REVIEW! Red Candy Funky Gift For Him, ideal for Father’s Day ! >> 1000’s of Stylish & Modern Items For Home, Office & Den!

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REVIEW! Red Candy Funky Gift For Him, ideal for Father’s Day ! >> 1000’s of Stylish & Modern Items For Home, Office & Den!


“Red Candy was launched in 2009, as the world’s first red-only website. We’re not joking; literally every product we stocked, from clocks & colanders, to mugs & magazine racks, was red!

However, at the request of our customers, we soon decided to push forward and embrace colours from all ends of the spectrum. Moving away from our rouge niche was pretty scary at first, but I hope you’ll agree with us when we say we now think that it was the best decision we ever made!”

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“Its true, its eclectic, its modern and it is funky, if your looking for a gift which is affordable and a little more stylish and modern for your adorable dad this Father’s day or for anyone actually, Red Candy is a really well curated collection of items which are a times practical, playful, bright and not quite minimalist but in the vein, for home, office, the kitchen, for the den, and with their range for her its a great place to shop for everyone!

Our experience of dealing with Red Candy was excellent, a professional service and our chosen item arrived on time, well packaged and exactly as described. they’ve been in buisness since 2009 so  having maintained and built such a great online and social media following shows us alot and we can certainly confirm the quality of their service.

It was actually quite difficult to choose the item we ended up with they have a very big collection of items curated for him, our aim was to get Dad a stylish office item for his Father;s Day basket and we finally went for the Tetris Desk Light which we have featured below but they have so many items, clocks, office itmes, palyful items, the range is so big, we have copied some images below, but if you are looking for a gift for him this Father’s Day check out Red Candy!” Best Wishes! Editor, InTouch Rugby.

Tetris Desk Light


Add some fun interactivity to your desk space with the Tetris Desk Light! This quirky puzzle lamp can be arranged in countless combinations to create a wonderfully eye-catching and colourful lighting display!

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