Rugby World Cup Sevens… champagne sevens rugby!

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Rugby World Cup Sevens… champagne sevens rugby!

The truth is you can watch it anytime becasue the sevens circuit is so big its sunny somewhere and pro players are playing competitions all over the world, check out The Punters Page and you can get the latest info and odds on placing a friendly bet!

However… the biggest most prestigious sevens circuit is the Rugby Sevens World Cup and in that free flowing competition rugby flair and excitement is on display from the best Sevens rugby players in the world. The teams are battling it out in April 2023 for the ultimate title!

Are the teams settled? will it be new players and break through talent dazzling the sevens stage and mesmerising the spectators? Its the lifestyle and fun surropunding sevens that attracts millions of fans to experience the carnival atmosphere of sevens. With food, nights out, music, fashion and dances in the evenings making the weekend a highlight of the rugby calendar.

All the big pro world rugby teams will tune in to watch and a lot of betting takes palce on games with new fans trying to figure out “who should we bet on?”. Its so difficult to figure it out at the start because all the teams are so good and sevens is such a free flowing rugby variant with acres of space on the ptich for the rugby speedsters to whizz their way across the try lines.

Whatever your doing in April if you get the chance to go to the tournament you won’t be dissapointed and are guaranteed to have a brilliant time with everyone there. Spectators, fans, players and eveyone will bo soaking up that summer feeling and enjoying themselves.

Have a great time and thanks for stopping by today we hope to see you again soon.

Very very Best wishes the InTouch Rugby Sevens Editor-At -Large!

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