Rugby World Cup Ireland 2023 gets seal of approval from Martin Snedden former CEO of Rugby New Zealand 2011 Ltd

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“Rugby World Cup, Ireland 2023 gets seal of approval?

CEO of the New Zealand Rugby World Cup 2011, Martin Snedden, believes that his country provides a natural template for any Irish bid to host a Rugby World Cup. With a similar population and infrastructure, Snedden highlights the parallels between venues such as Rotorua, Dunedin and Whangerei and potential Irish host towns and cities. In addition to the parallels in physical infrastructure and landscape, Snedden acknowledges the need for partnerships; “Major events have gone a long way from being pure sports events 10 to 15 years ago. To justify the costs of hosting an event like this you have to get tourism involved and also business. Both sectors will benefit down the line, make no mistake about it.”
Hear more from Martin Sneeden at the European Sport Tourism Summit 2014 being hosted in Thomond Park, Limerick on 15th May.

Original article by Caroline Madden on Linkedin > Strategic Planning & Project Consultant at W2 Consulting
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