REPORT + SHOTS Bangor 1s v Omagh 1s !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Bangor overpower Omagh to retain top spot

A solid 9-20 win away at Omagh in difficult playing conditions ensures Bangor retain their place at the top of the league into 2016.

On another wet and windy Saturday afternoon, and following hard on the heels of last week’s testing cup tie against Clogher Valley, Bangor returned to league action, this time against a determined Omagh side. Since their return to QL1, Omagh have proved to be a tough team to play, especially on their home turf. Although suffering from some injury problems, and mindful of the need to keep an eye on the forthcoming cup fixtures over the next 10 days, Bangor knew they needed to field a strong team. Coach Jason Morgan also used this opportunity to move another of Bangor’s versatile centres, Mike Weir, into one of the wing forward positions.

With a fierce wind blowing down and across Omagh’s training pitch, the home side got the game underway, playing with the elements at their backs. Within the first 2 minutes, Omagh were awarded the first of what turned out to be many penalties. Their kick for goal was successful, putting them ahead by 3-0…… CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL REPORT & SHOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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