SPONSORED VIDEO: HSBC World Sevens Series: Round 4 England v Scotland in the Calcutta Cup Coffee Challenge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! + Video Highlights Of The Best 7 Tries From Wellington

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Gimme sunshine, sevens and coffee!! Oh the life of an international sevens player, great times, great rugby and great climates! Check out the excerpt below sponsored by HSBC 7s of players getting some coffee making lessons in Wellington as the HSBC 7s tour hits New Zealand. Chris Craknell & Tom Powell England v Colin Gregor & Scott Riddell Scotland go head to head in the Calcutta Cup Coffee Challenge!!!! And lots of spilled coffee, destroyed coffee and hopeless coffee froth drawings later the winners emerge! The tour has reached Wellington New Zealand – and with Usa on the 10th Feb followed by Hong Kong & Japan there is lots of sevens action to follow; but will the coffee lesson help their co-ordination – check out the clip to find out:

This section of InTouch Rugby is sponsored by HSBC.

[youtube Q7xURNzA1cM]

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