Social media app celebrates the online communities around the Six Nations

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t00Social media app celebrates the online communities around the Six Nations

Your Nations A social media project has been collecting memories from the momentous games in the form of user photos filtered from avid rugby fans on social media.

With recent statistics revealing that one-fifth of rugby fans post on social media about the sport during a match and over half multi-task whilst watching a game on TV, it is clear that online users are keen to share and communicate their experiences. Now, there is a centralised resource to memorialise the annual competition.

Your Nations is a Six Nations first, and was designed to give fans a feeling of what is was like to be in the crowd as the tournament progressed by pulling through photography from specific geolocations around the tournament stadiums.

In addition to this, the content actively compared the Twitter support of the two teams and find out who gains the most social buzz, as well as the most points on the field.

Your Nations ( stores photos from around the Six Nations stadia on match days, pulling through the excitement of the crowd during rugby’s leading international tournament, and gives you a real-time view of Twitter ‘possession’ as fans get behind their teams on social media at home.

So far the application has pulled in thousands of fan images from the fixtures played so far, and will document photos posted to Twitter and Instagram during this weekends’ games.

The piece is lightweight, simple-to-use and has been designed to act as a lasting memorial of this year’s Six Nations and the large community of supporters around the event.

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