REVIEW: Preparing, cooking & sampling La Befana Beer Bread a range of culinary beer bread flour mixes with distinct flavours, Outcome, VERY VERY VERY MUCH RECOMMENDED!

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REVIEW: Preparing, cooking & sampling La Befana Beer Bread a range of culinary beer bread flour mixes with distinct flavours, >




La Befana Beer Bread is so delicious, I enjoy cooking, and you will understand what we mean when we say that you can discern between quality, there are items that one simply will not eat, adding into the mix the health aspects means that in our household we now treat bread as a luxury to be savoured rather than a staple, that is why I made the decision to cook my own bread once or twice a month and I have been looking in the retail outlets for a bread that would be special for my family but also when I’m entertaining guests and preparing produce for their enjoyment.

I take great great pride in my taste and I have to say the preparation and production of these loaves was thrilling from start to finish, would it work, had La Befana got it right, was this going to be a complete disaster or would it be exactly what I had imagined and a real treat and delicacy for my guests at summer parties.

So, I had my beer ready for mixing into the pre-prepared dough and all I had to do was mix the beer into the dough and then cook. I had imagined all the technical aspects of making bread and I have been through that process so to have finally found this producer was such a find. But was it going to work, it was so simple and painless to prepare and now it was in the oven and completing its preparation!

I had other tasks and household chores to attend to as I the beer bread completed its 50 mins in the oven! Before I knew it the timer was sounding on our range and I quickly returned to sample the creation!

It was spectacular, such a joy, I treat bread as a luxury so on these occasions I am allowed to have a little taste of butter, of course the hot freshly baked bread melted the butter as you would expect!

I was so pleased with the outcome and I thoroughly recommend La Befana Beer Bread, I had the Rosemary & Garlic flavoured mix but you can also get their Smoked Onion flavour which has a gloriously mild, smoked fragrance or Chilli & Tomato which offers a very spicy Mediterranean twist, with every bite. Onion and Garlic for Italian inspired meals, or simply the Original flavour to complement any meal!


La Befana beer bread mixes are easy to bake – even children can get involved – they are fool proof. Do take time to look at their Facebook page that contains useful tips and recipes to enhance your culinary experience. You can look for stockists or order online.

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Try the aromatic rich taste of our original flavour to complement any meal. Make it your own by simply adding fresh herbs of your liking.

Smoked Onion


La Befana Beer Bread’s Smoked Onion beer bread mix has an expressive smoky aroma and a subtle sweetness in taste caused by the onions. Try adding a few pine nuts to our bread mix to personalise your flavour. A great compliment to any BBQ.

Rosemary and Garlic


Our Rosemary and Garlic beer bread mix is full of flavour bursting with garlic and fragrant rosemary.  Add a few olives to your mixture before baking and enjoy its wonderful warm aroma.

Chilli and Tomato


One of our favourites! If you love chillies you are guaranteed to like this spicy splendour. This bread is enhanced with sun-dried tomatoes, chillies and seasoning.  The mixture produces tasty Mediterranean style bread with a strong kick.

Garlic and Onion

This beer bread mix is guaranteed to give you a warm feeling. The delightful garlic enriched flavour works superbly with the enhanced aromas of the onion. Try adding some grated cheese to the mixture before baking for an even tastier loaf.

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