Easy – To – Open ! GRIP + TORQUE = SOLUTION ! >> www.facebook.com/EasyToOpen/

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Easy – To – Open ! GRIP + TORQUE = SOLUTION ! >> www.facebook.com/EasyToOpen/



Introducing the smartest and easiest way to open any lid, Easy To Open or ETO. From tough to open jars, caps, to even the toughest nail polish bottles, Easy To Open can help you open anything with ease!

Easy To Open is a simple & innovative product that really works. Do not let the lightweight portable design fool you – this patented design is made with durable aviation-grade components that have been thoroughly tested for strength and torque. The Easy To Open doubles the grip and triples the torque of any object you are trying to open


People all over the world have used this innovative, patented, and unique new ETO. They no longer live with the madness of not being able to open tough lids and tops by themselves. How about you – isn’t it time to simplify your life?

Sometimes a jar top or lid can be stuck and you simply need more strength to open it. For others, the cause can be a medical problem – such as basal joint arthritis, diabetes, or any other impediment that can limites dexterity. Regardless of whether you are currently suffering from one or more medical conditions, or simply need a little extra help, Easy To Open is one simple tool that can help.


Easy To Open Lid Opener Helps Provide Jobs for Disabled Veterans

Easy To Open​ announces the creation of a re-engineered jar opener that provides jobs to disabled veterans available at ​openastucklid.com​. Customers in the US now have the opportunity to use a product that not only benefits them, also but the community.

Ray Davis, founder of Easy To Open, explains: “I wanted to create a product that was portable, easy to use, and helps not only the person using the product, but also the community as a whole. As I aged, I lost strength in my hand. I did not want to carry a bulky jar and bottle opener and the standard assisted openers did not adjust to fit my various needs.”

Launched in 2015, Easy To Open, also known as the ETO, is a unique patented design that is practically indestructible. The ETO wraps around a lid to double the grip and triple the torque making bottles, jars, nail polish, lids, soda cans, and other items easy to open for the affordable price of $9.99. It also can be used around the home for chores, tightening pipes being one example. The ETO was designed to have universal application to be helpful in many different situations. It is able to be adjusted up to three inches and is small in size for easy portability, making it so you can place it in a purse or pocket to be used on the go.

Developed by a U.S. Military Veteran in Houston, TX and assembled by disabled veterans and the mentally handicapped at Gompers Habilitation in Glendale, AZ, the Easy to Open products currently come in two colors: pink and blue.

Easy To Open hopes to donate to local and national charities for every product purchase. The charities that will be donated to will differ based on product color, as each color ETO will represent a different charity. For example, the pink product represents the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

The launch of Easy to Open’s adjustable jar opener serves as a key to helping in daily life as well as in benefiting the community. “We make sure that every process from production, assembly, to packaging is completed in the U.S. by disabled veterans or family-owned businesses. I also wanted to give back to and have each color ETO represent a different charity,” said Davis.

For more information about Easy To Open, visit  their website at ​www.openastucklid.com​

and follow on Facebook at ​www.facebook.com/EasytoOpen



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