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Yoga De-Mystified: Transformed Theory of Yoga
by Shiv Sharma (Author)

“Shiv Sharma is an inspiring yoga teacher who is also a scientist. His upbringing in India gave him a sound understanding of the development of Indian philosophy whilst his subsequent scientific training instilled an essential desire to explain the world and seek justification for whatever is asserted. As a yoga teacher, he applies these principles by separating what is non-testable, or downright wrong, from what is measurable, understandable and repeatable; his mantra in class is to question, understand and apply well-directed effort.” – Dave Plummer, ex-Head of Medical Imaging, University College London Hospital and Lesley Whitby

About the Author
Shiv Sharma has a doctorate in physics from York University and worked for 30 years as a scientist in medical research, with over a dozen patents to his name. He has adapted these scientific research skills to bring about an in-depth understanding of yoga. Shiv has taught yoga for over 30 years, qualifying initially in the Iyengar Yoga system and having been to India a number of times to study under Mr Iyengar himself. For the past 20 years, he has been working on a scientific approach to yoga, refining the principles for this book. He regularly hosts seminars and workshops for yoga teachers in Ireland and Greece.

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