STAR WARS: THE RUGBY ALLIANCE The Force is at play for the 2015 Marriott London Sevens

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24th March 2015: Darth Vader and a select squad of Stormtroopers will descend on the home of England Rugby with the galactic themed 2015 Marriott London Sevens on the 16th-17th May. While scrum wars will be at play on the field, the number of spectators rocketing through the gates is set to be out of this world.

Darth Vader’s appearance at Twickenham Stadium has been captured in a TV ad which airs from today and can also be viewed on YouTube. Catching several people off guard including a startled C-3PO, Darth Vader stood face-to-face with the England Rugby team who were unmoved by the notorious villain. A showdown between the forces of light and dark saw neither give an inch, ensuring the real action will be seen between the international teams on the pitch in May.
Sophie Goldschmidt, England Rugby Chief Commercial and Marketing Officer said: “We have chosen a galactic theme for the 2015 Marriott London Sevens and the famous faces from Star Wars will really help bring this to life in and around Twickenham Stadium. The atmosphere here at Twickenham is part of what makes the tournament so successful and such a big hit with fans. Last year’s event was a cracking weekend stuffed full of fantastic rugby action, some wild moves, both on and off the field, and some brilliant fancy dress efforts. 2015 promises to take fans on a ride into galaxies far, far away with a weekend of action that is bigger, better and louder!”
The 2015 Marriott London Sevens galactic theme will see many of the spectators arriving in Star Wars fancy dress so expect to see plenty of Darth Mauls, Luke ‘Try-walkers’ and ‘Jabba the Rucks’.

The fast paced conclusion to the HSBC Sevens World Series will see the players utilise more mind games than mind tricks and will see displays of superb team play and (Han) solo brilliance.

Tickets are still available for the Marriott London Sevens (May 16 & 17), round 9 of the HSBC Sevens World Series. It will be out of this world!

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