Rugby Season 2019 – How Will It End

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Rugby Season 2019 – How Will It End

When it comes to sports, there is nothing like the rugby season in the UK. And for the uninitiated, it is called Premiership Rugby. It is literally a relegation dog-fight, with players try to scrap for points and survival. With all that is at stake, it is not entirely surprising why it is called the “business end” of a season.

Rugby and Sports Betting

If you pick a sporting cliché, you will notice that most of them are applied to the bottom end of the titular Premiership Rugby. The same thing can be said in the world of sports betting. As the popularity of the sports grows, so does sports betting. In fact, a handful of sports betting sites in the UK have existed for the primary goal of giving punters an avenue to wager on their favourite rugby team.

Now is the right time to check the odds and see which team is likely to go on top. And whether or not you are new to the world of sports betting, it is imperative to do your own research before placing your bets. You want to know exactly the value that you will be getting. You never know, betting on the underdog is a much better plan to take. In any case, you can check out these betting sites for rugby sports betting satisfaction.

How It Stands Right Now

To give you an idea, the Premiership Rugby introduced its top four. These were none other than the Harlequins, Saracens, Gloucester, and Exeter. Right now, though, the Saracens proved to be a force to be reckoned with. Not only did they top the Southern Conference with at least eight wins, they managed to continue their glorious run.

Tom Woolstencroft wowed the crowd with his doubles, while both Anthony Maka and Tom Whiteley did not disappoint. The same sentiment can be expressed for other players like Ralph Adams-Hale, Nick Isiekwe, and Elliott Obatoyinbo, with the latter crossed with a penalty try.

Sure, Matt Worley and his Wanderers squad, but it was the Storm that will contest the finals come May 13. The Saracens, being the first to advance to the finals, are currently waiting for the winner between the Newcastle Falcons and Exeter Braves.

Who Could Win The Trophy

The beauty of rugby is that it is anybody’s game. It is really hard to tell which team could go home as the winner. The battle between the Braves and Falcons, in particular, is a hard one to predict. And while the Saracens have been a victorious team this season, it is unethical to pour all hopes on them.

Others believe the Falcons can be a great matchup for the Storm, but one has to take into account the brilliance of the Braves and their defense. And, if it is the other way around, the same narrative can be drawn.

All things will unfold come the finals. Perhaps from there, all expectations will be met or failed. Either way, the Premiership Rugby has once again proved itself to be a celebration rather than just a game.

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