SHOTS Omagh Accies Tag Tues 16th June Album 1, What a great night of fun, the Spirit of Tag is alive and well at Omagh RFC

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A fantastic turnout for week 1 of the league and the fun was superb! The Club’s Head Coach Phil Marshall is the leader of Omagh Tag and is a great believer in the games incredible ability to develop forwards and backs as amazing passers and side steppers and off loaders, but Phil’s opening introduction to this years tournament ended with the number 1 priority “The Spirit of Tag” which is to enjoy and relax and have fun, this tournament ends with a thrilling nights tag as these competitors are very athletic. As a club Omagh have created a community and a spirit and identity that needs only be said in Ulster and Irish rugby circles to elicit nods and approval of the players and coaches who make this club famous. It was great to see so many superb athletes there at the opening night. Below is album 1 of, 3, click on a pic, it will open on its own page then click on the image and it will open full screen full size! CLICK HERE for Album 2, CLICK HERE for album 3

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