Needlite ! How this desk light recharges your energy, while you work! >>

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Needlite ! How this desk light recharges your energy, while you work! >>


Daylight is life

We need daylight to function; it’s as simple as that. When daylight is sparse, such as during winter or because we spend our days working indoors, our mental and physical processes run dry of energy and we become tired, slow and even sad. We typically don’t sleep well, whereas our appetite for sweets and high-calorie food tends to increase.

In other words, when we are deprived of daylight we hit a truly vicious cycle . However, it is possible to break and reverse this cycle – and now, it’s not even hard. Research shows that our bodies react instantly to light exposure in as little as 50 seconds1. With Needlite™ on your desk you can fill up on healthy and energizing daylight while you work, leading you to perform and feel better during the day – and sleep better during the night.

Did you get enough light to sleep well?

When the night falls, the darkness is a signal for the body to increase its production of melatonin, also called the ‘sleep hormone’, and when the sun rises, the level of melatonin is supressed while serotonin, or one of the so-called ’happy hormones’, is turned up, telling the body that it’s time to get up and get active. Like a pendulum on a long string, our natural circadian rhythm depends our ability to fill up on sufficient light and darkness every 24 hours. If not, our system gets fundamentally messed up.

Daylight increases our productivity

As humans we have undergone a fundamental transformation of lifestyle over very short time. Up till a century or two ago, we used to pass our time outside, adapting our affairs to the hours of sunlight. Now, in the name of productivity, we spend our days disrupting our circadian clock inside artificially lit offices. The irony of this is becoming increasingly apparent, as we realise that daylight itself powers our ability to perform at day and sleep at night.

Studies indicate significant productivity and performance increases of up to 20-25% for students and employees working by more daylight – and similar drops in sick leave by up to 6.5%. Spending enough time outdoors is the best you can do to replenish your need for natural light, but only few people can find opportunity to do so.  Needlite™ delivers the positive effects of daylight on your office desk – without the need to change your lifestyle or work schedule.

The power of blue light

Daylight is made up of every conceivable colour – yet, to the human eye it is pure white (except at sunset and sunrise when the light is filtered delightfully through the atmosphere –or when airborne water droplets refracts into a multi-coloured rainbow spectrum of light). Among all the colours of light, blue light waves are especially important to us humans. We depend on it.

When blue light enters our eyes from above (this is an essential point and the reason why our lamps are so tall), it stimulates our daytime production of serotonin and positive cortisol, in order to catalyse body functions and make us awake, alert and active. However, when daylight is scarce, such as during winter or when working indoors, our bodies and minds are set at a constant stand-by mode preparing us to sleep. Needlite™ is designed as your daily energy source sending natural blue light to the exact right spot in your eyes, while you work.

Needlite™ is the daylight desk lamp that gives you that light & energy

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