then chrome. You can’t find a better quality razor at a better price.

Pictured is: The Barbershop Full Size Wet Shaving Kit and the “El Grande” Double Edge Safety Razor:

WSP’s Full Size Kit includes all four components of a Perfect Shave: Pre-Shave Oil, Shaving Soap, a Shaving Brush, and our After-Shave Splash. Give the gift of a perfect shave. Our handmade grooming products are crafted from the finest ingredients and when used in conjunction with a quality razor will protect you against ingrown hairs, razor burn, and nicks and cuts, while leaving behind a soft and smooth face.

Included in the kit:

Barbershop Pre-Shave Oil (1 oz)
Barbershop Shave Soap (4.4 oz)
“The Prince” Badger Shaving Brush (select one)
Barbershop Aftershave Tonic Splash (4.3 oz)


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Culture Carton “The Summer Box” >

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July’s edition of Culture Carton is about welcoming summer with confidence. Block out the sun, with Blenders Eyewear polarized sunglasses, while you relax in the summer heat. You won’t have to worry about sweaty feet in your shoes this summer with the Hook and Albert no-show socks. When the heat finally gets to you and you start to lag, revitalize yourself with the Energize Dude Face Wipes.

Finally, learn the ins and outs of charisma and confidence with The Charisma Myth. This book is the perfect way to walk through Summer, and life with confidence.

The Charisma Myth by Olivia Fox Cabane – $16
Blenders Eyewear M Class Sunglasses – $45
Hook and Albert No Show Socks – $14
Dude Face Wipes – $7
Total: $82

Culture Carton is a resource for the modern man. Every month receive the items and books that will help you become a top performer.

We follow three rules at Culture Carton:
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Dress for Success
Always Be A Gentleman

We’ve spent years reading as many books as possible, and trying cool, new products and want to take a bit of the effort out of it for you. Culture Carton helps you become the man you want to be, monthly.










Another industry leading product from the experts in on the go lean nutrition and creators of Smart Bar.


Hull, UK | 25 July 2017 – PhD Nutrition, one of the UK’s leading sports nutrition brands, recognised for creating and delivering performance-driven, great tasting nutrition, have this week announced the launch of the long anticipated, brand new Diet Whey bar, part of their category leading Diet Whey range and hot on the heels of the record-breaking Smart Bar.

Now 30% bigger at 65g, the new Diet Whey Bar now contains a delicious layer of caramel running through the soft centre, as well as protein crispies in the dough to give a greatly improved taste and texture.

The bar replaces the existing Diet Whey Bar, but still has less than 200 calories with under 2g of sugar and contains 20g of protein per bar, including category king whey protein.

All new Diet Whey Bars are available in five flavours; Choc Peanut Butter, Dark Choc Mocha, Double Choc Brownie, Triple Choc Cookie and Salted Caramel, ensuring there is something to suit all lovers of chocolate and indulgence.

Commenting on the new and improved version, Jason Rickaby, PhD MD and co-founder, said: “As the demand for on-the-go high protein, low sugar snacks delivered by experts like PhD develops, our products must change and they have. Our original Diet Whey Bar was the first bar of its kind on the market so there was a need to bring it up to date and thereby exceed consumer expectations. The improvements we have made are multi-layered; the size and weight have increased and we have significantly improved the texture and the taste is now industry-leading.”

Retailing at £2.49 for a 65g bar, Diet Whey bar is the perfect on the go solution for those wanting to ensure clean macros, whilst not sacrificing their training and lean body goals. The bar adds to the hugely successful range of Diet Whey powders, drinks and innovative snacks.

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Gifting season is almost back and once again it’s going to be difficult to find a decent, stylish and useful gift. Well….Surprise! Jabra’s combined the slick, the compact and the cool to produce two gems of fitness accessories and practical too. Meet the contenders:

Jabra Pace Black

*also available in yellow, red, blue (left)

These wireless sports earbuds with premium sound has a secure fit – It comes with an integrated training app to enhance any sport, at home or out there. It’s nothing to be ashamed of either if they’re just to listen to music. Ahem.


Jabra Pace

Jabra Elite Sport

*also available in black (right)

Jabra Elite Sport are the most technically advanced true wireless sports earbuds with superior sound for music and calls with up to 13.5 hours of charge. It is the classiest gift to wrap up and most on point, with its superior sound, comfortable fit and added heart rate monitoring features (amongst others). You also get to make miracles happen this season and offer the gift of freedom, far away from “the tangle” ! £229.99

Jabra Elite Sport

Wilderness Now is a new user-friendly website linking you with the best of UK adventure. From salmon fishing in Scotland, to hiking in the Lake District to discovering Dartmoor’s best climbing spots; Wilderness Now has a Great British adventure for you >>


The UK is full of beautiful places. From the rugged vastness of the Highlands, to the Cornish coast, to the towering splendour of Snowdonia, the country has world class wilderness packed full of adventure to excite and nourish the soul. Feel the adrenaline as you surf waves rolling in off the Atlantic, climb the Peak District’s soaring crags or mountain bike down the majestic Brecon Beacons. Feel your stress slip away as you trek to the hidden parts of the Lake District, paddle down an ancient Scottish river or learn to fish on peaceful chalk streams, just a short hop from London. All this is accessible to everyone, irrespective of background or level of experience. The UK has some of the world’s best outdoor guides who are on hand to keep you safe, help you learn and enable you to have the best possible experience.

Despite this, in the past the barriers to accessing Great British adventures have been too high- it has been difficult to find what you want, where you want, when you want. There has not been enough information to help, particularly for those who don’t have a great deal of existing knowledge about outdoor sports. British adventure has often felt remote, technical and unaccommodating of those coming from the cities and wanting to try new things in a way that caters for them. Wilderness Now has changed that.

The website offers a selection of the UK’s best adventure experiences in the country’s most breathtaking surrounding, with plenty of options for those new to the outdoors, as well as for committed adventure enthusiasts. Wilderness Now have made it super easy to discover and explore these options via their intuitive and beautifully designed website. Wilderness Now have done all this because of their genuine passion for the British outdoors and their knowledge that the UK adventure scene was missing this.

Wilderness Now was co-founded by old friends Mike and Charles – one an amateur adventure enthusiast, one a professional guide. Mike is always dreaming about his next adventure from his London office. Charles is based in Scotland where he leads mountaineering expeditions. They know first hand all about how frustrating the fragmented UK adventure market has been in the past, and the real cost of that in terms of countless lost opportunities for adventure. Wilderness Now was set up as the solution to that problem, offering a link between you and your next Great British adventure.



















• Almost two thirds (57%) of men re-shape their facial hair styles monthly
• Those with beards are the most confident in their physical appearance as three quarters (75%) rank themselves at least 7.5 out of 10 for attractiveness
• Over a third of men still perceive increased facial hair as a sign of manliness (36%) and confidence (28.1%)
• The top things men notice about other men are their partner (24%) and their facial hair (23%)
• 1 in 4 guys (25%) would love to have a beard but one third (34%) cannot as their partner will not allow them to grow one
• Panasonic Grooming created the Tash Modern to celebrate the nation’s love of facial hair and launch the Panasonic 3-in-1 i-Shaper Trimmer, the precision tool for creative freedom

To beard or not to beard? Almost two thirds (57%) of British gents are re-styling their facial hair monthly and three quarters (75%) of bearded males rank themselves an impressive 7.5 out of 10 for attractiveness. So, to celebrate the country’s eclectic designs and confidence boosting beards, Panasonic Grooming has launched an art gallery dedicated to the good, the bad and the hairy…
The Tash Modern popped up for one day only in one of the UK’s hairiest hang-outs, Shoreditch, and opened its doors for visitors to explore bearded, moustached and stubbled portraits of the nation, captured solely for the gallery.
From immersive installations to complimentary barbers and even human art (yes, real life bushy heads on plinths), the Tash Modern offers a fuzzy experience like no other, something modern day men are particularly interested in, according to research by Panasonic Grooming.
Findings also highlight that over a third of men perceive increased facial hair as a sign of manliness (36%) and that the first things modern men are noticing on other guys aren’t expensive watches or flash cars, but their partner (24%) and facial hair (23%).
Perhaps noticing facial hair on others is partly due to beard-envy as the beard remains the most desired style amongst men, according to 1 in 4 (25%), yet one third of partners (34%) are stopping their other halves from fulfilling their bearded dreams by not allowing them to grow one.

Whether you have a beard or not, Panasonic Grooming continues to celebrate the art of facial hair with the launch of the new Panasonic 3-in-1 i-Shaper Trimmer, available at Boots, Amazon, Argos and Panasonic UK Direct, RRP £99.00.
For more information on the i-Shaper or other products in the Panasonic Grooming range, please visit Panasonic UK on Facebook or




Panasonic is growing its innovative grooming range with the launch of the new iShaper ER-GD60 – a 3-in-1 high-precision trimmer, designed to sharpen every man’s styling routine this summer, launching nationwide on Wednesday 19th July.

Engineered to shape and style every facial hair design, the Panasonic iShaper is a versatile and precise tool with three functions for detailed styling, trimming and shaving. The ergonomic iShaper design and two innovative attachments will finesse any man’s signature style; whether it’s a hipster handlebar, slick sideburns or even a chiselled chinstrap.

Reaching all contours of the face has never been easier than with the iShaper ER-GD60’s Detail Attachment; developed to reduce the size of the trimmer head for highly precise stubble edging.

Let your inner artist free with the iShaper’s Trimming Attachment. Suitable for crafting stylish and original beard shapes for a variety of styles; the 20 different cutting lengths between 0.5mm – 10mm offer endless bespoke styling opportunities.

Shape up and shave, even while on-the-go using the iShaper’s fixed round edged blade which goes the extra mile with its lifetime of three years. Protect your skin and achieve optimum results during even the quickest of dry shaves with the iShaper’s blade designed with narrow gaps to prevent irritation.

Featuring the latest cutting-edge technology, Panasonic’s iShaper ER-GD60 3-in-1 Trimmer is a versatile device suited to today’s fast-paced lifestyle – complete with a charge time of 1hour for 50-minute usage and can be used with a cord or cordless to ensure every man can always stay on top of his grooming routine.

The Panasonic i-Shaper ER-GD60 3-in-1 Trimmer is available to buy from Wednesday 19th July 2017 at Boots, Amazon, Argos and Panasonic UK Direct, RRP £99.00.



Former rugby player and model, Thom Evans, was part of a live installation at the launch of the Tash Modern, Shoreditch, the UK’s first live facial hair gallery.
Taking place in one of London’s hairiest hang-outs, Shoreditch, the Tash Modern has opened its doors for visitors to explore facial hair in a way like no other. From bearded, moustached and stubbled portraits of the nation to immersive installations, complimentary barbers and even human art (yes, those are real life bushy heads on plinths).
The Tash Modern offers a fun and fuzzy experience like no other, something modern day men are particularly interested in, according to research by Panasonic Grooming.

Research shows that almost two thirds (57%) of British gents are no longer sticking to signature styles and re-styling their facial hair monthly. What’s more, three quarters (75%) of bearded males rank themselves an impressive 7.5 or above out of 10 for attractiveness, compared to a modest 5 out of 10 which was the highest ranking by those with sideburns (19%). So, to celebrate the country’s eclectic designs and confidence boosting beards, the Tash Modern was launched to celebrate the good, the bad and the hairy…
Thom Evans comments, ‘Facial hair is definitely high on my agenda when it comes to styling. Although I can grow a full beard, I find myself changing up styles regularly to suit what I’m up to that week so usually stick to stubble and short beards for ease – I feel most confident with these looks as they are easy to maintain when using the right tool. Being on-the-go means I need a multi-purpose tool that can not only shave off my beard when I need a slick style, but also then precisely shape my stubble needing to carry multiple tools around. The Panasonic 3-in-1 i-Shaper is perfect for this – it certainly keeps me on top of my facial hair game’.
While Thom chooses not to grow a full beard for work, one third (34%) of those who would love to grow one are being stopped by their partners and aren’t allowed to grow one.
Whether you have a beard or not, Panasonic Grooming continues to celebrate the art of facial hair with the launch of the new Panasonic 3-in-1 i-Shaper Trimmer, available at Boots, Amazon, Argos and Panasonic UK Direct, RRP £99.00.
For more information on the i-Shaper or other products in the Panasonic Grooming range, please visit Panasonic UK on Facebook or



NOW That’s What I Call Old Skool!

Release Date: 04 August 2017

RRP Under: £15.00

Cat no: CDNNNOW57

Barcode: 889854510923*/*/NOW-That-s-What-I-Call-Old-Skool/5LFW0000000


Hitting shelves across the UK on the 4th of August, NOW have once again come up with the goods with their new release, NOW That’s What I Call Old Skool.

Featuring 60 of the very best Hip Hop and R’n’B tracks from the 80’s onwards, this is an essential buy for anyone who grew up in the age of Old Skool. From Biggie to the Beastie Boys, Fugees to LL Cool J, all the icons of an era-defining genre are here. It’s the perfect compilation for the end of the summer, enough to persuade any 90’s kid to dust off that boombox and crack out a snapback.

With a raw and ready set of songs, let NOW take you back in time to the early days, and pay homage to the godfathers of Rap, the trailblazers of modern black music, and the architects of the hip hop and grime scenes today with such classics as Mama Said Knock You Out and Straight Outta Compton.

This album is a Gangster’s Paradise, perfect for those who don’t want No Scrubs but love to Bump N’ Grind and Jump Around. So if you know your Dre from your NWA, and can remember, without shuddering, a time when Justin Timberlake was peroxide blonde and in no way ashamed of it, this is CD for you to kick back to, and take a break from this Hard Knock Life.




01. Jay-Z – Hard Knock Life (The Ghetto Anthem)

02. Blackstreet feat. Dr. Dre – No Diggity

03. DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince – The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air

04. The Notorious B.I.G – Hypnotize

05. Montell Jordan – This Is How We Do It

06. The Game feat. 50 Cent – How We Do

07. N.W.A. – Straight Outta Compton

08. RUN-DMC vs. Jason Nevins – It’s Like That

09. Beastie Boys – No Sleep Till Brooklyn

10. House Of Pain – Jump Around

11. Mark Morrison – Return Of The Mack (C&J Radio Edit)

12. Luniz – I Got 5 On It

13. A Tribe Called Quest – Can I Kick It?

14. TLC – No Scrubs

15. Dru Hill feat. Redman – How Deep Is Your Love

16. Fugees – Killing Me Softly with His Song

17. Blu Cantrell feat. Sean Paul – Breathe

18. R. Kelly – Bump N’ Grind

19. LL Cool J – Phenomenon

20. OutKast – Ms. Jackson

21. Missy Elliott – Get Ur Freak On


01. DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince – Summertime

02. 50 Cent – In Da Club

03. D12 – Purple Hills

04. Eric B. & Rakim – Paid In Full

05. Destiny’s Child – Say My Name

06. Coolio feat. L.V – Gangsta’s Paradise

07. Sisqo – Thong Song

08. Apache Indian – Boom Shack-A-Lak

09. Nelly – Hot In Herre

10. Jennifer Lopez – Get Right

11. SWV – Right Here (Human Nature Radio Mix)

12. Usher – You Make Me Wanna…

13. TLC – Creep

14. Mary J. Blige – Real Love

15. Brandy & Monica – The Boy Is Mine

16. Aaliyah – Back & Forth

17. Salt ‘N Pepa feat. En Vogue – Whatta Man

18. Justin Timberlake – Señorita

19. Monie Love feat. True Image – It’s A Shame (My Sister)

20. Arrested Development – Mr Wendal

CD 3

01. The Sugarhill Gang – Rapper’s Delight

02. Grandmaster Flash & Melle-Mel – White Lines (Don’t Do It)

03. N.W.A. – Express Yourself

04. Warren G feat. Nate Dogg – Regulate

05. Malcolm McLaren & The World Famous Supreme Team – Buffalo Gals

06. Afrika Bambaataa & The Soulsonic Force – Planet Rock

07. Rock Steady Crew – (Hey You) The Rock Steady Crew

08. Kurtis Blow – The Breaks

09. Salt-N-Pepa – Push It

10. M.C. Hammer – U Can’t Touch This

11. Vanilla Ice – Ice Ice Baby

12. Soul II Soul – Back To Life

13. Mantronix feat. Wondress – Got To Have Your Love

14. Gang Starr – Lovesick (Upbeat Remix)

15. Naughty By Nature – Hip Hop Hooray

16. LL Cool J – Mama Said Knock You Out

17.Kris Kross – Jump

18. Beastie Boys – (You Gotta ) Fight For Your Right (To Party)

19. RUN-DMC feat. Aerosmith – Walk This Way


Have Vitamins Ever tasted This Good?! >> NEW Activ Effervescent drinks / Essential Vitamins & Mineral for optimum performance !

Healthspan have over 20 years’ experience working alongside the UK’s leading nutrition experts, providing the highest quality and most advanced supplement products available. They currently work with professional teams and organizations such as Southampton FC, Edinburgh Rugby and the Scottish Rugby Union. Further information can be found at –


These products are a result of Healthspan’s 20 years’ experience working alongside the UK’s leading nutrition experts, providing the highest quality and most advanced supplement products available. Full product list is available at

NEW By Healthspan

Activ Effervescent drinks

Formulated to be convenient and great tasting, our new range of informed-Sport accredited Activ Effervescent drinks provide a delicious way to obtain essential vitamins and minerals needed for optimal performance.

Activ Hydrate

Activ Hydrate has been formulated to replenish the electrolytes lost during exercise. Flavoured subtly with natural citrus, the key ingredients in each tablet work to correct electrolyte balance and reduce tiredness and fatigue whilst ensuring hydration for sports performance.

Essential electrolytes

Helps Reduce Tiredenss & Fatigue

Refreshing Citrus Flavour

40 tablets £9.95

KEY Ingredients
Sodium……. 30mg
Potassium ….. 100mg
Calcium…… 40mg

Active Hydrate+

Activ Hydrate Plus has been formulated to build on the Hydrate product with an added kick for performance and energy. While still replenishing the electrolytes lost during exercise, the added benefit of caffeine has been included to increase alertness and attention, providing a further energy boost in a natural fruit blast flavour.

Essential electrolytes

75MG of caffeine for energy

Natural Fruit Blast Flavour

40 tablets £11.95

Key Ingredients:

Sodium ….. 300mg
Potassium ….. 100mg
Calcium….. 40mg
Magnesium…. 20 mg
Caffeine….. 75mg

Immunity +

Activ Immunity Plus is a refreshing natural, sugar free wild berry drink. It has been formulated to provide advanced daily nutrition support to boost your immune system. Containing the superfruit elderberry which is packed full of immune boosting antioxidants and vitamin C which is widely known for its immune supporting benefits, particularly after periods of intense exercise.

Sugar free
Refeshing Wild Berry Flavour
Vitamin C for Immune Support
Vit B Complex to reduce tiredenss and lift energy levels

40 tablets £12.95


Vitamin C ……500mg

Elderberry ……… 500mg

Vit B1……….0.55mg

Vit B2……….0.7mg

Vit B3……… 8mg

Vit B5……….. 2mg

Vit B6………. 0.7mg

Vit B12……… 1.25mcg

Vit D3…………. 2.5mcg

Iron………. 7mg

Zinc……….. 5mg

Joint Physio

Joint Physio has been formulated to support the areas of your body that suffer the most wear and tear. Delivered in a fast dissolving tablet with a delicious apple & blackcurrant flavour, it contains glucosamine and chondrotin to aid in joint support and protection.

Low Sugar Content
Low Calories
Delicious Apple and Blackcurrent flavour
Vitamin C to contribute to normal collagen formation.

40 tablets £12.95

Key Ingredients:

Optiflex (r)

Glucosamine….. 500mg
Chondrotin…. 100mg
Vitamin C ….. 80mg

For more information please visit –








The most widely used UK construction contracts contain provisions that deal with changes in the law. How might Brexit affect these?

On 16 March 2017, the UK passed the European Union (Notification of Withdrawal) Act 2017 (‘the 2017 Act’), enabling the government to trigger Article 50 and start the process of leaving the EU.

The coming into force of the 2017 Act constitutes a change in UK law and will no doubt be the first of many Brexit-driven changes – such as the Repeal Bill, which will be used to repeal the European Communities Act 1972 and convert existing EU law to UK law “wherever practical and appropriate”.

The NEC, JCT and FIDIC forms are among the most recognised contracts for construction projects in the UK and they all contain provisions that deal with changes in the law. How will those terms in the JCT D&B 2016, the NEC4 ECC and the FIDIC Yellow Book be affected by Brexit?

Affected terms?
Under JCT and FIDIC, and under NEC4 if secondary option clause X2 is selected, the risk of a change in the law is borne by the employer, potentially entitling the contractor to additional time and/or money (although note that the contract sum may go down, depending on the impact the change may have).

While the governing law under a JCT is usually English law, there is provision for the parties to agree the governing law under FIDIC and NEC4.

“Brexit-driven changes to English law will only apply to projects procured under FIDIC or NEC4 that are based in the UK”

However, a change in law can only trigger relief under these latter forms if it is a change to the law of the country in which the site or works are located – the purpose of this being to protect contractors on international projects from risks associated with working in more volatile jurisdictions.

Therefore, Brexit-driven changes to English law will only apply to projects procured under FIDIC or NEC4, and that are based in the UK.

The provisions will also only apply to changes after a certain date. For JCT and FIDIC this is the base date (which falls before the date of the contract), but under NEC4 it is the contract date, which may leave a contractor exposed to the risk of changes in law between the date of its tender submission and the point at which it enters into the contract.

The change in law must have an effect on the works in order for it to give rise to an entitlement for time or money.

Under the JCT, the change must “necessitate an alteration or modification to the works”.

“While the 2017 Act may be a change in law, it has not itself made other changes to the wider legal landscape that might impact on a party’s ability to deliver a project on time and on budget”

Under FIDIC, the change must “affect the contractor in the performance of obligations under the contract”.

Under NEC4, the change will be a compensation event, for which the contractor must demonstrate his entitlement to a change in prices or key dates.

So while the 2017 Act may be a change in law, it has not itself made other changes to the wider legal landscape that might impact on a party’s ability to deliver a project on time and on budget.

Time limits
Naturally there are notice requirements under each contract that must be followed to be able to benefit from these provisions.

The contractor has eight weeks to notify a compensation event from becoming aware of the change under the NEC4, and a more onerous 28 days to serve notice from when it became, or should have become aware, under FIDIC.

Loss and expense claims under JCT must be made as soon as the change became, or should have become, reasonably apparent.

It’s hard to predict what impact Brexit will have on construction projects in future, but we can reasonably expect more changes to be made to UK law following the conclusion of the Brexit process.

As such, we could well see an increase in the operation of these types of clauses during projects.

Not only that but it is commonplace for the terms of these forms to be amended, and it remains to be seen whether the market starts to take a different approach to the negotiation of change in law provisions over the next two years.

Impatient parents spend £841M paying someone else to teach their child to ride a bike

We’ve heard of parents paying for children to learn to play an instrument or how to swim, but new research has found even the most basic of childhood skills are now being outsourced.

Activities such as art (32%) and even reading (19%) are being avoided by parents in favour of splashing cash on a professional.

Teaching your child to ride a bike, what was once considered quality parent-child bonding time, now sees 3 in 10 parents swerving the responsibility stating fear and frustration as the cause.

39% were scared their child would hurt themselves, 33% admitted they don’t have the patience and 20% were unsure of how to instruct to their child effectively, according to research from MyVoucherCodes.

And parents are willing to pay good money for an easier life, with the average spend on cycling lessons in Britain a whopping £841M[i] – that’s £143.63 per family, when combining the research with ONS data. Some parents were even happy to spend in excess of £500 on lessons – a lot considering it takes the majority of children take just two weeks to pick up the skill.

Excuses, excuses…

Reasons parents give as to why their child can’t ride a bike:

Child can’t get the hang of it (30%)
Can’t find someone to teach child (23%)
Do not have the time to teach them (18%)
Can’t ride a bike themselves (12%)
I can’t be bothered to teach them (10%)

This parental disinterest seems to be having an effect – 43% of children are now older than the national average age of 5 years old[ii] when they master the skill, and worryingly 9% still haven’t learnt how to ride a bike by the age of 18.

Chris Reilly, Managing Director of MyVoucherCodes who commissioned the research said: “Considering 91% of parents described their own experience of learning to ride a bike as positive, it’s surprising to see the number, let alone expense, of parents outsourcing such a key childhood milestone.

“Perhaps mums and dads just need a bit of help and reassurance, so we’ve teamed up with a cycling coach to create a hints and tips video which can be viewed on We hope this inspires parents to give teaching their child to ride a bike another go!”

For more information and to watch the video, visit

Nearly half the nation believe all payments will be made in-app by 2022

Cash-only retailers lose out on TEN MILLION consumers

Cash dies a death: UK shoppers turn backs on self-checkouts, cashiers and notes in favour of in-app payments

New research among 2,000 UK adults by supermarket app Ubamarket has revealed how out-dated payment systems are driving away customers. It found:
•20% of UK adults say in-app payments are their favourite method of paying for items ◦This rises to 34% among 18-34 year olds

•Over 10 million people (20%) will consciously avoid shops, restaurants, newsagents, cafés or bars that only accept cash
•73% of UK consumers – 37.5 million people – have changed their mind and decided not to buy something having seen the size of a queue in a shop ◦53% of shoppers find queues the most frustrating thing about the retail experience

•32% of people pick an online or high-street retailer based on how easy it is to pay for items
•Nearly half (48%, or 24.6 million people) hate using self-scan machines
•21.1 million people (41%) believe all payments will be done via mobile devices in the future ◦The figures jumps to 53% among millennials

Shoppers across the UK are turning away from time-consuming checkout queues and towards rapid payment methods, new research has found.

An independent survey of 2,000 UK adults commissioned by Ubamarket revealed that 73% of shoppers across the nation – the equivalent of 37.5 million people – have changed their mind and decided not to buy something after seeing the size of a shop’s queue. The nationally representative study by the retail app also revealed that ease of payment has become a make-or-break factor for retailers seeking to gain and maintain shoppers.

Ubamarket’s research found that retailers risk frustrating would-be customers by maintaining archaic payment methods – over 10 million of us (20%) will consciously avoid shops, restaurants, newsagents, cafés or bars that only accept cash. Moreover, 32% of Brits actually select online or high-street retailers based on how easy it is to pay for items.

The nation’s frustration towards outdated in-store payments also extends to self-scan machines, with 48% of UK shoppers frustrated by the current iteration of self-payment infrastructure in Britain’s retail outlets.
In app payment is found to be a timely solution; 41% of us – the equivalent of 21.1million people – expect that all payments will be processed via mobile devices in the future. According to the research, in app payment is already the preferred method for one fifth of all shoppers, rising to over a third of millennials.

Will Broome, CEO of Ubamarket, commented on the findings: “Over the past decade, major retailers have taken some strides to improve in-store shopping by embracing new technologies. However, today’s research reveals that long queues and frustratingly out-dated payment systems remain a significant challenge that are ruining millions of shopping trips and therefore must be addressed. Despite the rise of online shopping, it is clear that retailers need to invest in the in-store shopping experience to maintain shoppers’ loyalty in today’s competitive market.”

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Garden Requisites: The Best of British

We all know that British craftsmanship is hard to beat and Garden Requisites’ astounding English wirework and ironwork products are no exception. From delightful window boxes to sturdy trellis panels all handmade here in the UK, you can be certain that you’ll be getting the best of the best. After all, our gardens are our sanctuaries, so why not create a space that will leave your guests green with envy this season.

Click and swipe for local farm shop produce,
fresh to your kitchen from Heartier

Sidestep questionable-quality produce and queues at the supermarket tills by popping over to Heartier ( today. Bringing your local farm shop into the 21st century, this new online retailer is set to make getting your hands on a mouth-wateringly flavoursome grass-fed and outdoor-reared steak or delightfully gooey 3 week aged goats’ cheese a doddle.

Working closely with regional farmers, cheesemongers and chocolatiers to deliver phenomenally tasty meat, charcuterie, cheese and chocolate, Heartier has launched with the goal to reconnect shoppers with their local producers and offer exciting and constantly updated selection of proper, tasty produce at the click of a button.

At Heartier, they understand that provenance and traceability is important, which is why they only work with the most passionate producers, who channel their love of delicious food into the tastiest and freshest grass-fed, free-range, outdoor-reared, native breed meat and dangerously moreish cheese, charcuterie and chocolate. Not only that, but you can see exactly who took your food from field to stove with each delivery. Someone like Rob, for example, who along with his wife Sadie and son Jack, run a beautiful butcher’s shop on the Ragley Estate in the Cotswolds.

Heartier means that you don’t need to live next door to a cheesemonger, butcher or chocolatier to easily access top notch local food with heart. Additionally, its commitment to reducing the UK’s carbon footprint, reducing food waste, helping make the highest welfare standards the norm and supporting local economies is woven through everything the company does.

To browse the selection of produce on offer and order your own box, visit or follow on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram at @heartieruk

Beat the Heat in Training & Competition: Acclimatization

As the summer temps heat up, so does the competition. With so many high stakes national and international events taking place this summer, athletes are feeling the pressure of competition. If that wasn’t enough, add the environmental demands of heavy, suffocating humidity or that blinding, blistering sun. In this two-part series, I hope to provide some insight into how you can beat the heat and (hopefully) your competition starting with heat acclimatization education and strategies (part I) followed by proper hydration and cooling methods and how to recognize early signs of heat exhaustion, a potentially dangerous clinical scenario (part II).

Rugby legend Bryan Habana launches first ever genetically guided online rugby training plan

Springbok rugby union icon Bryan Habana has today launched Rugby Gene-ius, a pioneering new online training plan tailored to individual DNA for the most effective and innovative training plan yet.

Open now for registrations, Rugby Gene-ius is inspired by the expertise Habana has gained during an illustrious 13 year elite playing career, and is delivered in a highly personalised online and video format uniquely adapted for each individual.

Focussing specifically on strength and conditioning, rugby players at all levels can now follow a bespoke plan that is not only adapted according to the demands of their on-pitch position, but uniquely tailored to take into account the individual’s level of experience and specific genetic make-up.

Working closely with one of the best Sports Conditioners he worked with during his career, Stephan du Toit, Bryan Habana has devised a series of training and conditioning drills to fit within an initial three month programme. Each drill and exercise features its own interactive video, audio and text guide from Bryan, providing guidance every step along the way.

The training in centred around four key areas:

• Gym: Increase size, strength and resilience via rugby specific resistance training.
• Conditioning: Run harder and faster for longer with targeted conditioning work.
• Pitch Drills: Develop movement skills to build speed and agility around the park.
• Conditioning-Specific Coaching: Chat to leading sports scientists for expert guidance throughout the plan.

The Rugby Gene-ius web-app takes this core outline and creates a completely personalised training plan for each user based on their individual needs:

1. Position: Front row or winger? Rugby Gene-ius uses the requirements of their position to design their fundamental training programme
2. Experience: Whether a complete beginner or seasoned resistance trainer, workout intensity is tailored to the user’s level of experience.
3. Genetics: Help users adapt faster by harnessing increased knowledge of their own genetic make-up and natural training bias

The Rugby Gene-ius hub is the central portal that houses everything each rugby player needs to track their progress, manage workouts and balance their training schedule. The flexible nature of the plan means that the work-out sessions can be planned around the user’s availability, intuitively building in rest days to ensure effective recovery. Catering for a range of rugby players from recreational to aspiring elite performers, every subscriber receives access to members of Bryan’s coaching team to provide advice and motivation around their training needs, right down to recommended Spotify playlists taken directly from Habana’s own iPod.

Bryan Habana, founder of Rugby Gene-ius said:
“As I’ve progressed through my career, I’ve seen first-hand how differently people can respond to the same training, and that a one-size-fits-all approach is almost never the best approach. Whilst rugby already recognises the need for different training approaches according to respective on-field positions, by understanding our genetic make-up we can take that personalisation to the next level.

“By signing up to Rugby Gene-ius, our community can receive more information about themselves and how best to train for their goals, to help them unlock their true rugby potential.”

The Rugby Gene-ius programme has been created in partnership with DNAFit, a genetics company who has developed a swab DNA test which analyses personal genetic markers attached to fitness and nutrition, helping both elite sportspeople and consumers to better understand how their genetic blueprint can affect diet and training choices.

In November 2016 Bryan Habana revealed his own DNAFit results, and made a call to develop a 1,000 strong database of rugby player DNA, with the ambition to build an even more compelling picture of the unique rugby training requirements.

Avi Lasarow, CEO of DNAFit said:
“We are delighted to be extending our partnership with Bryan Habana, helping to make a difference to rugby players at all levels of the game via the Rugby Gene-ius programme. Of course, genetics is only part of the picture, but by combining Bryan’s knowledge and experience with a greater understanding of individual DNA, we believe this will deliver the most effective training platform yet.”

Consumers can sign up to Rugby Gene-ius by visiting and joining for three months at £125.


87% will hold onto household appliances until they break
66% do not know when appliances should be replaced
82% were not able to identify how often a dishwasher should be replaced

MORE THAN half of Brits are risking higher energy bills as a result of not replacing appliances when they need to, according to new research.

The data suggests Brits are keen to avoid replacing appliances unless necessary – the clear majority (87%) will hold onto household appliances until they break.

A survey of homeowners carried out by leading household appliances retailer,, as part of its Power On: The Evolution of Appliances report, revealed 66% do not know when appliances should be replaced.

82% of those surveyed were not able to identify how often a dishwasher should be replaced, while 78% do not know how regularly an oven should be replaced.

Just a fifth (21%) of Brits claim to be economical and environmentally-aware and would replace an appliance if a more energy-efficient model was released.

1 in 10 would replace an electrical appliance if they found another model that they thought was more stylish, even if their current model still worked.

Mark Kelly, marketing manager at comments: “It’s surprising to see just how little British adults know about their household appliances and how regularly they need to be replaced.

“Large kitchen appliances do not need to be replaced often, but it is important for consumers to follow the guidelines on when their appliances should be fixed or replaced, as it could potentially cost a lot more in the long run.

“Ensuring your home has up to date appliances can not only save money due to energy efficiency, but is also much safer.

“It’s also important that consumers take note of the changes to the energy efficiency ratings. The A++++ rating is no longer useful as it needs changing regularly to keep up. For example, a product that was rated A++ 5 years ago, won’t be as efficient as an A++ rated product now, therefore costing consumers more money to run.”

How often should appliances be replaced?

Dishwasher – 9-15 years

Oven – 13-15 years

Refrigerator – 13-19 year

Washing machine – 8-14 years

Vacuum cleaner – 5-10 years

For more information on or the Power On: The Evolution of Appliances report visit sells a vast range of kitchen gadgets, white goods and other household appliances. The full range of products can be found at


STK is continuing to expand its impressive portfolio of innovative mobile charging solutions, unveiling the practical and intuitive fast fuel 15K portable charger. Taking the expectations of portable charging and raising them, the Qualcomm® Quick Charge™ in-built into the charger re-defines the speed and use of charging. With the ability to power a phone a whopping six times and super-fast charging that is four times quicker than a conventional charger, the sturdily constructed fast fuel 15k from London-based British technology accessories brand, STK, certainly lives up to its name.

Setting itself ahead of the competition, the Fast Fuel 15K comes packed with the latest in Qualcomm® Quick Charge™ technology. With one Qualcomm® Quick Charge™ 3.0 port the fast fuel 15K power bank offers lightning fast charging, powering your phone up to an astounding 4 times faster than the conventional USB port.

As with all of the products in STK’s accessory range, the Binary 3 is designed in London, engineered by experts and built by craftsmen. STK delivers beautiful, functional products made from the best possible materials at a price that isn’t going to break the bank.

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Pricing and availability

The fast fuel 15k is available now in Black or Green at a SRP of £49.99 on

New Furniture Collection from Pastel Lane

Pastel Lane, online retailers of Modern Country style home accessories, have just launched a stunning new furniture collection. With the addition of new lamps and accessories, dressing their stylish sideboards and console tables couldn’t be easier.

‘Dressed with thoughtfully chosen accessories and a couple of gorgeous lamps, sideboards and console tables can be used to create a grand display in any home; to really set them off and add further interest hang a beautiful mirror or a series of pictures above’ says Hannah Browne owner of Pastel Lane.

National Charity Partnership launches challenge to help people across Northern Ireland kick-start healthier habits

People in Northern Ireland wanting to get healthier this summer now have extra support to achieve their goals thanks to a new, free online tool.

The ‘Let’s Do This Eight Week Challenge’ has been developed by the National Charity Partnership, a partnership between Diabetes UK, the British Heart Foundation (BHF) and Tesco, and allows users to set and track their health-related goals over an eight week period.

Goals focus on everyday changes – such as consuming healthier drinks and eating smaller portion sizes – and becoming more physically active. The online eight week challenge, which can be accessed from any computer, tablet or mobile phone, also contains a bank of healthy recipes endorsed by Diabetes UK and the BHF, achievable fitness tips and health-related inspiration to keep people motivated.

Alex Davis, Head of Prevention for the National Charity Partnership, said: “The idea behind our eight week challenge is to support people to make small, positive changes to their lifestyle which will ultimately help to make a big difference to their long-term health.

“The Let’s Do This Eight Week Challenge is designed to help get people started on their personal journey towards developing lifelong healthier behaviours such as eating more fruit and vegetables and getting more active. We’re encouraging people in Northern Ireland to use our online tool, make a lifestyle change for eight weeks and discover the benefits these changes can make.”

Lindsey Crompton, Head of Community at Tesco, said: “At Tesco we’re committed to helping our customers, colleagues and communities live healthier lives and the new Let’s Do This Eight Week Challenge is a great way to support people to make small, positive changes to their daily lifestyle”

The aim of the Let’s Do This Eight Week Challenge is to get people moving more and eating healthily by kick-starting small healthier habits. Being active and eating a healthy diet are both known to reduce the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes and heart and circulatory disease – serious conditions that are largely preventable.

The Let’s Do This Eight Week Challenge can be accessed at

Rugby World Cup winner Ben Cohen MBE announced as brand ambassador for Forever UK

Rugby World Cup winner Ben Cohen MBE has been announced as a ‘brand ambassador’ for Forever Living Products UK. Forever is the world’s largest grower, manufacturer and distributor of aloe vera; its extensive product range includes aloe vera-based drinks, weight management and nutritional supplements, bee-derived cosmetics and personal care products.

Cohen now 38 was rated by many as one of the best players in the world in his position in the early 2000s and he was part of the squad that took England to victory in the 2003 World Cup. He retired in 2011 from a professional career spanning 20 years to focus on the ‘Ben Cohen Standup Foundation’ which is dedicated to tackling bullying in schools, at work, in communities and online.

Ben was back in the media spotlight becoming a household name as he took part in the 2013 BBC TV series ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ when he partnered Kristina Rihanoff. The couple now live together and are parents to baby daughter Milena aged one.

Bob Parker Country Manager for Forever UK, Ireland and Iceland said, “Ben’s anti-bullying foundation perfectly embodies Forever’s philosophy of contribution and making a difference. Ben is a great fit on so many levels for the company and is a great source of inspiration.”

Ben added, “I’m extremely proud to be working with such an established brand and a range of products that I personally love and that are enjoyed by millions around the world.”

Ben has had his share of obstacles to overcome; he suffered the loss of his Dad in 2000 who was tragically killed outside the nightclub he managed standing up for an employee who was being attacked. He is also clinically deaf with only 53% hearing in each ear, this presented its own challenges when dancing in Strictly and keeping time with the music. Relatively late to the rugby world Ben only started playing aged 12; he is equal second on England’s all-time try-scoring list with Will Greenwood.

For more information please visit

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For now, MARS Milk will also be giving away 100 FREE cases of Mars Milk to 100 sports teams from TODAY!

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Fritz Fryer Lighting Specialists

Shine Bright with Hereford Ribbed Globe Pendants

Choosing the perfect light fitting can be a difficult decision. Luckily, the Hereford Ribbed Globe Pendants from Fritz Fryer are an elegant, timeless solution for anyone looking to make a real statement. Handmade in Britain, their beautiful design is sure to stand the test of time and ensure your interior scheme is a cut above the rest.

Air New Zealand launches global search for All Blacks Apprentices

Air New Zealand and New Zealand Rugby are searching the world for two truly crazy-about-rugby All Blacks Apprentices to join the All Blacks as they take on Manu Samoa in Auckland on 16 June.

These volunteer positions are the first of their kind within the All Blacks camp. The apprentices will stay at the All Blacks’ hotel and assist the team both in preparation for the match and on game day, including:

Assisting in the setting up of the team’s Captain’s Run on the day before the game before joining the team for lunch
Attending an exclusive question and answer session with All Blacks Head Coach Steve Hansen and players
Helping to set up the All Blacks’ coaches box, side line and bench on game day
Observing the game from their own private side line bench

One lucky apprentice will also be responsible for running the ball on to the field for kick-off.

Air New Zealand will provide transport to Auckland from anywhere across New Zealand or around the world for the successful applicants along with up to three friends or family members each. They will also receive accommodation and apprentices will wear special custom-made uniforms.

All Blacks Head Coach Steve Hansen says true fans of any age should apply. “The main thing is these people need to be All Blacks supporters through and through and demonstrate a true love of the game. “Like any position on the All Blacks team we expect these spots will be hotly contested so applicants really need to sell themselves and show us how passionate they really are.”

Air New Zealand General Manager Global Brand and Content Marketing Jodi Williams says the airline has been a proud sponsor of the All Blacks for more than 20 years.

“Together with NZR we wanted to create a truly awesome opportunity for fans to go behind the scenes with the All Blacks and do their bit to help the team prepare for the test match against Samoa.”

The apprentices will volunteer their services for 48 hours – from 8am Thursday 15 June to 8am Saturday 17 June 2017.

All Blacks supporters can apply now at Fans are encouraged to provide any supporting evidence of their suitability for this position – for example video, photos, written material or artwork.

Applications close 11.59pm Monday 5 June 2017 (NZT).

Luscious Lunch boxes

Whether it’s for dining at your work desk or for picnicking in the park, dotcomgiftshop has a delightful selection of snack containers for eating on the go. A great way to save those pennies and encourage healthier eating of homemade treats, this clever range of lunch boxes with leak free, insulated and easy to clean compartments are embellished with beautiful dotcomgiftshop prints – making them good enough to eat. Available now from

Complaining Cow and Chief Tesco Critic meets new Chief Customer Officer

In an exclusive interview with Tesco customer and leading Tesco critic, Helen Dewdney, The Complaining Cow blogger and author, meets new Tesco Chief Customer Officer, Alesandra Bellini.

Bellini, who started in March 2017, spoke about her role and challenges she faces.

In this revealing interview Dewdney asks her questions about a wide range of subjects including:

What does she want to achieve?

What are her biggest challenges?

Are big changes coming too quickly for customers?

Empowering customers

Improving accessibility for people with disabilities

Those BOGOFs and other “special” offers

Whilst Dewdney is pleased to hear of some improvements offered by Bellini, she will continue to watch Tesco with a close eye!

The full interview can be found at:

Designer Collaboration: Harlequin Additions

Blinds 2 Go, the UKs leading online window blind retailer, has teamed up with Harlequin to bring some incredible new designs to your windows with their latest collaboration.

Alina Fuschia Roman Blind

Amazila Jade Roller Blind

Floris Charcoal Roman Blind

Combining Harlequin’s striking fabric patterns with Blinds 2 Go know-how and a sprinkling of help and research from their fantastic design team, this collection has made Harlequin designs more accessible than ever before!

The collection features beautiful floral and striped patterns, in a mix of tried and tested colour palettes, as well as specially created ones exclusively for Blinds 2go.
Oozing quality and glamour, the range was selected to fulfill the need for versatile, visually appealing fabrics and make them more accessible as window blinds.

From the mute neutrals of the Floris Charcoal to the bright colours of Alina Fuschia, there’s something for every style of home in the new Harlequin collection.

Prices start from £30.45 for a made to measure roller blind and £32.45 for a made to measure roman blind measuring W40cm x D40cm. For free fabric samples and further information visit tel 0800 862 0464


Anthony Joshua, Wiley and Will Poulter team up with Lynx to break the ‘rules of masculinity’ following hard-hitting research on modern masculinity

– New campaign reveals men are going online to ask what it means ‘to be a man’

– 57% of UK guys are told that ‘real men’ should behave a certain way, 51% believe they need to ‘act tough’ and more than half have had thoughts of suicide

– Anthony Joshua, Wiley, Will Poulter, Tom Daley, Reggie Yates and MistaJam lend their voice to inspire men to be themselves

Anthony Joshua:


Josh Franceschi:

Lynx, the UK’s number one male grooming brand*, is today launching #isitokforguys, a Google search-driven campaign that reveals how guys are searching online for answers to the questions they can’t face asking out loud. From “is it ok for guys to cry” to “is it ok for guys to have long hair”, the data shows the insecurities that guys are turning to Google to answer.

#isitokforguys aims to help liberate men from cultural pressures and labels that tell them what it means ‘to be a man’, with a series of films and interviews that answer the most searched questions on Google. Featuring boxing heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua, godfather of grime Wiley, BAFTA Rising Star winner Will Poulter and some of the UK’s leading male YouTubers – from today, these films will become visible to men typing these questions into Google.

Anthony Joshua said: “I’m proud to look after my body in whatever way I can and yoga plays big part in improving performance, strength and flexibility. I’m working with Lynx to open up and help more guys be the men they want to be.”

#isitokforguys follows a study conducted by the brand and Promundo, an organisation that works with men and boys to promote gender equality and prevent violence. The research delves into socially reinforced rules that say men should be the alpha male, hide their feelings, look a certain way and refrain from speaking up or seeking help with issues.

The research shockingly revealed that in the UK, 57% of guys have been told that real men should behave a certain way since they were children and 51% believe they need to ‘act tough’ even when they’re vulnerable or afraid. More than half of these men also admitted to having thoughts of suicide in the past two weeks alone.

Rik Strubel, Lynx Global Vice President, at Unilever said, “We want guys to see there’s no holds barred on what men can or cannot be. We need to help more men by tackling toxic masculinity, head on. Our aim is to create an inclusive society where everyone – men and women – can be who they want to be. Data showed us what real guys around the world are asking Google about their own insecurities, so we put forward real guys with real answers. We want to tell guys that there’s no rules around how they should look, act or feel – they should be open and proud to be themselves.”

Visit to watch the films.


Aqualuxe brings you the highest quality clothing to provide stylish women with swimwear cover ups and poolside glamour. It strives to ensure every woman oozes elegance and sophistication whether they are heading to a pool party with friends, or on a romantic get-away with a loved one!

The SS17 Collection offers a variety of simplistic, chic designs including the Azure, the Carmela, the Valentina and the Cacia – all available in a variety of colours including Powder Blue and Dusky Pink. The Luxe Collection is perfect for those striving for that added extravagance with their intricate knitwear range, with their hero style the Carmela Luxe Knit available in Classic Black.​

The full Aqualuxe range is available from £49 at

Salvage Chic from MY Furniture

Reclaimed solid oak and blackened industrial steel feature in this affordable new collection of industrial gems from MY Furniture, perfect for creating a pared-back salvage style look.

MY Furniture’s brand new range of vintage industrial style furniture is ideal for creating the loft apartment look, and with urban living and industrial flair continuing to be more popular than ever it’s right on trend.

Interior designers are increasingly turning to exposed materials and sleek factory style pieces to create chic and contemporary designs. By incorporating bold, simplistic shapes with raw materials, it has never been easier to achieve this look in your home.

Inspired by early 20th Century French Industrial design, the range is crafted from authentic reclaimed wood, resulting in completely unique furniture which is bursting with character. Each individual item features a stunning blackened industrial steel finish, creating a flowing shape which is both elegant and strong.

To ensure that every piece is of the best possible quality and value, MY Furniture travels around the world to source their fantastic products. The industrial range is no exception, and is sure to revamp and refresh any room with its stylish, pared-back and dramatic designs. The entire MY Furniture range is available at, tel 0800 092 1636, with fast and free delivery throughout the UK.

Sofas By Saxon

The Velvet Touch

When it comes to the living room, velvet really is the go-to material of 2017. Sumptuous, bold and sophisticated, this luxurious fabric is the perfect way to transform an everyday piece of furniture into something very special. Handmade by an expert team of craftsman in their Lancashire workshop, Sofas by Saxon are proud to produce some of the most luxurious velvet seating available.

Gifts Hub Launches New Swallows and Amazons Book

17th May 2017 – Personalised gifting group, Gifts Hub, announces today a new personalised version of the classic, Swallows and Amazons book. The book is available to purchase now on the group’s consumer websites; I Just Love It and Historic Newspapers for £19.99.

Written by author Arthur Ransome, this personalised edition follows the Walker family and their trip to Wild Cat Island. Detailing their rural excursions, the Walker children master fishing, hiking and sailing, claiming themselves as the Swallows, before they befriend the Blackett sisters (the Amazons) in an alliance against Captain Flint (the Blackett’s uncle James).

Arthur Ransome’s original illustrations appear throughout the book, alongside clear font; all of which is printed on premium paper. Older readers can reminisce the idealistic adventures of the Walker children roaming through the Lake District where the book is set, whilst younger audiences will enjoy the outdoor adventures.

The new book can be personalised with the recipient’s name, which is embossed in foil on the front of the hardback book, and a message which features on the title page. It bolsters the gifting group’s existing range of Personalised Books on I Just Love It, and personalised Nostalgic Gifts on Historic Newspapers.

The Personalised Swallows and Amazons Book is available now on I Just Love It and Historic Newspapers, retailing at £19.99.

Kevin Sears, Ecommerce director at Gifts Hub, said: “The classic Swallows and Amazons tale by Arthur Ransome is a nostalgic treasure for the old and a fantastical adventure tale for the young.

Released as this new personalised edition, it’s the ideal keepsake to pass on to generations. It’s important to remember the fun of the outdoors, away from the climate of technology,” he adds.

What is your vision of a wonderful world? What can we, as global citizens, add to the world we live in to make it wonderful? Can one person make a difference?

Our Wonderful World is an interactive exhibit, opening at the Museum of Australian Democracy at Eureka (MADE) on Saturday 1 July which poses all these questions.

MADE’s hands on exhibit, Our Wonderful World, asks visitors, children and adults alike, to think about active citizenship and democracy through the building of a collective panorama.

By using small stickers, participants are asked to create pictures of the things, people, feelings and ideas, that contribute to building the world that they want to live in. Tens of thousands of small stickers will help create a 15 linear metre curved panorama, of what makes a wonderful world.

Everyone who participates is given the same ‘building blocks’ – a sheet of rectangle stickers, and prompted with questions like: What does a wonderful world need? What will help people to live? Can you make a difference?

Children are encouraged to think about the needs of others as well as their own. Those who do not feel that artistic are encouraged to put their contribution in words. All participants receive an award for their contribution to the world.

When: Daily 10am – 5pm, 1 July – 13 August

Where: Tower exhibition space at MADE

102 Stawell Street South, Ballarat

MADE is one of Australia’s newest museums and commemorates the role of the Eureka Stockade in shaping our nation. It is located on the site of the 1854 Eureka Stockade uprising in Ballarat.

MADE explores both the evolution of democracy and how it has shaped cultures and countries around the world and also looks to its future.

Using art installations and immersive, interactive content, MADE inspires people to contemplate issues that are important to them today.

More information

44 Marathons Man completes epic ‘Marathons for the Mind challenge

44 Marathons, in 44 days in 44 countries of Europe

Get the photos Find out more: Livability – 44 Marathons or Marathons for the Mind


The streets of Dublin hosted Peter Thompson’s finale marathon yesterday, when he successfully ran his 44th marathon in 44 consecutive days to complete his ‘Marathons for the Mind’ challenge.

The challenge began in Russia on April 1st and concluded yesterday, Sunday 14th May. In that time, Pete has run a marathon in every country in Europe to raise awareness for mental health and funds on behalf of the charities Livability and Mind.

Peter Thompson and his mum at the finale marathon in Dublin yesterday

Family, friends and supporters from the local community and afar gathered to give Pete a warm reception at his final destination – the beautiful city of Dublin in Ireland.

The challenge has attracted wide media coverage and attention on social media, with personalities like Stephen Fry, Dame Kelly Holmes and Paula Radcliffe sharing their support.

Other highlights from his challenge included:

Pete running his 32nd marathon in Malta accompanied by Nathan Farrugia who completed 27 marathons – one in every EU country
Meeting the British Ambassador in the British Embassy in Copenhagen after Pete’s 40th marathon.
On people that joined him during some of his runs Peter – quoted in The Times said:

“I developed these intense relationships with people over the four or so hours that they choose to run with me, and the connection has felt very intense despite being so new. Some people want to talk about themselves, some want to ask about me, and others want to be unofficial ambassadors for their countries. Their experiences with mental health have shown me that this complex issue can be broken down very easily if someone is willing to listen.”

Peter Thompson on taking the challenge:

“In terms of my own experiences of mental health I have had many friends and family members who have and who still suffer from, a variety of mental health conditions. I have seen how debilitating this can be, and how frustrating it can be to see services stretched and the right support often extremely hard to come by.

I would not want to belittle or patronise people with long term mental health issues by suggesting I have suffered seriously myself, but like most of us I can say that I have certainly experienced moments and periods of my life where I feel I have had to reach out for the support of others. This has been more apparent within the last year or so and this challenge is very much a way for me to move forward and take a positive outcome from these experiences.”

Supporting mental health through Livability – what inspired Pete’s run?

One of the charities Peter Thompson ran for is Livability – a national disability and community charity. The charity delivers disability services and community projects throughout the UK, supporting disabled and vulnerable people.

Peter has been inspired by one such service called ‘Livability Holton Lee’ – a wellbeing discovery centre in Poole, Dorset, which delivers a gardening therapy project called Flourish.

Flourish is a gardening therapy programme for disabled people and people living with mental illness. Using the gardens in the expansive wellbeing discovery centre of Livability Holton Lee – activities include horticulture, conservation, woodworking and garden maintenance.

As a staff member at a local support service in Poole, Peter has seen the impact that the Flourish project has had on the people he has referred to the project. It supports 60 people each week and helps people grow in confidence, new skills, wellbeing and friendships. 98% of people that attended Flourish in a year reported an increase in social connections.

Pete with participants on Livability’s Flourish project at Livability Holton Lee

Neil Stevens – Centre Manager at Livability’s Holton Lee centre in Poole said:

‘We are delighted that Peter chose to support Livability by attempting this amazing challenge. Livability is a charity that is passionate about tackling barriers that can cause people to be isolated. We know that growing awareness for and supporting people with mental illness is an essential part of this. Through our work at Livability we put this in to action – creating a place of wellbeing, community and inclusion through the horticulture and woodland projects we run at Holton Lee. We are proud that through such projects we are seeing people who live with mental illness report improved levels of wellbeing and social connection. We’re deeply humbled that Peter has chosen such a challenging way in which to help promote this vital and important work.’

Karen Bolton, Community & Events Manager at Mind, said:

“We are truly grateful to Pete for his incredible efforts in undertaking this mammoth challenge and for choosing Mind as one of the charities to benefit from his fundraising. We hope that his challenge will also help to open up the conversation around mental health and encourage more people to get support if they need it. Sport, ecotherapy and exercise not only help to change people’s opinions around mental health, but Peter’s challenge will raise vital money, which will fund Mind’s vital work including the Mind Infoline, our advice services and the campaigning Mind does to secure a better deal for the one in four of us who experience a mental health problem every year.”

How Peter’s support is helping Mind’s work

Money raised from Peter’s challenge will help Mind provide vital support for people with mental health problems, including the Mind Infoline, advice services and the campaigning Mind does to secure a better deal for the one in four of us who experience a mental health problem every year.

Mind provides advice and support to empower anyone experiencing a mental health problem. It does this through a network of around 140 local Minds who provide services specific to local needs, supporting over 390,000 people each year. Mind also support over 16 million people through its award-winning information services which includes extensive online advice and guides on all aspects of mental health.

Additionally Mind runs a free Infoline and legal line which provide confidential advice to around 60,000 enquiries each year. Aside from this it pioneers new forms of online support, including the student mood boosting app ‘Emoodji’ and online peer support community Elefriends which currently supports around 50,000 people.

Featured in the media – Pete’s story has gained huge coverage

Pete’s epic Europe challenge story gained significant coverage in the media, with Twitter support from Stephen Fry, Paula Radcliffe MBE and Dame Kelly Holmes. It has also been profiled by the Virgin London Marathon.


Brits are willing to travel 1,163 miles to a loved one’s wedding
Brits are happy to invest on average £827.45 on being a wedding guest
31% welcome the idea of a wedding abroad

ENGAGED BRITS should expect a bumper guest list, as new research has revealed wedding guests are more than happy to go the extra mile for loved ones’ nuptials, both in distance and financially.

A survey of 2,000 UK adults carried out by One4all, the Post Office gift card, revealed guests would be willing to travel an astonishing 1,163 miles – more than the distance from London and Barcelona or Manchester to Nice – to be at a loved one’s wedding.

The data also revealed newlyweds-to-be debating saying ‘I do’ overseas shouldn’t be put off my what guests will think, as just 16% consider weddings being held abroad selfish.

A third (31%) even welcome the idea of travelling to a wedding abroad.

The overseas wedding trend is being fueled by celebrity couples who are jetting off abroad to tie the knot. Most recently, Girls Aloud singer Kimberley Walsh and former Triple 8 member, Justin Scott said ‘I do’ in Barbados, while Hollywood actress Eva Longoria married successful business man Jose Baston in Mexico, and Glee star Dianna Agron and Mumford and Sons’ Winston Marshall tied the knot in Morocco.

Including travel, accommodation, gifts for the newlyweds, an outfit, beauty treatments and drinks at the reception, Brits are willing to spend £827.45 on average when attending a loved one’s wedding – that’s almost half of the average monthly take home pay in the UK*.

When quizzed on the costs, 28% of respondents said they do not mind splashing the cash as it’s a special occasion.

Aoife Davey, group marketing manager at One4all Gift Cards commented: “It’s really heartwarming to see just how much British adults are willing to spend and how far they are willing to travel to be a part of their loved ones’ big day – 1,163 miles is a really long way and for many, £827 is a lot to spend on somebody else’s wedding.

“I think it’s common for those planning their wedding to choose a location which will appease family and friends, but in fact, our data shows that Britons would happily travel long distances to see the couple tie the knot.

“It also appears that wedding guests in the UK are more than happy to splash out on accommodation, outfits, beauty treatments and gifts for the newlyweds, as they value a wedding as a special occasion – this will be welcome news for couples planning their big day who are concerned about keeping costs down for guests”

Nottingham locals are willing to travel the furthest to attend a loved one’s wedding, clocking up 1,792 miles.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, wedding guests in London are willing to splash out the most at £944, followed by those in Leeds, £891 and Edinburgh, £866.

The One4all Gift Card is available to buy from Post Offices nationwide and online at, and can be spent in more than 50,000 outlets across the UK.

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Record breaking smile highlights the importance of ‘opening up’ about mental health

Lloyds Banking Group colleagues in the Midlands set GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS® title to raise awareness of mental health

Lloyds Banking Group colleagues from the Midlands have broken a Guinness World Records title creating the Largest human image of a mouth in an effort to increase awareness of Mental Health issues.

To support Mental Health Awareness Week (from 8 – 14 May) and inspired by Lloyds Banking Group’s charity partnership with Mental Health UK, 379 colleagues gathered at the NEC in Birmingham to create the mouth image, breaking the previous record by 26% more participants.

This event is just one activity which will take place as part of the Group’s two year charity partnership with Mental Health UK, which aims to promote awareness of the link between mental health and money problems, encourage discussion between customers and colleagues and raise at least £2 million per year in offices and branches across the UK.

Alongside the Guinness World Records title attempt, the Group also ran a mental health awareness lesson to further educate and increase understanding amongst Group colleagues. The session was delivered with the support of the Bank Workers Charity, the only organisation in the UK dedicated to the support of people in the banking community.

Ollie Phillips, former England rugby sevens captain, was in attendance to talk about his own mental health during and post-career, including the challenges and feelings he faced and the support and advice he received. He said: “It’s great to have been invited along to be part of this event as it is a subject I have personal connections with. It is inspiring to see how passionate Lloyds Banking Group colleagues are about raising funds and awareness for mental health.”

Martin Dodd, Lloyds Banking Group’s Ambassador for the Midlands Region, said: “Mental illness is something that affects so many people, and it’s important for people to feel that they are able to ‘open up’ and talk about what they’re going through.

“By setting a Guinness World Records title we hope that we have created a talking point to help encourage people to discuss mental health and have increased awareness of Mental Health UK. The funds we’ve raised will help create a pioneering Mental Health and Money Advice Service, supporting people experiencing both mental health and money issues.

Many of Lloyds Banking Group’s colleagues and customers have experienced, or have friends and family who have experienced mental illness. This is why a resounding majority voted overwhelmingly to support mental health as the theme for the bank’s 2017/ 2018 charity partnership and as part of the Group’s wider ambition to help Britain prosper.

1 in 5 people in UK ban guests due to home décor embarrassment

New research by the House & Garden Festival has found that almost three-quarters (71%) of people in the UK admit to being secretly embarrassed by their home décor and interiors.

In fact, more than 1 in 5 people said that they are so embarrassed that they resort to banning guests from entering their homes at all. 1 in 10 people said that where they cannot shy away from hosting friends and family, they only entertain them outdoors in the garden, on the terrace or balcony, so guests don’t have time to ruminate on their indoor surroundings. Some people even go to extremes to avoid their interiors altogether with 1 in 100 people admitting that they find their décor so unbearable that they will often make up excuses not to go home at all.

But it seems that we are always on the lookout for more home decór ideas with almost 1 in 10 people admitting that they actively snoop around in the homes of friends and family for design inspiration. And many are quite the budding interior stylist with over a quarter (29%) of people saying that one of the skills they most would love to master is picture-perfect interior styling.

When asked what was holding them back from refreshing their interiors so they could love their homes once again, almost a quarter (24%) of people quoted the hassle of having to go from shop to shop to get everything they need. More than 1 in 10 (14%) said that the lack of ideas and knowledge about the latest design trends means they remain stuck in the past, while a similar number, over 1 in 10 (13%) said that they can never decide on anything suitable hence the continual procrastination.

Luke Potkin, Show Manager, House & Garden Festival says: “Despite being very house-proud and having good intentions for refreshing our decór, many of us just seem to be stuck in a rut. A lack of inspiration and accessible advice, coupled with busy schedules and the hassle of journeying to all the necessary shops means that most of us never get around to updating the décor that causes us so much unhappiness and embarrassment. Our homes are our havens – it’s important that we feel comfortable in and are proud of our décor, as so much personal time and social entertaining is spent indoors.

We have launched the all new House & Garden Festival to help those seeking design inspiration and advice to take those necessary steps to refreshing their interior design. With a host of hands-on workshops, an unrivalled line-up of leading experts from the world of interior design from the likes of Farrow & Ball, British Institute of Interior Design, Rita Konig plus a unique collection of over 500 beautiful garden, interior and lifestyle brands together for just four days. It’s your chance to turn your home into a haven you can be proud of.”

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A fun and educational adventure

Passport 4 Change is a fun and educational tooth fairy adventure. During a trip to the airport, I asked my 5 year old niece where she would go of she could go anywhere in the world. She thought for a moment and said, “Target!”
In an attempt to make her world bigger, I created Passport 4 Change.

My niece called me a few weeks later and said, “Aunt Tiffany! My first tooth just fell out and the tooth fairy was just in England having tea with the Queen and she left me British Pounds!”

My product includes, 20 real foreign coins, my world map, a personalized tooth fairy pillow and a passport box where the child will store their coins. When the child has filled the book with the coins brought by the tooth fairy, they can remove the pages and insert their own passport to begin their own adventures

Passport 4 Change teaches map skills, math, geography, foreign currency and exposes children to different cultures and traditions. My hope is that Passport 4 Change will spark and interest in children and bridge a gap with what may be unfamiliar. I hope to promote curiosity and inspire children to dream big. Passport 4 Change is a global approach to connecting with one another

In an effort to give more, a portion of each sale is going toward scholarships for students study abroad programs

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Peter Rabbit has been a timeless character for generations, and the latest release is the perfect gift for both young and old.

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