The Real Pork Crackling Company introduces the Pork Crunch, a modern twist on a traditional snack >>

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The Real Pork Crackling Company introduces the Pork Crunch, a modern

twist on a traditional snack > @RealCrackling


The Real Pork Crackling Company (TRPCC) was established in 1974, offering consumers the finest hand-cooked and perfectly seasoned pork snacks for a mouth-watering eating experience at any time.

With the savoury meat snacking market continuing to experience high growth, and 49% of the UK’s snack market on the lookout for healthier alternatives, TRPCC’s ‘Pork Crunch’ product is irresistibly light, crisp and moreish – and naturally lower in fat than many popular alternatives (including crisps and nuts.)

Pork Crunch is perfect for both high protein and low carb diets and comes in three delicious flavour combinations including the original ‘Golden’ variety, the fiery ‘Jalapeno’ and sweet and spicy ‘Smokey Habanero’.

TRPCC Pork Crunch Range:

· High in protein

· Low in carbohydrate

· Low in sugar

· No added MSG

· Allergen Free (Golden & Habanero only)

· Hand Cooked

· Gluten Free (Golden & Habanero only)

“We wanted to create a lighter pork snack that offers a variety of nutritional benefits which led us to the Pork Crunch. It’s high in protein, lower in fat and triple cooked for a light a fluffy finish.” – TRPCC CEO Christopher Cunliffe

The Cooking Process:

TRPCC’s Pork Crunch is made from the highest quality pork, using the back rind for a leaner product. Triple cooked for the lightest of textures with a perfect crunch, these snacks aren’t heavy or greasy, making them the perfect snack whether at home or on-the-go.

“They are so light, fluffy and flavoursome. They are crunchy and highly enjoyable. The flavour is there but it’s not overpowering, they taste more like meat flavour puffs. 10/10” (Lala, Nov 2016)

“These are the best pork cracklings I’ve ever tasted. They don’t break your teeth and are so light and crunchie unlike other brands” (Jules, April 2016)

Sainsbury’s will be listing the Pork Crunch Golden variety throughout stores from the 2nd January 2017, with product also available throughout Asda, Morrison’s & Co-op RRP £0.99

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