Bioglan SmartKids range and Sambucol for Kids Add to your Back-to-School kit list essentials

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Bioglan SmartKids range and Sambucol for Kids

Add to your Back-to-School kit list essentials

NEW Bioglan SmartKids range offers an exciting variety of supplements which provide your child with high levels of essential nutrients – cleverly hidden in the most delicious formats. Kids will love it -no matter how fussy the eater. Smart Mums choose SmartKids!

Sambucol For Kids is a great-tasting berry flavoured syrup, founded on the qualities of Black Elderberries and Vitamin C for immune support in children under 12.

Omega 3 Brain Formula – especially designed to support brain health and cognitive development. This squirtilicious citrus chewable is bursting with Omega-3 from fish oil – with especially high levels of fatty acid DHA, best known for its role in brain health. Help support your little ones in reaching their full potential as they head back to school.

Happy Tummies Yoghurt Balls – are a fun and delicious way to take probiotics. Fight unfriendly bacteria and provide their tummies with 1 billion good bacteria to support a healthy digestive system.

Fussy Eaters Multivitamin – especially designed for those little fussy eaters! This delicious fizzilicious multi-vitamin contains 17 important nutrients PLUS a fruit and veg blend for that extra boost of nutritional goodness.

SmartKids Superfood Shake –Mum’s best kept secret! Packed with heaps of nutritious hidden fruit and vegetables – and disguised in a chocolicious cacao-flavour shake to add to milk, smoothies or yoghurt. This is the perfect after-school heathy treat.

Every parent worries when their child goes back to school or when they are starting nursery for the first time, especially with all of those bugs and germs just waiting to be shared. That’s why parents love Sambucol.

A Black Elderberry juice packed with added vitamin C, the Black Elderberry has anti-viral properties and boosts immunity, making it ideal for boosting immune systems and fighting cold and flu. Black Elderberry has more than 50% the antioxidant power of other fruits like blueberries. It is also a natural suitable alternative safe for children since the ban of Echinacea in children under 12s. And tastes very, berry good!



Bioglan SmartKids

Bioglan SmartKids range is part of the Bioglan portfolio –a provider of high-quality Vitamin, Mineral and Supplement products offering unique and high-strength formulations which really make a difference. The SmartKids range provides four products in exciting formats – with a fun, friendly approach making it easier than ever for parents to ensure children get the nutrients they need every day.

Brain Formula Omega 3 It comes in a delicious citrus flavour and Children 4+ can chew one capsule per day (Available for £9.99 at Holland & Barrett)

Happy Tummies Yoghurt Balls Each yoghurt ball contains 1 billion good bacteria -lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium lactis – two well-known and researched strains. Children aged 4+ can enjoy one strawberry yoghurt ball daily! (Available for £9.99 at Holland & Barrett)

Fussy Eaters Multivitamin It combines lots of essential vitamins and minerals together with a high ORAC blend of fruit and veg. They come in a berrilicious Blackcurrant & Strawberry flavour. (Available for £9.99 at Holland & Barrett)

SmartKids Superfood Shake this Superfood shake is perfect for a before or after school snack, or for busy kids on the go, without any of the nasties like added sugar and artificial sweeteners. So easy to add to milk, smoothies, cereal, yoghurt (or if they’re being extra demanding, maybe mix in to their occasional ice cream treat)! (Available for £9.99 at Holland & Barrett)

Sambucol Kids Liquid (120ml)

Sambucol for Kids is one of the best-selling products in the Sambucol immune support range.

Kids love it because it tastes delicious and parents love it because it’s backed by scientific studies.

Sambucol is a high quality Black Elderberry juice that has been show to shorten the duration of flu from 6 to 2 days. The randomised, double-blind, placebo controlled trial concluded that Black Elderberry juice significantly reduced the duration of influenza. The researchers found that Black Elderberry juice was an efficient, safe and cost effective treatment for influenza.1

Black Elderberry has been shown to have a more potent antiviral effect than Echinacea1
Contains Black Elderberry Juice & Vitamin C to help support immune system
High antioxidant levels and Antivirin® action.
No artificial colours or flavours
Scientifically tested
Suitable for children aged 1 -12 years
Non-drowsy, alcohol free
Suitable for vegetarians & vegans

Sambucol® for Kids (RRP £8.67) Suitable from 1+. Available from Boots, Holland & Barrett, Tesco, Waitrose, Ocado, Amazon, Chemist Direct and independent health stores and pharmacies.

[1] Vivian Barak et al, 2002, The Effect of Herbal Remedies on the Production of Human Inflammatory and Anti-inflammatory Cytokines. Herbal Remedies Affect Cytokine Production, volume 4

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