Special Treats for the Rugby Fan in Your Life

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Special Treats for the Rugby Fan in Your Life

Rugby is a popular sport in many countries of the world. Millions of people buy tickets to see their favourite teams battle it out on the pitch. It’s also a fun sport to watch on television, or down at the pub. If your other half or close friend is a massive rugby fan, it makes sense to buy them a gift that reflects their passion in life. The same applies to a special treat if you feel like doing something special for them. We love Rugby on this site, so here are some great ideas for treating the rugby fan in your life. Happy shopping!

Rugby Shirt

Rugby shirts are a classic choice for any rugby fan, male or female. You can buy rugby shirts in your fan’s team colours from official stores, although these can be expensive. Alternatively, if you don’t have quite so much money to spend, look for a rugby shirt in the right colours, but from a different retailer.

Match Tickets

Match tickets are a good choice, or you could splash out on season tickets. Buy your match tickets online or if your rugby fan supports a local team, direct from the ticket office. Tickets for big matches often sell out very fast, so if you want to snap up some tickets for a league final or world cup match, don’t delay. If you miss out on a ticket from official sources, check sites like eBay, as people sometimes sell unwanted tickets. However, make sure the ticket is genuine.

If you manage to secure tickets for an important match, why not make a weekend of it? Splash out on a hotel and enjoy a relaxing two or three days away.

Place a Bet

Placing a bet on the outcome of a rugby match is exciting. It adds an extra element of enjoyment to a great day. One way to treat a friend or loved one is to give them some money to place a bet on their team winning a key match. If the team wins, you can celebrate together. If sports betting is new to them, check out Bookmaker Ratings and choose a bookie and bet together.

Rugby-Themed Artwork

Look for a piece of rugby-themed artwork, perhaps a print or a poster. Any rugby fan would be delighted to receive such a thoughtful gift.

Team Kit

You can buy official team shirts and other merchandise from official stores or licensed retailers. Show your support for a team by investing in a team shirt and other official kit. Official kit is excellent quality and a great gift for a keen rugby fan. If you do decide to invest in team kit, always buy from official outlets. Cheaper kit sold by unofficial retailers is not the genuine article and the quality will be inferior.

Rugby Memorabilia

Avid rugby fans are likely to own official team kit already, so for something a bit different, look online for rugby memorabilia such as a signed rugby ball or similar. Websites such as eBay are good places to look, as people sell all kinds of unusual memorabilia online.


Many players write their autobiographies once they stop playing full-time, so if your rugby fan follows a particular player, buy them the player’s autobiography as a gift. It will offer some great insights into the player’s life and career.

Rugby Ball

You can never have too many rugby balls. Invest in a new one from an official store and spend the afternoon testing it out in the local park.

Hat and Gloves

It can get cold at rugby matches. A pair of warm gloves and a woolly hat will be much appreciated by any fan with a season ticket.

These are all great ideas, so pick the one the rugby fan in your life will love the most.

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