Quite A Journey for both teams in the 2014 Junior Cup Final Omagh Rugby Club v Instonians Rugby Club

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The Junior Cup Final 2014 will be played tomorrow night between Instonians Rugby Club & Omagh Rugby Club. As is the case with every single grassroots rugby club that we have had the honour to report on in the last 5 years since InTouch went online and we finally hung the boots up and decided our best way to contribute would be to cover, photograph, help out, support and report on the rugby that is played by the 55 rugby clubs and 100 schools that we cover, not in our wildest dreams did we think that by stepping out ourselves as individuals and groups that the uncomparable commitment that is shown by every single rugby club and school that we cover would overwhelm us to the point that we simply could not keep up with it.

This experience is humbling and having seen the highs and lows the feeling that emerges after everything that has happened is calmness and confidence and the knowledge that before the heat of battle it is not the result that any of these players and coaches will be focusing on this evening but the performance. Something that only people of character know. Rugby does not generate character, it reveals it.

How many years has Omagh Rugby Club been building to get to this point and what knowledge and skill and basics focused and talented players they have trained at their club. What also a journey for Instonians Rugby Club after so much heartache last season now but a stop end on a door somewhere as the club is on an accelerated performance zone.

And all supported by the two communities who we can tell you have the purest love of the game glowing in their hearts!

We are proud to associate ourselves with you.

We are honored to report on both club communities as they contest the Millar McCall Wylie sponsored Junior Cup tomorrow evening and we say with confidence now knowing that a large and close group of grassroots rugby supporters will be at the stadium tomorrow night to support their team.

May both teams love every minute of the experience, may both teams play with freedom and passion for the game may both teams relish and grow in the occasion and the stadium.

May both teams be proud of their achievement.

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