“Reading this book daily has been so helpful to me”, editor InTouch Rugby! WISDOM WHILE YOU WORK NOTEBOOK or REVISION/NOTE CARDS – An Inspirational Notebook by Libbla Kelly, Buy online @ www.wisdomwhileyouwork.com/shop/

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“Reading this book daily has been so helpful to me”, editor InTouch Rugby! WISDOM WHILE YOU WORK NOTEBOOK or REVISION/NOTE CARDS – An Inspirational Notebook by Libbla Kelly


WISDOM WHILE YOU WORK NOTEBOOK or REVISION/NOTE CARDS available online @  www.wisdomwhileyouwork.com/shop/

Written from the heart to her 12 Godchildren and children for whom she nannied, Libbla Kelly’s Wisdom While You Work is an interactive, inspirational notebook full of Wise Words of Wisdom. Beautifully designed, each thought provoking page adds positivity and encouragement to its’ readers. What is this book based on? What is the research behind it? The answer is simple, it is care and it is love.

“The book started life as a letter to my 12 Godchildren. Sadly I didn’t have children of my own, but the wisdom I gained through the experience and observations of being a nanny, aunt, godmother, stepmother and simply loving communicating with children of all ages, inspired me to put pen to paper. I wanted to encourage them to listen, to learn to understand, to talk about their feelings, to have fun! I wanted them to be mindful of the importance these values will have in their lives. As I wrote the letter, it got longer and longer and it was then the thought of a book came to mind. I could see that perhaps it could help more young people. Right then my mission began”.

100 pages of essential life-skills to help build self-esteem and confidence, Wisdom While You Work promotes well-being and supports positive mental health by encouraging communication and strength of character based on strong values. “These values are for everyone but the younger we can encourage this Wisdom the better”, says Libbla.

Aimed originally at the 10-25 age group (her godchildren’s ages at the time of writing) the book and newly available Revision or Flash Cards are obvious for revision, but also to use as post or note cards for anyone, whether at school, university, work or home. They both make excellent prizes or rewards and can help in motivational training. The cards can be branded for schools and businesses. The book is used for your own thoughts, a travel journal, for reflections, revising or just as a notepad.

Schools have bought Wisdom While You Work for their students to use in PSHE lessons, pastoral care discussions or as assembly topics. Parents, Aunts, Heads, Teachers, Mentors, Trainers and Friends are all buying Godmother Libbla’s wisdom!

“I describe it as the most inspiring and helpful notebook or journal you will ever own. The messages are short grounding facts to read and retain or discuss and debate. The advice explains and suggests why this Wisdom is important. I wanted to show the importance of communicating feelings from an early age. In the centre pages there are little Cards of Wisdom you can tear out and give to people as keepsakes.

Words make us question ourselves. Could we do better? Are we listening? Could we be kinder? Are we making the most of life? Are we caring and sharing? I repeat… are we listening? There is always room to improve however old we are! Wisdom has been around for thousands of years, we should listen to the words associated with it!

Libbla Kelly, 52, grew up in Ireland and Somerset. She has been a nanny, an executive PA in fashion Retailing, recruiting and managing staff. Libbla was the project manager for an entrepreneur for years. She travelled the world, set up her own marketing company and become a personal trainer. People but especially young people have always been in her life and the threads came together:
Looking after people and working with them to improve, encourage and enhance their lives through communication.







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