Refs Corner: Video Interviews with Ian Montgomery, Ulster Province Selector / Assessor & Bill Halliday on refereeing schools and U19s

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Sometimes we forget that a referee has alot of work to do on a rugby pitch. Managing all of the expectations and influences that may distract them from applying the laws.

We have all experienced a referee perplexed for a split second as they try to decide if a ball was grounded over the try line or held up and by the sheer nature of the play they may be on the wrong side to actually see what happened! A decision still has to be made.

A scary responsibility!

We where fortunate enough to catch up with Ian Montgomery & Bill Halliday at the weekend as Ian assessed a new referee and Bill refereed a crucial local derby between Carrick U19s and Ballyclare U19s.

The effort and work that the society put in is massive, and the pasion for which they try to allow us to play the game we all love is bigger.

Interviews below.


[youtube 9DA9tzjPsPI]
[youtube oGznqwhcIws]

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