Spaced360 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Delivers Unrivalled, Fully Immersive Music Experience

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Spaced360 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Delivers Unrivalled, Fully Immersive Music Experience

London, UK, 2014: Spaced360 is set to shake up the UK market of wireless speakers. Shattering any preconceived ideas of how a Bluetooth-enabled portable speaker should look or sound, Spaced360’s design was deliberately created to deliver a dynamic yet immersive sound, effortlessly wrapping listeners in full spectrum audio wherever they are.

airSOUND™ Technologies joined forces with the global award-winning designer Frank Nuovo to create Spaced360. Frank was fully inspired by airSOUND™ technology and created an industrial design that perfectly communicates the revolutionary technology that delivers the 360 degree audio experience. The three visible speakers emphasise the hi-fi credentials of this powerhouse speaker.

Meticulously engineered and powered by patented airSOUND™ Technology, the portable speaker with apt-X Bluetooth creates an immersive, infinite ‘sweet spot’. By using three high powered 2″ neo speakers and three mass loaded bass radiators that are all equally spaced, the resulting forces are balanced, bass response is improved, and cabinet vibration is greatly reduced. The highly tuned system of Spaced360 is designed to wrap listeners in a 360 degree sound-space.

Original, out-of-the-box design looks as good as it sounds

This breakthrough design perfectly balances form and function; with 3D metal grilles formed around airSOUNDTM Technology, Spaced360 breaks away from traditional design language for better sonic performance. Engineered for durability, this pick-up-and-go speaker measures only 22 x 19 x 8.8cm and weights just over 1KG.

The sleek base charger means recharging is easy, making this extraordinary piece of audio kit ultra-portable or thrown in a back-pack to enjoy crystal clear wireless audio on the go.

Fully charged to experience music anytime and anywhere. 

With simple set-up and active NFC paring, Spaced360 connects to any Bluetooth device within seconds enabling friends to share their favourite playlists instantly. Boasting up to 14 hours of music playback, fully recharged via the sleek base charger within three hours. Apt-X Bluetooth connectivity with NFC – ensure fast and easy connection to any Bluetooth audio device and the highest quality audio streaming.

Immersive sound, innovative technology

Spaced360 is the result of more than 40 years of acoustic research and experience in sound engineering by Airsound Technologies Ltd., a British company, focused solely on producing unparalleled sound quality for today’s connected generation.

The Spaced360 retails at £250. Available from, John Lewis and in black and silver with a range of protective cases in seven striking colours for £30.

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