Rugby League Ulster Final: Ballynahinch Rabittohs v Fermanagh RedskinsThe Best Game Of Rugby League In Ulster This Year

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Without a doubt the best game of Rugby League in Ulster this season. An exciting game throughout. Hard fought with the highest number of big hits we’ve seen, and all the skills.

The Redskins were ahead until the closing stages of the game. Right from the first 10 minutes the Redskins enthusiasm, commitment to breaking the game line and employing the high ball made for exciting end to end rugby!

Our fellow photographer for the day John Dickson, (John, has got some brilliant pictures and can be contacted at Dickson Digital) and I were not able to put the cameras down for a second as the speed of this game, and the depth of skills from both sides were on display continuously.

Players on both sides stepped up to the plate. Although the Redskins lost the game, we have no doubt that for a team to enter the tournament for the first time this season they must surely be one to watch for the future!

The Rabittohs depth of personal fitness and added weight finally took its toll in the final ten minutes with some excellent tries from the Rabittohs to win the game.

It is also a credit to the Rabittohs who kept themselves in contention and in keeping their nerve and discipline finished the winners of the Ulster Rugby League.

We got some carcking shots of big, big hits in the pics below! Apologies to the victims, but we just could not resist putting these up. Also fantastic to get shots of the the tries from Rabittohs in last ten minutes, the sheer passion from these guys is immense, enjoy! 133 Photos.

. Also fantastic to get shots of the the tries from Rabittohs in last ten minutes, the sheer passion from these guys is immense, enjoy! To view a slide show & download images – Click Here

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Tim Morton Rabittohs Captain Recieves the Rugby League Ulster Trophy From Rugby League Regional development officer Wayne Kelly

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Ballynahinch Rabittohs Top Try Scorer Richard Rainey recieves a certificated as recognition of this and also big congratulations to him on winning a Cap for the Ireland Rugby League team Wolfhounds!

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It has been a pleasure to cover this season so far and we look forward to following the Rugby League in Ulster as it progresses, to all teams feel free to send in match reports and news to we will be delighted to run all we can on intouch.

Ballynahinch Rabittohs: R, Reaney, M. McCormick, J. Cullen, G. Taylor, C. Atkinson, D. Harris, J. McBriar, T. Morton (c), T. Frazer, A. Seawright, A. Ward, J. Simpson, J. Gunson, N. McCavery, S. Morrow, R. McBriar, J, Donaldson, N. McCordick, A. Joseph, D. Ansell.

Fermanagh Redskin: M. O’Shea, O. Burges, E. Ferguson, M. Law, E. Adair, M. Connor, A. Finaly, K. Grayburn, J. Prenter, R. Bennet, J. Carlton, B. Hazlit, G. Hall, H. Richmond, M. McManus, R. McClintoch, S. Welsh, P. Greaves, M. Hazzard

Referee: Paul Baxter

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