Rugby World Training Camp is a Go!

Rugby World Training Camp is a Go! Darlington is a lovely place to go and spend some time, but it may now be taking on a whole new meaning. As […]

Rugby World Training Camp is a Go!

Darlington is a lovely place to go and spend some time, but it may now be taking on a whole new meaning. As will tell you, the site has become a rugby World Cup training camp. This is huge news, although the team that is using the area is unknown.

The team of players will be staying at the local hotel and spa for seven days and will have access to the training facilities and adequate leisure facilities at the same time. Having an ample provision of resources to choose from can help to make sure the team gets its optimal training in ahead of the big games.

Speaking about the event, the mayor of Darlington said that “Welcoming an international team to the region is the icing on the cake and is further recognition of our exceptional facilities and venues. The players aren’t going to be locked away behind closed doors training for the entire duration of their stay. The Rugby League’s been clear that there will be an active programme of engagement, with the team working to promote the game in our local schools and communities, helping us to grow the sport. They’ll be here for up to seven weeks, spending time and money in the region and boosting our profile across the world. With thousands of fans expected to come from across the globe to follow the action, I’m looking forward to seeing them flood through our airport arrivals hall”.

So, in essence, we are going to be seeing the team working not only in a training capacity, but also helping to promote awareness of the game in the community, and effectively get spirits raised for the upcoming tournament. It’s always exciting when an internationally renowned team makes a base of operations near you, and so it’s not a stretch to imagine that the occupants of Darlington are exceptionally excited for this opportunity. Of course, the influx of tourists that come to see the new team play and train could be quite considerable to, so this may have an improved effect on the tourism economy of the area.

The hotel itself is everything that the team could need for an excellent place to unwind and relax at the end of a long day. There is a gym, a pool, spa and everything else that you could need to kick back and chill out. And given there is no doubt the team is going to be put through their paces and worked extensively to make sure that they’re in top condition for the games, a good place to get some R&R is always welcomed. However, none of this would be possible if Darlington hadn’t submitted a compelling bid to gain access to the rights to host the team, so it will be interesting to see how the city accommodates its new guests while they train. We are sure that everything will work out for the best.