Bullshitter in your love life? The Un-Valentine to the Rescue >> www.incredi-bull.net

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 Bullshitter in your love life? The Un-Valentine to the Rescue >>  www.incredi-bull.net

Want to get even with your ex? Tired of your partner’s lies and deception? It’s time to show your distain for that bullshitter in your love life!


Incredi-Bull’s Anti-Valentine is made with 100% real bullshit and hits the mark with Cupid-like accuracy. Pasteurized and sterilized, it makes a safe impact and will shake up that bullshitter anywhere in the UK. www.incredi-bull.net/donotbemine

Special Offer for Trump Lovers 

Donald Trump’s antics must stop. He’s affecting people here in the UK, not just those poor Americans who voted him in. Your Trump Anti-Valentine will be posted direct to the White House so you can make your political statement! Incredi-Bull will donate 45% of the proceeds to the civil rights organization of your choice. www.incredi-bull.net/youtrumpedourhearts

Caption Contest—for Rugby Comedians

Submit a caption for this cartoon and you could win £20 and a selection from our cards. Send your captions to fedup@incredi-bull.net. Send as many entries as you like!


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