Report: Malone v Coleraine Development Match

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Malone V Coleraine development match

by John Murray

Ladies development rugby

Malone V Coleraine development match

On Friday the 28th of November Malone RFC Women’s team where proud to host The Coleraine ‘Cobras’ Ladies Rugby team in another development game.It was a late kick off but this was no issue for our guests needed time to warm up, and our Ref Alan Ward was so laid back he could have been horizontal, had no issue with it either. (Ref Alan thanks for your time and great control of the game)

The two teams had met before at Coleraines Ladies Blitz two weeks back and Coleraine where on fire that day from reports. So to say Malone where nervous would be true, but all were very excited for another match.

The game itself, without too much detail, was a crackin game to watch. Every cm was hard fought for, and both sides defending as well as they attacked. Coleraine Cobras had some flyers as well as Malone, so at points where evenly matched when breaks were made. Both clubs scrumaged and contested line outs well! All in all the game itself was a eyeful of great rugby by both teams……….. see more at :-

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