Saturday featured a fantastic endoresement of Ladies Rugby at Enniskillen Rugby club!

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Saturday featured a fantastic endorsement for the development of ladies rugby at Enniskillen Rugby Club, with five of the club’s under-18 girls, Lucy Barr, Alison Glass, Clarie Boles, Rebecca Pennell and Kathryn Dane, playing in the Ulster regional development team for games against Munster and Connacht in an interprovincial blitz in Westmanstown.

Not only was the selection of such a large representation a major achievement for the girls and the club, but in addition to this the side managed a clean sweep, with a 19-15 victory over Connacht, and an extremely hard fought 5-0 victory over Munster where all of the Skins’ girls impressed, in particular Clare Boles who scored two tries on the day.

All the girls should hopefully feature again when they play a surely formidable Leinster side on 1st November.

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