Rainey OB 2’s 3 YM 26

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As part of the new league structure Londonderry YMCA had to travel to play Rainey 2’s in a no points game. A big Rainey team looked impressive in the warm up as a young YM team looked on. Rainey started at whirlwind pace and looked to overwhelm the lighter YM forwards but found they would not be a push over. A charging run by the prop Graham Brown from 25 meters was a test that Rainey failed to cope with as he powered over. A great run from inside YM’s half saw Chris Caldwell score under the posts and two tries from Andy Caldwell sealed Rainey’s fate with the final score Rainey 3 YM 26 .

Considering 7 of the YM team were playing their first competitive game out of school this was an impressive start and should provide a foundation for an exciting season.

Congratulations to Ian Simpson who started his 28 th season as hooker for the YM in this game.

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