Is rugby in danger of becoming a brilliantly-coached bore?

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When Ireland played Australia in Dublin in 1991, the dashing scrumhalf Rob Saunders was filmed repeatedly punching himself in order to acclimatise his body to what lay ahead. This was in Lansdowne Road and the occasion was the World Cup rugby quarter-final, in which the Aussies were expected to waltz home.
Instead, the Irish responded to the occasion and conjured something they weren’t renowned for back then: they moved the ball smoothly and scored a brilliant try. In that famous film clip you notice the surge of noise as the Irish moved the ball daringly and unexpectedly across the pitch from Saunders at the base of the scrum to allow Jack Clarke to outwit no less than David Campese before he sent Gordon Hamilton galloping clear for a brilliant try………….. see more at :-

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