REVIEW! Clever Tykes Books, Walk-it Willow, Code-it Cody & Change-it Cho ! Awesome! Great Role Model & practical! >>

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REVIEW! Clever Tykes Books, Walk-it Willow, Code-it Cody & Change-it Cho !

Awesome! Great Role Model & practical! >>



As parents positively provide the environment to nurture their children in a healthy way so too the Clever Tykes books do represent a wonderful series of role models for children, genuinely well written and engaging books, incorporating practical education, health and the progress of children towards adolescence and adulthood and their entering the work place and whether that work is entrepreneurial or administrative or any of the range of jobs the skills and values in the Clever Tykes ranges of books are all life skills!

The books are written so playfully and illustrated so well, so the experience of reading them out loud for toddlers and young children is really complimented so well by the illustrations and as we read the books ourselves at InTouch it was really so enjoyable!  I would thoroughly recommend this series of publications!” Best Wishes, Editor, InTouch Rugby.

A little detail on each book in the series!

Walk-it Willow

Willow loves dogs and enjoys walking her big shaggy pet, Stomp. When Miss Snippet asks for her help, Willow realizes that she can turn doing what she loves into a great way to earn money and help others. Willow soon puts her skills into action, but when she makes a mistake she faces some tough decisions. How will she put things right, and whatever will Mr Moore say?

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Code-it Cody

When the Computer Club competition is announced, Cody and his friends must put their coding skills into action. Cody begins a quest to research current computer games before creating the prototype of his very own. After months of hard work, the moment of truth arrives. Cody and the other Computer Club members have to pitch their prototypes in front of a panel of teachers! Cody’s friend Hana has produced a game that everyone will really like. Can Cody do better?

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Change-it Cho

Cho is a feisty competitor and enjoys nothing more than beating George in races! Cho’s parents have always helped her eat healthily so when she sees kids from school eating junk food every day, Cho decides something must change. Cho begins raising awareness about healthy eating but gets a frosty response from the shopkeeper. After the local council tells her she can’t start her own fruit stall in the village, Cho is faced with her biggest challenge ever.

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